Penang Adventist Hospitalnegligence

J Nov 18, 2018

My husband(Tan Jack Lim - I/C: [protected]) is your hospital's heart patient. He underwent bypass surgery on 26-July-18. He was on the path of recovering but on 13-Nov-18 he fell while on the treadmill at your inpatient physio centre. Shouldn't there be some one to accompany each patient while they are at your physio centre doing any therapies? It was a bad fall. Now he is unable to walk normally due to the fall. His normal physical movements are affected. I demand Adventist Hospital to take full responsibility as this incident happen at your premises.
Immediate after the fall my husband was send to Emergency and later admitted to HDU. The medical fees was charged to my husband's Allianz Insurance without seeking our consent. How can a prestige hospital being so irresponsible?? I demand Adventist Hospital to absorb all the medical cost and refund to Allianz the amount you charge.
For the injury to his legs and spine, i demand that Adventist Hospital to do MRI for my husband ASAP at your cost. FYI, now both his legs from knee down are swelling.
I demand that Adventist Hospital look into this case seriously. I am waiting for your prompt reply and action.

Jade Lai (+[protected])

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