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osha 30 card not received

I completed the course, all the tests, the final exam, and the survey in late February 2019. I never heard any more from them - no emails, nothing. On April 23rd, I reached out online and was advised that my OSHA 30 card was mailed to me on March 7, 2019. I never received that card. I requested another card be sent to me and was told that they charge $59 for a replacement card! Why should I have to pay $59 for a replacement card when I never received the card in the first place? How do I know they ever sent the card to me? They said the card was sent regular mail so there is no way to track the mail.

I think this is a scam to get an additional $59 from me. I wonder how many other people they have done this to.


I paid about $500 for the whole OSHA course and was supposed to complete it within 30 hours. I wasn't able to complete the whole thing so I had to pay some extra to be able to complete it.
Well, spent a lot of money on OSHA and I really thought they were trustworthy, but their courses were absolutely useless. After I finished my course they said I'll get my card (certificate) within a week or two. It is now three months and still nothing! Recently I contacted these cheats regarding my certificate and they claimed I received it a long time ago! An absolute lie! Avoid this scam!

  • El
    Elmer Alvarado Apr 24, 2019

    Brock, the same thing just happened to me! Now they want me to pay $59 for a replacement card when I never received the card in the first place.

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Oshacampus.comStay away from these guys

The course material is presented in small redundant paragraphs that each have to be reviewed for the amount of time it takes to read aloud. Most people could probably read the material four times before being allowed to move to the next paragraph. I'll probably end up forgetting my 189 dollar investment and find another vendor.

  • Os
    oshacampus helpdesk Aug 13, 2012

    Over 10, 000 people have taken this course (30 hour construction) and very few complain about the course design - which is set up to allow faster readers (like person who complained) to have time to reflect on the content. This ensures that everyone (regardless of skill level) spends at least 30 hours in the course that they are getting credit for.

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