Pei Wei Asian Dinerthe food & unruly manager

G Aug 16, 2018

Had to give a 1 star. Would have given Zero stars if it let me..This place has gone down the drain!! They only have 2 ½ stars and I now understand why. I used to come here frequently and always loved this place so I ordered the sesame chicken that I normally used to get and have never been sicker from eating out somewhere! I was up the entire night and sick into the next day. I went in today to speak to the manager (Chad) about how sick the food made me, because I felt the place should be aware when their food is making their paying customers sick. All I have to say is I have never been treated with more disrespect. He was the most unprofessional, rudest individual I have encountered in quite a while. He made me feel like I was in the wrong; even thinking their food could make me sick, and made me feel stupid. Chad, as a manager you should treat your customers with respect no matter what your opinion is. When I told him that I had gotten sick. He did offer to remake the food for me. But why in the world would I eat there if I just gotten sick? He didn't even say, oh I'm really sorry is there anything else we can do? He didn't even say thank you for letting us know. He just stood there. No customer service at all! Why would I waste my time to come to your restaurant and let you know how sick I was if I was lying?! I asked him to kindly return my money, which he agreed to do, and then he continued to harass me and imply I was lying, and making unnecessary comments. I did respond back with a few things I shouldn't have and apologize for. Regardless, your customers should be your first priority not your pride Chad. Several times I asked him to stop talking to me and just refund my card, because I didn't want to hear the negativity anymore. But no! He had some personal quest and continued, saying he didn't need to stop talking. I couldn't take it any more... and said what the [email protected]# is your problem?!?!? Pushing me to the point of swearing at him. Yes we can all control our mouth's and language, but why would someone push another person, especially to the point of anger? He refused to refund my money and walked off...Upset because I wouldn't tolerate his rudeness and finally told him so? Ten minutes later I called in a man answered the phone and I said, are you the manager. He said yes, I asked what his name was. He said Chad, I asked for his last name and he refused to give it to me. I then asked for his boss and the phone number to the corporate office and he refused to give it to me. He asked my name, I responded "you know who this is" I just wanted you to give me the name and phone number. He said, one moment while I get it. He put me on hold and left me there for over 15 minutes.
Really, poor customer service choices on your end Chad. I don't appreciate the way I was treated and being implied that I was lying. I am never eating here again and will continue to tell anyone I know not to eat here, as you shouldn't either. I hope others will read my review and stop eating here. Maybe the owner should start reading the reviews, because the restaurant is going down.

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