OroGold Cosmeticslack of customer service and scam type operation

J Aug 14, 2018

Here are the facts as it transpired.

Overview: We got pushed and pressured to purchase products from this company which we did not know at the time their business "MO". As a consumer, and from what the "salesperson" had advised and their receipt indicated, we could get 100% money back gurantee no questions asked within 30-days. As you review the brief below, timelines and how and what happend, you can conculde their intent is to sandbag, delay and pressure a person to keep the prodcuts at all costs and never have any intentions to help or resolve the matter. We tried to resolve this many times but we could not get anyone at the management level to assist nor get a call back to help us before it was delivered in spite of many, many attempts by us to do so. Once we got the product, we refused it, it was unopened and returned to the shipper with plenty of the witness and photos to prove that. Once it was delivered to the shipper, they refused it. They told the shipper to send it back to their warehouse or whatever it is (shipper), and the only one communciation I had after many days with the so called in store level customer service, his advice to me was, to refuse the package and dispute it. I found that to be very strange and I wanted to do this properly but they are not responding to us and the shipping company which had documented everything as well. To this date, in spite of many attempts to reach them and get a so called person in charge to make this right, and assist us, we have not heard back at all. So we are out 4000 dollars in products we never used or openned nor we have the product at our possession and OROGOLD is playing games onthe return.

Time lines:
On July 26, 2018 while on vacation they playend their sales tactic game as we were walking by to come into their store, take a break and enjoy a free product and a special deal only for today and only for a few hours and while they offered us to sit down and eat a expensive choclate and sit down and get a "free" test ficial nonsense for my wife and some under eye profuct for reduced price and we purchase for $316.16 and wanted to walk out. When we had procedded to walk away, they proceeded to push a great device which now I know was the real deal they wanted to capture. They said, how about quick spa facial treatment with this product you can see the difference and it is unbelievablely reduced price and he will through in so many goodies. We said we have to go and they kept pushing and pushing and pushing. So my wife started the treatment as the other person was working on me with the special deal and how good this product is and only a few left at this price. I said let me think about it, I don't know if I can spend that kind of money. He kept saying, no worries, it has money back 30 day gaurantee and this and that and there is no way you can lose and so on and on. This device was the "infrared" treatment at the professional level and you can get at home for skin care. Today he said the price tag is so reduced and so many other free creams and lotions and etc I can include because we have a coupon to include right now but you need to get this now. I still was not comfortable but it was just my wife's Bday and I thought with the 30 day money back, what could be the issue. So we got pushed to purchase it.

A few days later on July 29t, 2018, around 12noon PST, and before they even shipped anything from their so called store in Hawaii I had contacted the sales Rep that helped us inquired about when the shipping will arrive and etc and recieved very vague response and no shipping info and said probably be shipped 5 to 7 business days and he said, to "promote him"! I felt uneasy and I took it upon my self to research this company and it was there when we found out what a scam and unethical business and all the multiple issues people had for years and trying to get refunds or the product was not even worth what it was and most certainly the device they sold us for over 3600 dollars alone was not really proven to do anything. I spoke with my wife, she saw the reports too and we had decided to cancel our order before it was shipped and get our money back.

So I had contacted again the salesperson on that day who supposedly wanted us to promot him and give us this great deal that will be shipped to us within 5 to 7 business days and etc, and I said, I really do not want the items, I cannot afford it and I really want to stop this process from shipping and get my money back. He said, he doesn't work at that store but call the "customer service" number on Monday which would be July 30th on the card I gave you (which is the store at Hawaii) and a customer service will help you with it.

I actually did not want to wait until that time, and I called the store in Hawaii and I told them who I was, in fact the other younger heavy acent lady who was double tagging us on this pressure sell, answered the phone. I said, I want my refund and I want the shipping to be stopped since it had not left Hawaii's warehouse and I want the manager call me back ASAP. She took all my info and said the manager is not here but will be in soon and will have him call you. I had waited and waited and no call back.

On Monday July 30th, I called in the morning and it sounded like the same lady answered and I again reminded her who I was and why I am calling and that noone called me and I need a manager or someone in charge to call me today. She said yes of course and took my number and info down again. I called later on again and someone else (a lady) answered the phone, she says, I see your notes but no manager yet. I said, I don't care, I need this resolved, I need someone in charge to call me and I do not want these products and want my refund. Again I was told someone will call me and apologized for them and said they will call soon.

