PHH Mortgage Corporation Complaints & Reviews

PHH Mortgage Corporation / credit reporting/billing error/mortgage assistance

Oct 09, 2019

Subject: Complaint Letter on Account # [protected] Dear Sir: My mortgage company, Ocwen Financial Corporation, purchased PHH MORTGAGE. Ocwen Loan Servicing transferred my mortgage to PHH MORTGAGE. PHH MORTGAGE is reporting erroneous information to the 3 credit reporting bureaus, reflecting...

PHH Mortgage Servicing / mortgage loan servicing

Aug 09, 2019

I found out today that PHH Mortgage has been rejecting my mortgage payments for months without notifying me. I have contacted PHH Mortgage on multiple occasions over discrepancies in my payments. I could not understand why they were saying I was behind several months and I have payment...

PHH Mortgage Corporation / this company is a nightmare!

Aug 02, 2019

PHH Mortgage CorporationPHH started servicing my mortgage in February 2019, Ocwen which was my previous mortgage company forwarded my Feb payment to PHH. I started paying PHH through my bank on 03/01/19 by sending them a full mortgage payment. I then started paying them bi-monthly like I had been doing with Ocwen...

PHH Mortgage Corporation / malfunctioning links in site

Jul 28, 2019

Tired of spending hours every month trying to give PHH my money. I am so frustrated, I have posted on every complaint site that I can, of my experience. I see that many others are having the same issues with PHH. PHH website as well as their phones: [protected] and [protected] do not...

PHH Mortgage Corporation / insurance claim check disbursement

Jul 26, 2019

An insurance claim check was submitted on June 27, 2019 for over $10, 000 for storm damage to my roof. The hazard insurance processing center received the claim check along with $10.00 towards overnight shipping gurarantee fees The claims check was shipped Federal Express with no signature...

PHH Mortgage Corporation / mortgage

Jul 15, 2019

Their IT service and customer service is pathetic...they bought my mortgages...I had no choice...their website will not transition and when you call you are hold for hours!!! When you call the "collection line" they refer or transfer you to the IT hold. DO NOT CALL ME FOR PAYMENTS IF YOU...

PHH Mortgage Corporation / unable to set up online account. got locked out.

Jul 05, 2019

Sign in kept rejecting user name and password . Tried several different ones. None accepted and locked me out. At one point it told me I was already registered. Called customer service. Gave me tech support #. Was told I had to call different # for WA. Kept getting customer service. Spent...

PHH Mortgage Corporation / worst mortgage company ever!!!

Jun 12, 2019

I was an ocwen customer and after they sold to phh, I have never dealt with such incompetent imbeciles in my entire life! I had to call every day like a bill collector hounding them for 3 weeks to get a payoff letter and it wasn't until I had to conference in my attorney that stated I...

PHH Mortgage Corporation / insurance claim check

Jun 11, 2019

I have been trying to get insurance money, and it has been a comedy of error. I have sent the same forms in several times. I have spoken with numerous customer service agents, all of which have given me different information. I just had a 90% inspection done, and was told the rest of my...

PHH Mortgage Corporation / 30 yr fixed

Apr 17, 2019

Charged twice inspection fee of $11 in one month (3/14/19), when asked for an explanation i was not given one. They just say I agreed to it by signing the loan docs. They also refused to let me talk to a supervisor. Not my first issue with them, they routinely charge all kinds of little and...

PHH Mortgage Corporation / property mortgage insurance

Sep 12, 2018

Despite proving to PHH Mortgage that my loan no longer qualifies for them to charge me for PMI (they have an appraisal proving so!), they continue to debit my account for PMI (along with higher than agreed upon debits for my regular payment) and have provided no accounting for the money...

PHH Mortgage Corporation - Insurance Claim Check / disbursements not being released

Aug 27, 2018

On August 6, 2018 PHH received the Insurance Settlement check for damages to our property from Hurricane Irma September of 2017. On 8/3/2018 all documents for our Insurance Adjuster were uploaded and no one communicated with us that an invoice was needed. After numerous calls initiated by...

