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OshKosh B’gosh review: Your tipping policy you shouldn't have one at all

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I went to one of your locations in Denver Colorado Meadow Park Mall I do believe it was I just need for you to clarified to me where you get off asking for a tip from your customers. They're not providing any services to us to deserve a tip. What they put our crap in a bag and they ring it up for us ! There are people at fast food restaurants who don't get tips and here you are asking your customers to give a tip. There's not one single service your employees provide to deserve tipping and then I can't walk away without my purchases unless I do tip! You may as well just have some armed person there stick a gun in my face and demand my money. That's how it felt. I was so excited about being in your store and having that 50% off sale and I thought I'm going to come here more often and then I experience that at the register. I will never be shopping at your stores again and I'm telling everybody I know what you're doing. You should have seen some of the reactions I got from people and the looks on their face when I told them so many people are just completely astonished and flabbergasted by this.

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