On Aug 3rd 2018, I called at 9:51AM PDT to the salesperson who helped me again and no response was recieved. On Aug 3rd, I called the store again 2:11PM PDT and I said, it has been 2 days and noone had returned my call. I want my refund and I want it now. She asked for my receipts info, I said I give it to you guys many times, do you not see all my notes, this guy said it is my first day and I am new, can I have your info again. I said I need to talk to someone who is not new and better yet get me someone in charge, where is the manager, he said, he will be here in 4 hours, I gave him all the info, I told him what I wanted and he said no problem, they will call you.

Aug 4, 2018 at 9:04 PDT. I called again. Got another low level sales person, I said, where is the manager, this is going on near a week and I had left countless messages and he is not returning my phone call. I want the shipping to stop and I want my refund. She apologize for this delay and said I prmoise someone will call you. I said I am getting very upset and this is not right.

Aug 5, 2018 at 11:13 PDT. I called again, since as promised on AUG 4th, noone called and I told them this has to stop, I am calling their corporate office and reporting this as the worse customer service experience we ever had and that they are delibrately trying to avoid me and not calling me back. She said, no, the manager is coming in 1 hour and will call you and don't worry.

Aug 6, 2018 at 14:31 I called again to ask for anyone who can help and they said the managet will be here in 1 hour, we know you have been waiting for all this time and we are sorry and we will get him to call you to resolve this issue.

Aug 6, 2018 a bit later, we were out and the Fedex had left two boxes for us on the porch. I called them at 9:01PM PDT on that night, told them I am refusing these boxes and that I have been trying to reach anyone there and I am not accepting this shipping and will be sending it back. I still want someone to call to document all this and why is there anyone returning my call since end of July.

On Aug 6, 2018 on 9:16PM PDT, for the first time since end of July, a person called, with a heavy accent and hard to understand, and introduced himslef as "Antonio" and he is the in store customer service and wants to help me. So I told him exactly what I have been trying to do, and trying to reach their manager or even someone at his level and never got a call back until now. Of course he started to apologize and said he will help me to get the refund. I told him, I have refused the pacakge and it will be in Fedex and sent back. He proceeded to say, oh you should have refused it. I said how can I when I did not have any information which shipping you guys using, nor any tracking number been privided and for almost a week I was trying to stop this pacakge from even leaving let alone get a call back to get assistance. So I am refusing it and per Fedex, if no signature is required and the package is unoppend (which these are) and we were not home to receive it, we can return it as refused and I have left many messages that I want to refuse this package but you guys never called me back. So he proceeded to say, "ok, ok I will help you and I will talk to the manager and call you back tomorrow". I said you better because I heard this story for a week almost. He promised and we left at that. He said something about the shipping warehouse and the computer code not being able to but he will talk to the manager to fix it don't worry. I said I am not keeping this and I am refusing this package and I sending it back tomorrow. He said just wait till tomorrow and if refuse it and dispute with your CC company. I said why do I need to do that when this package is refused and it is coming back to you guys and I want my money back. Plus I have a receipt and witness that your salesperson said, 30 day money back gurantee. He said but it has left Hawaii, I said so? Then you should have returend my calls days ago. He said, "ya, sorry about it" I will call you tomorrow.

Aug 7, 2018 at 15:08. I waited and he did not call and I contacted him and said, his packages are sent, I got proof it is unopened and FedEx accepted the as refused and whatever happend to the manager. He called me back and said, I cannot get a hold of the manager and the computer code is not allow me and made up bunch of sad excuses. I said, well the packages are returning to the shipper address and I want my money. He said just dispute it. I said I prefer not but if that is what you are suggesting I guess we will .

Aug 8th 2018, I tried to reach Antonio one las time but he never responded.

I proceeded to dispute and document everything with my CC and I also provided them with the Fedex tracking and they are working on it. I also got a call from the local branch Fedex, who verified and saw the unoppend packages sealed and secured and she was following up with me and has opend a case. She also said she had tried to reach the shipper to inform them that the pakages are refused and are on the way back, it took her nearly two days and several run around to get someone. Finally she got a hold of a manager called "Ido" she informed him these packages are being shipped back and confrimed the address and he had responded to her "OK"! All this is documented by Fedex and their report by the way.

