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This is a small amount to grumble about I know, but how they have done things has really ground my gears.
I got a 3V card to purchase a game from them and credited the account with £20 to make a £19.99 purchase, ( free postage BTW ).
When checking the order status I then found the card had been refused because a £1 test charge had been taken and there were now insufficient funds to cover the purchase. So I then had to ring them up to ask them what they were playing at. Apparently it was a 1st time customer account check. ( with no warning of this on the site! )
First time I called, I was promised it would be resolved and re-credited in 24 hours. It wasn't.
So I called again a day later and was told by a 2nd customer service operative that it could take up to 10 days to re-credit the account with the pound they had taken without my permission anyway. I asked them then, quite reasonably, simply to deduct this amount from the total and despatch the order. They refused, saying it was only a "virtual pound", despite the fact 5 days later the "virtual pound" is still missing. Is this a good way to do business? Checking their site over again, I could see no email or formal complaints address. That fact speaks volumes. I have cancelled the order and certainly will not deal with them again. I still await my pound refund.


  • Lu
    lucystorey Jan 19, 2013

    i have order a cd fromplay .com and i have payed for it but it has not come

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  • Ch
    ChrisHanley Dec 05, 2012

    Ordered a ps3 game 3 weeks ago, they stated 10-14 days, it took 21. I can live with that. What I can't live with is the fact I'm expected to pay import duty and post office admin fee totalling nearly £13. I wasn't in when postman arrived, so he left a note with the charges on and told me where to collect item. I doubled checked my order and it came from a US company under's Playtrade scheme. Under the Playtrade delivery policy, the price paid when ordering covers includes delivery charge (which was quoted as free delivery anyway). I have sent politely worded email asking for explanation, but after reading these posts I have little hope. Once again big corporation f**** over the little guy. Will never use again and will discourage everyone I know.

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  • Pl
    Playcomarethiefs Jun 07, 2012
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    Verified customer

    Posted: 2008-12-02 by Fleur. "When checking the order status I then found the card had been refused because a £1 test charge had been taken and there were now insufficient funds to cover the purchase. So I then had to ring them up to ask them what they were playing at. Apparently it was a 1st time customer account check."
    Well I have had a similiar problem for about the past 7 months. I tried to order some of my now husband's Christmas presents online and I received a similiar e-mail saying my card was declined yet they took out alleged $1 phantom charge. For some reason that $1 charge keeps coming out of my account each month, and twice this month. I have tried emailing them several times yet I keep getting the same automated response. I got no response at all when I attached the proof of the charges to my email. It is harder for me to resolve this as I live in America. I know it's not a lot of money but the point is that it's MY money, I work hard for it and is stealing it.

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  • Mi
    Michael Shannon Dec 12, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I am finished with I ordered 2 laptrays in 2008. 1 laptray arrived fine but instead of the 2nd laptray they sent me an Action Man Toy. It took a month to get the correct item and refunded the cost of shipping the Toy back to them and they failed to even apologise.

    I told myself that I would never use again. Then in November 2010 I was searching for good deals on the 8th & final series of 24 on DVD.'s playtrade had a seller selling the DVD for £23.99. I thought I would give another chance. I was so wrong.

    The DVD was avertised as Region 2. When the DVD arrived it was a cheap Region 1 version China with some very bad English on the boxset. It was also a month before Region 1 was due to release their DVD. I returned the boxset 4 weeks ago and I'm still trying to get a refund for the DVD and postage.

    Beware that is now involved in the sales of illegal and fraudulent items.


    Michael Shannon

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  • Ne
    nessiepot Mar 07, 2010

    I used for the first time today. I tried to purchase an alubm from costing about 6 pounds by card, however I had misread my balance and didn't actually have sufficient funds on the card in question. The order was declined, and I was sent an email saying the order was declined, I had not been charged, but if I was to re enter valid card details I could proceed.

    I tried to 'top up' the card online, but I couldnt because the card was 'in use'. I decided to cancel the pending orders. Yet the funds on my card had gone down by a pound. My card is linked to my phone, so I get texts after transactions summarising what I've spent, where I've spent it and how much I have left. I recieved a text saying I had spent a pound at I looked at the website at 'order history' and says I have made no purchases, which is true because I cancelled the ones I tried to make.

    Is this the 'virutal pound' or the 'test charge' mentioned in the original complaint?? Maybe..I have called them and they have said that the money will be returned...I hope so...

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  • Wo
    wotchthispace Feb 19, 2010

    if you take money from somebody, without their authorisation/permission that is theft! then when this happens, and they finally agree to refund these 'phantom' payments and re-order the item on the express agreement that they will refund the difference - cos the price always goes up in between orders!- only to renege on that promise the moment the order has been taken...that is dishonesty.
    so, they lie, they cheat, they steal... i thought Eddie Guerrero (sp) was dead!