PHH Mortgage Corporation / mortgage foreclosure

Feb 05, 2018

Owed small amount that I planned to cover on my next check, requested a reinstatement from their attorney, and the amount is double, so now I don't have the new amount they are requesting. PHH works with a notorious law firm who specializes in foreclosures in Philadelphia. It is more...

Phh Mortgage Services / mortgage

Apr 26, 2017

I pride myself on paying my mortgage on time each month, however in March I made a error, I wrote my check for $i, 802 but before I sealed the envelope I noticed my error and wrote another check for $3. My checks were cashed but my account credited for the original $1, 802. Starting about...

PHH Mortgage / loan modification

Dec 01, 2016

Over a year ago, I had a stroke and became disabled. I call PHH immediately while I was in the hospital to apply for some assistance. I was granted a Forbearance for six months, in the final month when I called to make my payment. I was informed that I was not able to make my payment...

PHH Mortgage Corporation / no notification on transfer of mortgage

Jul 25, 2016

Mortgage was transferred to another company. New company sent me letters and paper work on the new mortgage. Upon contacting the new company they had no information on my loan. Contacted PHH and was informed the letter from the new company was legitimate and the loan was being transferred...

PHH Mortgage / not crediting mortgage payments correctly then charging late fees and harassment.

Jan 30, 2016

My mortgage was sold to PHH Mortgage. From the moment they took over, they have not applied payments correctly. I am currently one month ahead in my payments, not to mention I pay a bit over towards equity every month. They constantly send letters advising I'm behind in payments, calling...

PHH Mortgage / consumer service and business practices

Sep 30, 2015

My realtor advised me that PHH Mortgage was a good company. I started the process of buying a home and have provided them everything they have asked for repeatedly. It is now 48 hours before the deal is scheduled to close and the underwriter is still asking questions. I have not been...

PHH Mortgage / foreclosure

Jan 31, 2015

This company has ruined lives. They are so disorganzized that they cant even explain their own actions.They rely on their lawyers to represent them. Their lawyers cant even justify their actions. It goes round and round and the courts don't want to see it. WHY?

PHH Mortgage / attorney fees

Apr 25, 2014

i paid my bankruptcy attorney. now my mortgage co phh want me to pay their bankruptcy attorney fees also. i asked for a break down of my errearage balance amount because the amount was so much and they stopped accepting my mortgage payments, until i paid them. finally phh attorney sent it...

PHH Mortgage / escrow

Feb 14, 2014

PHH continues to overcharge escrow accounts, they refuse to follow federal banking laws. According to the terms of my mortgage they may not escrow over 1/12 of tax plus 300, they are requiring an addition year of taxes to cushion. In Feb, my escrow balance should be no more than 360. it i...

PHH Mortgage / wrongful foreclosure attempt


My daughter has had a mortgage with this company since 2006. Over the past two years right around the holidays she is threatened with foreclosure. She has contacted the company in regard to her payments being late that her mother would be helping her with her payments as she is having...

PHH Mortgage / wrongful foreclosure


PHH Mortgage held payments in an escrow account instead of applying funds to payments. They didn't release the funds until a foreclosure sale date was set. I paid to bring everything current [re-instatement fees], then they lost the re-instatement fees and kept the property in...

PHH Mortgage / lien release


I requested a lien release for a mortgage that I had with PHH Mortgage in 1992, but they told me that they don't keep records that are that old so now I have a lien which was paid off in 1994 that I can't get off the title search so It makes it impossible to sell the property or...

PHH Mortgage / falsely charging mortgage


My mom has had a mortgage through PHH for over 6 years after her workplace recommended using them. Since then they have not credited her mortgage payments to her account even though they have cashed the checks then they send her foreclosure notice paperwork. They screwed her out of...