The shipment was sent and was delivered to their warehouse address and supposedly another manager at the facility told the driver that we cannot accept it and refused it. So now the fedex is trying to let them know that is not a normal policy and are having a hard time getting a person to cooperate with them. As far as I am told, I am no longer responsible for the package, it was my right to refuse and I did and the shippment was returned to the shipper in secure and unopened manner.

What did OROCAL do to assist or resolve this issue? Nothing. Only by some unknown person in the store level calling himself their customer service, said to refuse and dispute.

What do I expect? I want my full funds returned, I expect customer service in timely fashion, I expcted real assistance and I wanted a phone call from the so called manager many days prior the shipping. Is that too much to ask?

What I got instead: Much unneeded stress and wasting of my time following up for days, lipservice, getting no help or assistance no matter how hard I tired or getting someone to call me back with real intention to resolve this case in a timely and professional manner. I was hoping for a civil settling which would been return of the product in a perfect unopened boxes and they refund me my full money back. What I got was scam-like situation and whole buch of delays and sandbagging and nonsense.

What should be done to correct this type of cases: As you can read many on line issues and reports and comments from many consumers across this country who had samiliar dealings with this company and reported their cases to the BBB and some even to the consumer protection agencies, this company still operates in a awaful and unethical business manner. Something should be done to protect the consumer.

  • OroGold Cosmetics's response · Aug 15, 2018

    We are contacting you on behalf of OROGOLD Cosmetics, regret any inconvenience.

    Please be aware that OROGOLD stores do have a general no-refund policy and only permit exchanges within 30 days of purchase. The receipt states restrictions apply see refund agreement. This policy is clearly stated on both store receipts, on the credit card receipt where the customer signs and on signage at the store cash register. Additionally, OROGOLD provides customers with a general 24/7 customer service toll-free telephone number and email address listed on all products and official website. Regretfully, the customer had made no attempts to communicate with us directly to file a written complaint.

    Each OROGOLD store is independently owned/managed and any exceptions to the policy can only be made by the local store management and/or store owner. In the interest of reaching to an amicable resolution please have the customer contact 1-877-554-1777. We are open Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm & Fridays 9am to 3pm P.S.T.

    Thank you.

    OROGOLD Cosmetics
    Customer Service Department
    [email protected]

  • Updated by Justice 2018 · Aug 15, 2018

    Hello OROGOLD, finally we hear something from you guys!

    Let us be clear. With respect to the Orogold Customer service response, I guess you did not read the report carefully.
    1st of, I called the 877 number, was told to contact the "store" that the products were purchased. Which I did and you saw my frustrations and waste of time and lack of customer service. So do not play innocent with me or those people who have called you guys out for awagul scam like business acts. Are you clear on that?

    2nd, If you read the report, you will discover this is not just an inconvenience. It is out-right wrong and horrible and awaful customer NOT service. Myself and many others plus just recently several others had outlined the same situation and issues. In my case, I could not get anyone to respond and I could not get anyone to stop this shipping. There are rules and laws of sales and consumer right, regardless what you beleive your company states. I made every effort to handle this without going public but your store staff, so called manager or anyone for that matter, never tried to help in spite of many attempts made to resolve this matter.

    3rd and read carefully, your unethical sales person, with witness to verify, and will testify if needed, answered my direct question which he understood clearly and I asked it TWICE, and he even was proud of that fact that your company has a "money-back" guarantee for 30 days...and he answered my question which I say again, I asked this "can I get FULL REFUND", R E F U N D, not exchange, FULL Refund if we do not like the product for any reasons or if this does not suit our needs for any reason, the ANSWER was, "Oh Yes", "no problem"! By the way, it does say that on your receipt too that 30-day MBG. So that is where you are wrong assume that there was anything other misrepresentation was made before we purchased these useless items. And for that alone you must refund the unopened and unused packages that was sent back.

