OroGold Cosmeticsorogold 24k 60 second eye solution

On Sept. 27th, 2019 I purchased the above product at Orogold Amsterdam, in a city I was visiting for several days, The sales people were quite aggressive and wore me down. It appeared that the application of this product on one side of my face did create a noticeable improvement and I was initially impressed. The cost was considerable at $395.40 US for 20 ml. They said the product only needed to be used once a week and that it would last a year. To sweeten the deal the store manager Abigail, a woman from Israel, through in another day cream product and said she was giving me the sale price.
They didn't tell me that there were no refunds on this product if you weren't satisfied. It was only after you paid with a credit card that you saw at the bottom of the customer copy the message: no refunds on open goods, no refunds on sale items. Exchanges within 30 days.

After I returned home about a week later, I thought I'd use the product. However, when I pressed on the dispenser nothing came out. I tried many times but to no avail. Now I had an empty container without the product I thought I'd purchased. I filed a complaint with the Orogold company headquarters in California and wrote an email to the manager of the store( [email protected]) but it is several days now and I have not heard back from anyone. I finally got through to the so called Customer Service people in California and they told me I could return it at my own expense and they would send me another one.

By this time, I went on line and read the many irate complaints about the company, its unethical practices, non existent customer service and no longer want the product. I want my money back. I paid with Visa and they opened a case for me but there was a lot of background information they needed since I bought it in a foreign country- point of sale and hadn't opened the elaborately packaged product before I returned home.
I hope that Visa will help me get my money back because I don't want another of this useless, overpriced product. It certainly adds insult to injury to ask you to return it at your own expense, in the hope that they would send you another to replace it. I don't believe they would even bother after I read 8 years of complaints on the web and your website.

Orogold has these "scam" overpriced stores all over the world, doing the same thing to vulnerable women of all ages: misinforming them, overselling them, and then not standing by products that don't work. Someone should put them out of business.

My name is Myra Evans, [protected],

Oct 08, 2019

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