PHH Mortgage / worst website ever


PHH Mortgage Services (to whom our mortgage got transferred after refinancing), provides all sorts of encouragement to its customers to help themselves with little effort on their part. If you set up Autopay from your bank, they stop sending you print monthly statements (with or without...

PHH Mortgage / clearly, a bait and switch scam


I applied for a mixed use refinance through PHH mortgage. They approved me and set closing date. But, they later informed me company executive made a mistake and they don't even offer mixed use mortgages. They charged my credit card 500 and refuse to return the CASH to me. Clearly, a...

PHH Mortgage / escrow dept


PHH Mortgage is the worst company to have a mortgage with. They do not know how to handle an escrow acct. They have taken money out and paid to much when not suppose to. Stay away from any mortgages with them or you will suffer a severe headache!!

PHH Mortgage / customer service


PHH Mortgage is the worst Mortgage company by far that I have ever dealt with. Issues include: 3.5% fee if late - on a $4500 loan that will be about $150 If the late problem is their fault (receipt of transferred funds) it is still a significant issue to resolve They are slow, so we transfer...

PHH Mortgage / discriminatory practices


Complaint Phh mortgage/ era phh mortgage /phh corporation/phh mortgage services (collectively “phh mortgage”) Corporate office Phh corporation 3000 leadenhall road Mt. laurel, new jersey 08054 Loan no. [protected] This complaint falls under your jurisdiction as this company is an...

PHH Mortgage / loan modification


PHH Mortgage is a very dishonest and corrupt organization to deal with. After declining me for a refinance in July of 2010 they told me that I need a loan Modification not a refinance on my loan with them that was at almost 7%. With current rates under 5% I just wanted to get the current...

PHH Mortgage / do not refinance with them!


These people are ridculous! I have recently refinanced my loan (That is with them). They took so long almost 3 months to process, asking me for paperwork every day. Even though they already had it. Finally we set a closing date. FIVE minutes before the closing they call and say the loan...

PHH Mortgage / loan modification


I want to share with you a few facts about PHH Mortgage Services. A year and a half ago, I applied for a loan modification like most of us and the same scenario happened to me. I also asked several times for them to provide the information about who is the owner of the note on my...

PHH Mortgage / home mortgage


This letter is in concerns to phh mortgage (aka: century 21 mortgage, mortgage service center) Company information: Phh mortgage 1 mortgage way New jersey United states Phone: [protected]-6914, I have had our mortgage since 2007. I worked at century 21...

PHH Mortgage / servicing a loan


You can NEVER reach anyone on the phone to ask a question about your loan or about a fee they have charged. If you ever do reach someone, they NEVER call you back, so you never get an answer & you have to call back, get transferred 5x, retell your story 5x & sit on hold again. It feel...

PHH Mortgage / mortgage scam


I applied for a mixed use refinance through PHH mortgage. They approved me and set closing date. However, they later informed me company representative made a mistake and they don't even offer mixed use mortgages. They charged my credit card 500 and refuse to return the money to me...

PHH Mortgage / improper insurance and escrow


They have never been able to get the Insurance issues correct, I have Property and Wind Insurance and they continue to say I dont after repeated attempts to send them the policies as well the impounded for Taxes Eight times the necessary amout. They are impossible to deal with in every regard.

PHH Mortgage / credit report /bankruptcy lies


Complaint activity report case # [protected] better business bureau of new jersey Consumer info: wiles, patricia l business info: phh mortgage services 430 n. mountain rd. newville, pa 17241 [protected]-7868 [protected] Location involved: (same as above) Consumer's original...

PHH Mortgage / lack of service


The representatives of this company have forgotten how to be friendly and considerate and seem to have a severe lack of knowledge regarding their jobs. They sound like robots the way that they speak in monotones, they give vague answers to questions, tell me they will mail forms to me but...

PHH Mortgage / fraudulent company


For everyone looking to refinance their home, don't use phh mortgage services. this company, who was originally affiliated with usaa federal services bank, 'use' to be a great customer-oriented company, first class, who we have had four previous home loans through. the last couple of year...