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PepsiCo / Unsafe Driving - Pepsi Truck Driver

ConcernedDriver on May 12, 2017
Date of Incident: 5.12.17 Time: around 12:26 pm Location: Arapaho Rd in Addison Texas Truck #: F39224 Driver: African American with skullcap or beanie on Description of incident: I was driving my own personal work vehicle when this big Pepsi Truck comes veering into my lane without even looking...

PepsiCo / diet pepsi 24pk

KBessette on May 9, 2017
I buy approx. 18-20 cases (24pk) of diet Pepsi every month. I am extremely disappointed in the fact that I have had yet another case with a quality and/or taste issue. This time I had 2 cans from one case that looked to have been missed by quality inspections. There were no visible hole...

PepsiCo / 24 pack pepsi

AlfonsoD. on May 7, 2017
I purchase a 24 pack of Pepsi cans every couple of days. Lately I have been getting a lot of cans that are leaking which leaves a sticky ring of syrup around the top edges and causes the Pepsi to go flat and taste horrible. This has happened many times and I end up wasting a lot of can...

PepsiCo / team not supporting

M Atif on May 5, 2017
I have started new business, I have got your stock but to sell chilled drinks to my customers I need your chiller for which I have requested your team but the response wasn't positive. please help me to provide chiller or freezer so that I can serve my customer with chilled pepsi. Name...

PepsiCo / Cost and services

Art Hazard on May 1, 2017
I'm a life long Pepsi drinker and here lately prices are just going through the roof and why can't your company work out differences with your customers for instance Aldis won't sell your product because of your sales team and Save a lot is always running out of 2 litters. I know...

PepsiCo / pepsi 2 liter bottles

slw61 on Apr 27, 2017
I puchased (5) 2 liter bottles and they were all flat. Tops were on tight, after opening there was no carbonation, no fizz nothing. Flat as flat can be! I am a dedicated Pepsi consumer and would hope to be compensated for this. There was a date of FEB 17-2017 on the bottles, UPC -...

PepsiCo / truck driver

Briana Winchester on Apr 25, 2017
Truck driver rode my # almost off the highway at 4:15 on tuesday the 25th on the highway right by the johnson city ny exit. The license plate number started with c33. He had dark hair in a pony tail. He proceeded to ride my # and then speed up and go around me and flip me off. What kind of people are you hiring?! He could have killed my daughter and i!

PepsiCo / warehouse seasonal support job

Dalbir Singh Rao on Apr 22, 2017
Hello, I Dalbir Singh Rao, applied for a job Warehouse Seasonal support in Mississauga, Canada. I successfully passed interview and they sent me offer letter and agreement and both Manager TJ Bhangu and me signed it and this offer was temporary on successful completion of Criminal check. I...

PepsiCo / pepsi delivery / truck driver

c.l.b. on Apr 21, 2017
I am a lead sales associate at the Dollar General in Pride, La. It's right outside Baton Rouge. We normally have a good delivery guy, but the past few times I have been at work we have had a different guy. He said his name is Marcus Bradley. He brings in the delivery rudely and...

PepsiCo / pepsi 12 oz cans sold in 12 pack cartoons

John stineman on Apr 17, 2017
I bought a 12pack cans of Pepsi from tops market last Friday and one of the cans in the full case had a slit in the top of the can and all the fluid leaked out. So I got 11 full cans of Pepsi and one empty can in the case. I didn't discover it until I had pulled it from my fridge and saw...

Pepsi / Retailer service

Cheryl36 on Apr 4, 2017
Hello, I own the Rivers Bigway Foods, an independent, supplied by FCL in Western Canada. We are located in Rivers, Manitoba and our service office is in Brandon. I am writing to complain about the service we are receiving as retailers in Western Manitoba. Pepsi has failed to fill the limited...

PepsiCo / Pepsi truck driver

Cameron Lodrigue on Apr 3, 2017
Me and my father were headed down martin Luther king blvd. in Houma, LA and this man driving a Pepsi delivery truck cut us off almost causing a wreck and we honked the horn then the driver flipped us off and proceeded to curse at us calling my father a hoe and was saying my father was a...

PepsiCo / "supply from direct segment & discount on sting pack as others."

Asadullah Chaudhary on Apr 1, 2017
Dear Sir, Subject:-Supply from Direct segment & Discount on sting pack as others. Hope you are fine and in the best of health. We are working with PEPSI COLA (RIAZ BOTTLERS) since 30 years and have always tried to promote PEPSI in our area. I am very loyal customer of PEPSI since the...

PepsiCo / Extremely disappointed nfl promotion

Virginia v Hess on Apr 1, 2017
Reference # 063762964A I'm sorry but the whole reason we even decided to even do this promotion ( which we never do and you guys can even look that up) was so that we can get the helmet. I love Pepsi but I'm extremely upset. All together we ordered: 2 New York Jets footballs(4, 500 point...

PepsiCo / Caffeine free pepsi

Lillie21 on Mar 31, 2017
I have bought 3- 12 packs of caffeine free Pepsi at Walmart in Butte, Mt. Several cans of the caffeine free have been flat when I opened them. The cans are soft when you out take it out of the box not firm like they usually are. This has happened before to some 12 packs that I bought. I am...

PepsiCo / Personal

Jean A R on Mar 31, 2017
To Whom This May Concern- From Jean Reeve 1171 Michael Cres. Cambridge, Ont. Canada N3H 2R1 I am writing you this email and pleading with the head office to please help us. It is regarding the excessive loud noises from the Frito-Lay plant in Cambridge, Ontario. Before you continue or...

PepsiCo / Pepsi mobile draw 2017

Rehmat Mustafa on Mar 26, 2017
Pepsi Mobile Draw 2017 My name is Rehmat Mustafa. I have received a message from +923356540352. Congrats! You have been Awarded £500, 000.00 in 2017 PEPSI MOBILE DRAW in UK, To claim send Name, Address, Phone NUMBER to cps4@outlook.com. Then I sent him all information to this email...

PepsiCo / Tractor trailer driver

HelloYellow123 on Mar 13, 2017
At 10:30 this morning 3/13/17 one of your drivers on New Gorham Road westbrook Maine 04092 drove on my road and it's a no 3 axel or larger road!! His truck shakes my house! I don't have a truck number but he/she drives my road 1-2 times per week and police are getting involved!!! Please...

PepsiCo / Truck delivery driver complaint

Kris Armbruster on Feb 24, 2017
Driving on the freeway 2/24/17 at 5 pm a Pepsi nearly ran us off the road and cut us off. Extremely careless driving and road rage. License plate number 2442707. Looked like a Montana license plate but not completely sure. Then he got on his phone to take photos of us because he saw u...

PepsiCo / Pepsi cans in 30 Pack

GutterBob on Feb 6, 2017
I run a small business and provide drinks to my contractors on a daily basis. Therefore I purchase 30 packs of drinks 3-4 times a week, water, Pepsi and various other types of drinks. However, Pepsi seems to be the favorite. It is unfortunate that this has happened again. I purchased a 30 pack...

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