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my grey Nissan Altima was towed last night. the person over the phone said I wasn't safe listed. this car is registered under my name at my apts on their safe list. I spent the night at another apt. complex and was safe listed there because I knew my car would be there over night. the guy over the phone "larry" said " whoever safe listed you did the wrong night and day" . but that was correct..i was there that night and that day. but because they patrol both complexes and my car is registered here somehow there was a glitch and they said I was not safe listed at my home complex. i tried to explain this to the rep over the phone larry, but he was very rude and didn't want to hear my explanation. i dont understand why the car was towed if it is listed under my name at my apts. if you go into my account this is the vehicle listed as "safe listed and registered" so why would it be towed. the listing for the other apts was to notify the company i would be staying overnight and listed as "visiting". this should have nothing to do with the complex WHERE I LIVE. we did everything correct the way you are supposed to, yet they still towed my car. and no customer support. the guy answering the phone was didn't even let me finish my sentences. all I wanted to do was explain how there was a mistake... YOU TOWED MY CAR FROM MY HOUSE!?????

Oct 11, 2019
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  •   Oct 11, 2019

    Sounds like you were really taken for a ride. Well, your car was anyway.

    Perhaps you were unclear about whether or not this was going to be an overnight visit as opposed to a permanent move. It seems unlikely the outstanding customer service representative, Larry, would have deleted your name from your home complex simply for sport. Live and learn, I guess.

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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