PepsiCopepsi bottles and cans


Please explain to me what is going on at the Pepsi Company.

First, you decide to change the bottles that Pepsi is shipped in. You took a perfectly good bottle, made it a smaller diameter, and increased it’s height.
16.9 fl oz. is still 16.9 fl oz., regardless of how it’s packaged.

This required retooling the bottle manufacturing process, and required retooling of the plastic carriers that four “six-packs” are shipped in.

I can’t believe that this change somehow saves you money.

What it HAS done is aggravated consumers who nor have to fight to keep the bottles from tipping over when placed on a refrigerator door.

It also makes them unstable if placed on anything less than a three ton concrete block, as any vibration seems to cause a full bottle to tip over.

Then, since Pepsi hasn’t done enough to piss off their customers, you’ve somehow managed to cheapen the manufacturing process on the aluminum cans.

I recently purchased two 24 packs of diet Pepsi.

Upon returning home, one of the 24 packs was leaking.

Removing the cans, I discover two cans that were fizzing from the rivet which secures the tab opener.

All of the cans had to be removed from the cardboard case as it was soaked, along with the back seat of my vehicle which remains sticky, regardless of the cleaners I have used.

I have the two cans here if you’re interested in inspecting them, but, I suspect the penny pinching “bean counters” that appear to be running the company aren’t interested in anything other than bragging how they save .0005 cents per can by making them cheaper.

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