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PepsiCo / pepsi

Heather.Writz on Sep 18, 2017
I recently purchased a case of Pepsi from Sam's Club in Wausau WI. I kept the case stored unrefridgerated in my kitchen, as i occasionally restock my fridge in my office fridge. Last Friday i had placed 6 cans of Pepsi from the recently purchased case in a bag, which i then placed in my...

PepsiCo / promotions

payton34 on Sep 13, 2017
I guess I should learn but every year I participate in the PepsiCo/NFL promotion. And every year they are terrible at managing it. Last year I gave up after week 1s entries. I plan football get togethers and events for my employer and always would purchase pepsi and tostitos product...

PepsiCo / pepsi 12 pack

lilstarr1969 on Sep 5, 2017
I was having a bridal shower for my daughter and went shopping and bought 8 12 packs of your product. 4 Pepsi 2 mountain dew 2 cherry Pepsi. After loading the soda into the trunk of my brand new car along with all the bridal shower decorations. When I got to the bridal shower location 5...

PepsiCo / delivery driver

disgruntled5 on Aug 25, 2017
8/25/17 at the Wawa Memorial Drive New Castle DE. This morning at 6:30 there was a Pepsi delivery driver running with his cart full of Pepsi products. It was a very crowded store and he is completely ignorant of people being around. People are rushing to get out of his way to avoid being...

PepsiCo / soda line

lena@2122 on Aug 23, 2017
I'm at 3200 west mercury blvd Hampton va, phone7578266466.I lena mcclary, called about the soda line being down at11:30am today, pespi maintance said it would be within 4 hours, well its now 9pm and no one has shown up, my customers are highly upset and Iam too as a general manager, now my...

PepsiCo / pepsi 1000 ml

Charleslava13 on Aug 22, 2017
When we were refilling our fridge with softdrinks we saw something unsettling we saw some one's spit with some mucus inside this is actually 3 weeks old now and the mucus started to dry up this kind of thing has happened to us 3 times already and this is the last straw this type of thing...

PepsiCo / pepsi 15 can mini pack

Sharon Sestito on Aug 20, 2017
I purchased a pack of Pepsi yesterday. It was the 15 mini can pack for my nephew. The box is an NFL decorated box for the Steelers and i presumed the cans were also decorated. Much to my disappointment, they are not. Your packaging does not state anywhere that the cans are not decorated...

PepsiCo / not proper service by local distribution center melbourne, fl

Ramesh Patel on Aug 16, 2017
Business: Sunshine Food Mart #61/Customer # 2008827, Ph #321-953-3046 Complaint about Services: 1. Delivering all the time short date products from suppler distribution center 2.Bag in Box for fountain drinks always come expired product or short date, Expired date are hide under Product...

PepsiCo / kfc cavalry ground lahore

Dr. Salman khan on Aug 10, 2017
I ordered Kfc bucket costing 1180 (on delivery), post midnight. I returned the order because the meal was stale and it accompanied hot 1.5l Pepsi. When a company as big as PEPSICO offers products in collaboration with other food industries/ providers, I am sure they have a mutual contract...

PepsiCo / 6 of 957 print all in new window complaint about pushkar retailer selling conditions for fridge.

Hotel Raj Garden on Aug 5, 2017
Dear Sir/Madam Greetings from Hotel Raj Garden Pushkar!! As your good service basis we drop our business with COCA-COLA company and connect with PepsiCo company. Our Hotel is your pepsiCo company's customer for bulk stock. So as your Pepsi customer we required Pepsi company fridge for place...

PepsiCo / 2 liter pepsi

Mrs. Osborne on Aug 2, 2017
I bought a two 2 liter Pepsi's at a Kwik Sak store in Columbia, tn on August 1, 2017. To my surprise I was very dissatisfied. The Pepsi was totally flat, upon opening. It had no fizz, no sparkle and made no noise. It did not burn the back of my throat when I drank it. I even switched from...

PepsiCo / complaining about the manger in alexandria egypt

Maged96 on Aug 1, 2017
My name is Maged lawendy, I used to have a contract with Pepsi in ِalexandria Egypt for 15 years, and i used to distribute Pepsi all around el sahel elshmaly and some one bribed the new manger and they took the contract from me. I need someone to look into that manner for me, because I need...

PepsiCo / delivery driver

Matthew Hodgman on Jul 26, 2017
07/26/17 Approximately 6:50AM Driving distracted while on the freeway and city streets. Difficulty remaining in his lane of travel, cutting Vehicles off, driving with no lights on in early morning rainy conditions, tailgating and speeding. Made stop at SA gas station on University Avenue and Foley...

PepsiCo / 7up flavor

Mahmoud Abdulaziz on Jul 21, 2017
This is a complaint about the 7up flavor, since one week I feel that the flavor is not we love since years.. It becomes like "sprite" the 7up desired flavor disappeared...!!! What happened?? Is it becomes one company or one product?? I feel disappoint.. This is for your information and seriou...

PepsiCo / unsafe truck driver

safety concerns on Jul 17, 2017
Date: July 17, 2017 Time: 1.45 pm Place: Corner of Division and Fourth Ave, Stevens Point, WI Number on top right hand corner at back of truck: 4102 I was turning right from Fourth to Division on a green light when the Pepsi truck went through a red traffic light on Division. Luckily for me...

PepsiCo / diet pepsi in 12 oz plastic bottles.

Judypoody on Jul 6, 2017
As a die hard Pepsi drinker, I found it extremely difficult to open the bottle. I tried a nutcracker. A lid opener. And, finally a knife. I had to saw through the perforated lid, and it still wouldn't open. I had to use the knife to pry up under the lid for it to finally open. As a night...

PepsiCo / pepsi truck goes through parkinglot during a funeral in temple, texas

I had a Pepsi truck go through our parking lot to turn around, while we were having a funeral. There is a street right behind Scanio-Harper Funeral Home to use. Please notify your trucks not to do this!! This looks disrespectful to the family that their loved ones funeral does not mean...

PepsiCo / unprofessional vendor behavior

balbuschie on Jun 25, 2017
I was working at the Sunriver County Store (57100 Beaver Dr, Bend, OR 97707) on Sunday, July 25 at approximately 7:15 AM. We were running late and picking up backstock. The Pepsi vendor was in our way, and when we explained the situation and politely asked him to give us some room, he said...

PepsiCo / I am complaining about mail

meeny on Jun 21, 2017
Pepsi cola bottling company london united kingdom 63 kew rd, richmond tw9 2ql, London united kingdom Congrats!!! your e-mail address has won you £500, 000.00 gbp on the ongoing pepsi cola national lottery on our 2017 charity bonanza. the draw brought out your email address from a data base...

PepsiCo / unethical behaviour

Import Plus on Jun 15, 2017
My name is Orlando Rodriguez and I own a car lot @ 1202 Acadamy North Blvd Colorado Springs Colorado 80909. One of your delivery trucks parked for 30 minutes in front of my only entry/exit which is on the south side of my lot to deliver to a liquor store on the north side. No customer...

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