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To Whom This May Concern-
From Jean Reeve 1171 Michael Cres.
Cambridge, Ont. Canada N3H 2R1
I am writing you this email and pleading with the head office to please help us. It is regarding the excessive loud noises from the Frito-Lay plant in Cambridge, Ontario. Before you continue or think anything please understand when we moved here about 5 years ago the property at the back of ours was vacant land, a farmer was working the land. We were told by a Frito-Lay employee that this vacant property was not owned by Frito-Lay. Thus coming from the country we did not mind at all that the farmer was working the land. Everyone we speak to say you purchased your property knowing a factory was close by so be quiet, you made your bed lie in it. This was not the case, it was more quiet back then than now. Now here is what is happening now.
This email is in regards to the loud excessive noise coming from Frito-Lay Cambridge plant 24-7, every day, every evening, and every night. On the last holiday they worked all night long, of course for us it was a living hell then they left at 7 am in the morning. Not much noise during the day. Why would they do this work at night, what are they trying to hide? Anyways bang crashing you try to get some sleep during the night then bang you are woke up, then the beeping noise starts from the heavy trucks. You try to go outside in nice weather during the day like today for instance all I could here was the banging of the trucks and the constant beeping, just awful. As neighbors of Frito-Lay we hear this right thru our house inside and out, we cannot get away from it, sometimes our house shakes it is really bad. It never stops it is driving us crazy. We are seniors this is not healthy for us or anyone else. Sleep deprivation is very very serious health condition at least here in Canada it is. We recently received a letter by direct mail informing us of the project expansion, how nice of them to inform us of this after all their plans were in place and everything was a go, no time for us to reply. We have spoken with Frito-Lay Cambridge, went there for a meeting and contacted them by email but to no avail. Asked if they could please put up a noise barrier wall around their property for all of the neighbors surrounding their property, answer NO, asked if they could please have the trucks they have on contract or own or rental equipped with silencers the white noise back up beepers, answer NO. So here we are asking can you the head office please help us with this serious excessive noise problem. Would you like this, could you live like this? Hope to hear back from you as soon as possible. Sincerely Jean Reeve

P.S. Forgot to mention how we are having breathing problems from all the diesel fumes and dust in the air from the construction site. We sure could use some help with this also. Again thank you for your time. Jean Reeve


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