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A Jul 12, 2019

Booking Number: 242971D

Hello. I had originally entered a complaint via the website on the 8/07/2019 and have had no response. Could this please be dealt with.

The complaint is as follows:
Me and my wife have checked out of this hotel 4 nights early as the room was horrible and did not feel clean. We have taken photos which i will attach. We have ended up booking a different hotel, and to be honest its not the best start to our honeymoon!. We are very disappointed and angry that there was no refund offered by the hotel, however if we had known what state the room was going to be in before we booked, we simply would not have booked it! We'd like to pursue a refund as we only stayed one night and did not even eat breakfast as the options were a lot more limited than promised for my vegan wife. We also paid city tax for the entire stay which we had to then pay again at our new hotel. I understand our booking was non-refundable, but this was in exchange for a three-star hotel and a certain Standard which we absolutely did not receive.

As you can see in the photo, we couldn't charge our phone in that one bedside socket without turning the light on, there was a substantial amount of dust/dirt on the skirting tiles, there was stains on the wallpaper in several areas, the toilet was dirty, there were several areas where the wallpaper was pealing away and appear to have damp, tiles were missing and the shower head unit was filthy.

This is absolutely not 3 star and definitely should not be represented as such. Surely the room would have been checked over and "cleaned" by housekeeping before our arrival.

There was a lovely lady on reception who offered us a chance to view a second room on checking out. However their standards are clearly lacking, and as they believed the first room to be suitable and we had such a negative experience, we just wanted to leave. This is our honeymoon and it was a terrible start to Rome- it ruined our first 2 days as we had the pain of checking in and out and our first night was tarnished by this hotel, the beds are also so uncomfortable that sleep was difficult.

We deserve a partial refund for the time we have not spent in this hotel-4 nights b&b with city tax. And provided we receive this, are happy to leave the complaint at this level without taking this to trip advisor and other agencies hosting the hotel.

Thank you,
We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Updated by AntDott · Jul 12, 2019

    The Hotel Anfiteatro Flavio is in Rome.

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