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PepsiCo / pepsi bottles and cans

Jim Krywalski on Oct 16, 2017
Please explain to me what is going on at the Pepsi Company. First, you decide to change the bottles that Pepsi is shipped in. You took a perfectly good bottle, made it a smaller diameter, and increased it’s height. 16.9 fl oz. is still 16.9 fl oz., regardless of how it’s packaged. Thi...

PepsiCo / delivery driver

Moobuzzard on Oct 12, 2017
I had pulled up in front of a store to pick up my husband, who was coming out, when a Pepsi delivery driver pulled up behind me. He started beeping his horn and flashing his lights repeatedly. He approached my vehicle and told me I had to move. I explained that my husband was coming out of...

PepsiCo / pepsi cola

Jojo06 on Oct 6, 2017
I consider myself a pepsiholic but lately I’m perplexed I’m not sure if your formula changed or it’s because where I live in San Antonio Tx. I’ve bought Pepsi in different stores and bottles and cans after I open them they go flat in a hour’s time the only ones that don’t are the bottles in...

PepsiCo / mold issues with pepsi product

Katreena on Oct 3, 2017
Hey my name is Katreena Gibbs I just purchased a Pepsi product from the local Walmart in Baton Rouge Louisiana when My child untwist the top With her mouth and experienced a lot of mold under the cap of drink. I have token pictures of this and I'm aware that mold is very harmful.. I'm very...

PepsiCo / dear sir, I have received a mail from pepsi co, please confirm me is it true.??

Tariq Javed Shaheen on Oct 3, 2017
Dear beneficiary, Having confirmed that you have not yet received your winning prize due to one reason or the other, we pepsi management have negotiated with the british financial service authority and united nation on diplomatic mission department to send your total prize of gbp 500...

PepsiCo / regular pepsi recipe change

markvalley on Oct 3, 2017
My family and I were on vacation in Nevada.At a restaurant I ordered a Pepsi fountain drink .It tasted bad, I wrote it off to a possibly dirty fountain. NEXT DAY several hundred miles away same thing ...as it was a rustic/rural type place I thought how weird that BOTH places had dirty...

PepsiCo / nfl support

Switchingtohockey on Oct 2, 2017
It's America and its the anthem, not a political campaign we believe in the right to free speech all those players, coaches, teams, etc have all week to speak out in their own ways. The last thing we want to see when watching an American tradition is people disrespecting our flag, our...

PepsiCo / pepsi

Lisaschnieders on Sep 30, 2017
I am an big Pepsi drinker . Love it . But I bought a case of Pepsi from Walmart . On telegraph in St. Louis mo . And it taste Awful !! It almost taste like it is a Diet Pepsi . I only buy regular Pepsi .i literally can’t drink it . Not sure if it’s old or it got mixed up with diet but it i...

PepsiCo / pepsi products

We stand for the flag on Sep 30, 2017
Hi, myself, friends and family purchase Pepsi products literally all the time in decent quantities for all different reasons. The NFL has allowed full disrespect of the flag, Anthem and our country, and with Pepsi promoting the NFL by being on their products, we will no longer be purchasing any...

PepsiCo / sponsorship

E.K. Mill on Sep 30, 2017
We can no longer purchase or support your product because of your support of the National Football League (NFL); the owners and Player Association. They have offended the American people by their stand on the National Anthem. As such, they show no respect for the men and women in the Armed...

PepsiCo / nfl sponsorship

Hello Jim B on Sep 27, 2017
I can't sit idle and watch the NFL players disgrace our flag, our anthem, our country by kneeling during the national anthem. They have done nothing to preserve the freedoms we enjoy in this country, and never will. Instead they have taken action in an attempt to divide our country. The...

PepsiCo / nfl sponsorship

Txkids on Sep 26, 2017
Since you are a major NFL sponsor and choose to give your money to such a shameful and unpatriotic organization as the NFL my family and friends will be boycotting all Pepsi/Frito-Lay and Gatorade products until such time as you stop sponsoring the NFL. The NFL is insulting the very people...

PepsiCo / sponsorship of nfl

Seze on Sep 26, 2017
I am a military veteran and I rarely watch football. But let me tell you - because you sponsor the rif raf that like to take a knee in protest of our flag and national anthem with all that they symbolize, basically spitting on America and the faces of those that fought and died for even...

PepsiCo / sponsorship and partnership

Jim DiCecca on Sep 25, 2017
I will no longer purchase Pepsi products nor frequent places that sell Pepsi products. You partner/sponsor the New England Patriots and other NFL teams who allow disrespectful actions towards our flag, anthem and country. As a veteran who also comes from a family or veterans I will not stand...

PepsiCo / promotions

Rebawilliams on Sep 24, 2017
I am so disappointed with the current Pepsi promotion. I have won several time and only received 2 prizes. First time I won 5 times total and was informed I gave the wrong email and so that's the reason I have not received my prizes. Strangely when I made the first complaint against Pepsi...

PepsiCo / pepsi

Heather.Writz on Sep 18, 2017
I recently purchased a case of Pepsi from Sam's Club in Wausau WI. I kept the case stored unrefridgerated in my kitchen, as i occasionally restock my fridge in my office fridge. Last Friday i had placed 6 cans of Pepsi from the recently purchased case in a bag, which i then placed in my...

PepsiCo / promotions

payton34 on Sep 13, 2017
I guess I should learn but every year I participate in the PepsiCo/NFL promotion. And every year they are terrible at managing it. Last year I gave up after week 1s entries. I plan football get togethers and events for my employer and always would purchase pepsi and tostitos product...

PepsiCo / pepsi 12 pack

lilstarr1969 on Sep 5, 2017
I was having a bridal shower for my daughter and went shopping and bought 8 12 packs of your product. 4 Pepsi 2 mountain dew 2 cherry Pepsi. After loading the soda into the trunk of my brand new car along with all the bridal shower decorations. When I got to the bridal shower location 5...

PepsiCo / delivery driver

disgruntled5 on Aug 25, 2017
8/25/17 at the Wawa Memorial Drive New Castle DE. This morning at 6:30 there was a Pepsi delivery driver running with his cart full of Pepsi products. It was a very crowded store and he is completely ignorant of people being around. People are rushing to get out of his way to avoid being...

PepsiCo / soda line

lena@2122 on Aug 23, 2017
I'm at 3200 west mercury blvd Hampton va, phone7578266466.I lena mcclary, called about the soda line being down at11:30am today, pespi maintance said it would be within 4 hours, well its now 9pm and no one has shown up, my customers are highly upset and Iam too as a general manager, now my...

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