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R Sep 12, 2018

Despite proving to PHH Mortgage that my loan no longer qualifies for them to charge me for PMI (they have an appraisal proving so!), they continue to debit my account for PMI (along with higher than agreed upon debits for my regular payment) and have provided no accounting for the money they are debiting me for each month.
I have requested an explanation several times and communication has been greatly delayed (1.5 weeks is a loot longer than the 24 hours their email reponse states it will be) if they even respond at all.
Responses I have had so far have promised a letter explaining correct amounts and process to remove PMI (has never arrived) and the one email I did get about how much it would cost/what my house would have to appraise for was inaccurate and had absolutely no basis in reality (it listed amounts much higher than when I tried removing PMI over a year ago)
Their poor service, and poor responses lead me to believe that they will not remove PMI, nor will they credit me for overages, regardless of how much proof they're given that they're in the wrong.

  • Updated by Robert Zaugg · Sep 12, 2018

    Their "Office of the President" sent a letter 2 weeks ago assuring me they'd check it out.
    I've heard nothing since

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