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  • Kj
    K.Jonsson Dec 27, 2009

    My son purchased two books for his brother to arrive for Christmas. One of the books had two pages in the middle ripped in half with the other half missing, and the other book had 46 pages missing at the end of the book. as well as this he has ordered two other items that should have arrived for Christmas so he ordered them a couple of weeks before but as of yet they still havent arrived. I will never use this company again as it is not the first time we have had trouble with them. In previous purchases money was taken from my account before an email verifying the dispatch of the item was sent to me, and one of the items i ordered has never arrived.

    i am now concidering approaching the office of fair traiding as judging by the complaints above this company needs to be brought into line.

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  • St
    Stumpy Tiger Dec 21, 2009

    This past week I ordered a Nintendo Wii for Christmas, as both my wife and I work the item was delivered but not left as delivery is only to the card holders address only, so no-one in and a card posted through the door with an identity number to quote for re-arranged delivery, did that for next day and low and behold no delivery, rang the courier and it had been sent back to, rang PDC and got a woman that spoke so fast that I could not understand her, this was after hanging on the phone for 45min, eventually we broke through the babble and confirmed 3 times that we wanted a refund, the e-mail for the refund was supposedly sent within 24hrs (you can send snail mail quicker with a 1st class stamp) but this didn't arrive, tonight we rang, another 45 min wait when we got Glenn he said he would send the e-mail twice, it didn't arrive, rang again with another 45 min wait, seems to be a system running there, some other person came on and said the e-mail is sent via another system...maam, sarcasticly, so we wait, and wait and wait and run up your phone bill and wait and wait...!!!

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  • Em
    emm75 Dec 11, 2009

    I have used many times over the years with no problems. Not any more. I recently bought an item in error which I returned within 7 days, following their procedure but I am still awaiting a refund 2 months later. You can't contact them via e-mail or post and their 0845 "customer service" number keeps you waiting for ages and when you do get through the person on the other end barely speaks English. I am none the wiser whether they've received the returned items or not and still no refund. Won't be using them again.

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  • stevedover Dec 05, 2009

    PLAY.COM are the most incompetent mail order company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with,
    I have had multiple deliveries of DVD box sets delivered and charged when only one was ordered, and had to arrange by calling them on their 0845 number collection and refunds, and just recently I ordered a Christmas present thinking that lightning wouldn’t strike twice and found that they have charged me twice for the same item and withdrawn the money from my account leaving me with hardly any money. Once they have re-paid me my money, I will be closing my account with them…enough is enough!

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  • Ia
    Ian S Nov 19, 2009

    Yes, avoid at all costs. They are a scam. Your only point of contact is with a call centre in the Philippines. The women there can hardly speak English, and will repeat answers from a cue sheet ad infinitum. It is clearly a blocking tactic - you cannot reach anybody by email or telephone. Play are supposedly based in Jersey. I believe they are a shell company, who have no store or goods, but simply use a website to entice people to pay, then they pass on the orders to other companies. That is why they have no control over what you get or when you get it. In my case, you never get it, despite their claims that the item has been posted and delivered. They change the status of your order to 'posted' almost straightaway, as this allows them to take the money off your card. After that they don't care, and will do next to nothing to resolve disputes. Believe me, if you don't get what you want, you will enter a nightmare world where you can't get your money back, or have any rational response from anybody. They are an utter disgrace, and very dishonest.

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  • Do
    DONTUSEPLAY Oct 06, 2009

    they are a disgrace, pre-ordered ps3 item, on day of release reccieved the xbox version - checked the order and invoice and all confirm i ordered PS3 version.
    spent over an hour on hold (over 4 attempts) to talk to someone, eventually gave up and used the online returns system, but no response from play. i submitted a further 6 online return request and still nothing. I emailed the online support team reporting the online returns process was not working, they asked for details of my problem - i gave them the info, and have heard nothing from them since.

    Its now 3 weeks since i paid for an item play have failed to supply, and failed to enable me to contact them to resolve it.

    FInally i decided I would stay in all day and ring them constantly and hold for as long as it takes because clearly play are not going to resolve a problem they are not acknowledging they have caused.

    Eventually got an agent on the phone who needed my name, address, email and inside leg measurement before they would talk to me, and then its a case of.. Sorry for the wrong item sent - send it back to us, and once we confirm its return we will refund. I advised I was deeply unhappy and did not see why I should pay for the postage, to which they replied they would refund it once they have acepted the return.

    with so much competition for sales, how dare they treat customers in this shoddy way when they have made a mistake - totally unaceptable and they can consider my account closed once they return my money and postage (and they should pay for the phone calls too, because i dread to think what the bill will come to as I only have a mobile - i expect the cost of the calls to equal the cost of the product.

    ONLY USE PLAY IF YOU ENJOY BEING TREATED AS A SUCKER, I will stick with Game.Co.Uk or Amazon

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  • Ed
    EDS Apr 17, 2009

    I ordered an expensive MP3 player the night before last, decided it was a mistake, and the next morning tried to cancel the order. It had been a matter of hours, but the status of delivery said 'packing'. Couldn't see anywhere to click to cancel so I called the customer number and was told it was too late to cancel, despite the fact that it was still with them and hadn't reached the dispatch stage. This is my first grumble, how can you not cancel something that hasn't yet been sent??? Ridiculous!

