Resolved Planet Ford 45I fell I must warn people

I just bought a car at Planet Ford on I 45 in Houston, Tx. I could not imagine a worse place to buy a car. The sales man lied to us and tried to tack on charges he would not explain when we confronted him about them. The finance guy"Timmie Dowdley" Raised the cost of the car believing no one would notice then tried to tell us a $8400 car was going to be $385 a month for 60 mo. When i called him on this, it seemed that they had tacked on charge after charge without ever discussing it with us. and then they talk about giving me a referral fee for sending them clients! I have never seen worse business practices then what i have encountered here. DO NOT BUY HERE!

I was just called by Planet Ford and someone who would not give me their last name told me that i would need to pay an additional $3800 down in order to keep the car or they were going to file grand theft auto charges. The contract has already been signed, the first payment made. This is clearly fraud. Breech of contract. Harassment. I am contacting a business lawyer first thing in the morning. Planet Ford 45 has endless complaints filed against them according to the Better Business Bureau, look them up. Not to mention legal cases won against them for unlawful business practices. DO NOT BUY HERE!!!


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    A mad angry woman Sep 16, 2009

    Planet Ford and Online auto are full of ###! That is as plan and simple as it gets. I will comment on them later. I agree 100% and more. do not buy from them they are real ripoffs and liars!!! Some of the little guys and big over heads stick together to perform daring things towards their customers. Again i say don't buy nothing from their. not even a pop tart!

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