    The first man said it was coming by courier so I should take it and then call Play and let them know I had it so they could arrange a courier to collect it from me. Again, this made no sense to me so I asked if I could just give it straight back to the courier who was bringing it. I was told I could refuse the item and the courier would then return it to Play.

    My husband wanted to know if you needed to do anything special when the courier arrived so he called Play back to find out. The second man told my husband to wait until the order status changed online so that it was with the courier and there was a tracking number on display. Apparently they would cancel it with the courier at that stage. Again, makes no sense, but we waited for that to happen.

    This morning the status changed to 'posted', but no tracking number was shown. Called Play to ask what to do again and the third person, a lady, told me it had been posted and that nothing could be done about it. I'd have to wait to get it, have a returns email from Play to say I could send it back, and then post it back to them recorded delivery, which I'd have to pay for!

    I can't really believe it could get to that stage when the order was originally requested to be cancelled hours after placing it. It hadn't left wherever Play store their goods but had simply gone to the processing stage. If it comes off the shelf does that mean there's some invisible forcefield preventing it from going back on???

    On top of three different messages from their customer service people I now have to pay recorded delivery to send the item back because I changed my mind about wanting it, despite the fact that I contacted them to cancel it before they posted it, and then I have to wait how long before they receive it to get my money back! Unbelievable.

    I won't be using again!

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  • Ol
    ollyantz Apr 05, 2009

    I have bought 1 item from and had no problems all came right product reasonable amount of time, however... I was doing some online banking and just on the off chance looked at some recent transaction, and was conecerned to find that had taken over £140 from my account!!! bareing in mind i have had one transaction with them and this was a long time ago. I don't know how they can allow money to be taken out from someone that has almost no contact. And even if someone has stolen my credit card details surely would of been suspicious when a customer that has spent no money there, suddenly spends on two seperate transactions in the same day? as well as changing there delivery address that does not match the one for the card holder. After all this they have the audacity to ignore me via emails and keep me on hold, for hours and make me pay! for expensive phone calls!!!

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  • Ze
    Zee Feb 02, 2009

    I ordered a blu-ray DVD bundle with DVD blu ray player on 18 Dec 08. I was promised 2 blu-ray DVDs with the player and a complimentary 3 DVD bundle. I received the player on 14 Jan 09 and contacted them shortly afterwards about the DVDs. I was told that they were going to re-order from their warehouse and I will receive it in 5 working days time. It is now 2 Feb 09, and I have STILL NOT received my blu-ray DVDs. After calling them again today, I was told that I should have claimed the 2 blu-ray DVDs promised with the Player with Sony. I went to the Sony website and the promotion was closed by 31 Jan 09.

    I spoke to the Customer Services manager and I sent him the order confirmation emails along and informed him of a discussion I had with a rep on 14 Jan 09. He told me that I still have to wait on the promotion bundle but that it was not his responsibility about the Sony blu-ray DVDs. I indicated to him that it was not made explicit in either my emails or phone calls that I had to claim this with Sony. He replied by saying that it was made explicit on the website. I asked him to prove this but he could not. He refused to take responsibility for this problem.

    I URGE ALL CUSTOMERS to NOT purchase any ITEMS from PLAY.COM. The customer service Manager(s) are an absolute disgrace and deserve to be shabbily treated in the same way that they treat their customers.

    Kind Regards,

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  • Ra
    rammers Jan 28, 2009

    I placed an order with today, not my first and received an email message today saying that my card had been declined and I needed to verify my address. I thought it was a bit strange as I do a lot of online shopping and have used this card numerous times with no problems.

    After being on the phone for 15minutes I finally get through only to be dealt with by a surly customer service operator. I did tell the operator that I had never had to do this and had been at my current address for 6 months so didn't see what the problem was (the item ordered was for £200 so it wasn't really expensive). After dragging out the questions some I had already asked (which I'm sure he did on purpose) I was told that he couldn't verify my details (funny seeing as Amazon etc have no problem)!

    He then told me that I had to cancel the order myself. I've just wasted a good 20 minutes dealing with and will never order from them again. It's Amazon every time for me!

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  • Vi
    vic. fearnsides Dec 22, 2008


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  • Lu
    Lucie Watts Dec 04, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm Completely outraged i ordered the ministry of sound chilled cd from it is my first order from them, and when it come it was the completley wrong cd on my sheet receipt it said the ministry of sound but the inside was the Kooks. so that night i rang the helpline and got through spoke to a gentleman who advised he would send mine out again FREE as i have already paid. and that he would email me the address to return the wrong cd to which i would have to pay for post and they will refund it to me. the next morn i checked my email and it was there as requested i then logged onto my Play account and was horrified to see that they had charged me an extra £1.40 WHY? so i tryed ringin again this time i was put into a que after 14mins of queing i then had to hang up as it cost my mobile £8 now im even angerier i would like them to refund me all the money i am due and just send me my cd withouht taking anything else out of my bank account and compensate me the cost of the call which cost me £8 and i never even managed to speak to any1 and refund me the cost of the package that they sent wrong which i have to pay to send back.

    Please get back to me about this

    Thanks you

    Kind Regards

    Lucie Watts.

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