    4th, make no mistake. My receipts says 30 day money back gurantee and yes "certain restrictions" apply. However, and that is a big concern, and again witnessed by other person too, no place on my receipt says these made up sad rules you had stated in your statement to my concern, nor we were given any paperwork to review before we signed the recepit nor the salespersons there said anything to make sure you read our rules BEFORE buying it because we will not refund. Not a thing, nor reference made nothing was stated, are you clear on that? Because I already directly asked, if I pay this much money for a device which it is a device by the way, plus a cream we bought we never got and used until it was shipped, can I get my money back, his answer was "yes". Then he got my CC in a hurry and proceeded to charging it. So again, it is OUR fault, it is your salespeople's fault and since there were no discssion about this, I should NOT be responsible. Maybe they should done a better job of informing us since they are your employess or represent your company regardless, I see OROGOLD as a company, who gives a hoot if individual stores are different owners, that is the sad excuse for a corporation. You all should know the rules and be ethical and protect your brand.

    5th, the products were refused and sent back. I suggest the HNL store or branch or whatever they are, stop playing games, make this right and go and retrive it from the shipping company at Hawaii. Your own customer service at that store after near a week of not getting any return calls, the rep said just refuse it and dispute. I was shocked of this customer service's remedy and tatics and how long it took to even get a call back. So we are harmed and we were not told about anything that you had mentioned of your policy and in fact were told the opposit. Sorry is not going to cut it, I want my money back, you already have the boxes at the shipper. So if you really want to resolve this and not take it up further, you know what you guys need to do and contact me and resolve this.

    There is no exchange needed or we want, there is no more delays or talking more about it. Everything is clearly expained and outlined. I do not have the products, and I am stil out near $4000. You want to make it right, here is how you do it. Immediately regardless if it is your store or not, you are ALL OROGOLD, so take responsibility and do the right thing and stop make up excuses for refused and unused and unoppend box and refund my full money back and we will end this.

    Otherwise, with the many, many reports that other customers have also complaint, trust me this will get ugly for your company especially when we were NOT disclosed your sad policies and it does not state these items line by line any where on my receipt or the customer sales person referrenced it BEFORE purchasing. I would never purchased it if I know there is no MBG after spending so much for a device and a few lotions. I think it is clear we were scammed. on the receipt made to the device we purchased nor anyone at your store explained anything to us other than pressure sale us to purchase and take our money. You want to make this right, you want to do settle this, you know what you must do. Next, train your sales-staff to disclose everything, make sure they don't lie, they do ensure the customer knows 100% via reading your paperwork and policies before taking their CC and running it. Most of all, make sure you are operating under good-faith and legit fashion and have a real customer support who actually can resolve issues.

    So I had contact your 877 CS line as I told you, I did send an email to your corp office too from the website, still waiting for a response so NOW it is your turn to resolve this matter per what you had stated and do not quote me rules and nonsense, does not matter, the harm was done and I got proof and just refund me fully. There is no other way to resolve this between us cilvily before we push this up the chain. Hopefully you will change your business practices. There are rules and laws and regulations for all sales in AMERICA. You really need to do better. I expect a positive response within 48 hours. Make this right.

    Be guided accordingly!

  • Updated by Justice 2018 · Aug 24, 2018


    I had contacted their "corporate" customer care 877 line and emailed them too per their request nearly 14 days ago on this site in response to my complaint.

    Keep in mind, even though I did contact that customer care 877 number before I even filled a complaint to handle this situation before and my phone log proves that too and I told them that and were told at that time to call the Honolulu office directly to resolve since they are "independent and owned privately" nonsense. Since the person who responded to my complaint on line here asked to call or email, I did both as a courtesy I did offer one last chance for them to make it right.

    Just for you all who have dealt with this company and their MO or have filled a complaint and some even in process or in the middle of the law-suit, in order to get your refund, I am still getting no-where with them. More delays, nonsense suggestions that is false and lipservice.

    I want you all to know, I did try to work with them since they came on line here and asked me. But nearly 14 days later, they are still "working on it" and I told them that I am giving them the benefit of doubt and hope they truly resolve this matter and make it right and refund me but as stated still giving me nonsense and I really do not think they will or have any attention to do that.

    In fact this customer service person that I spoke with send me an attached word document copy of their (Orogold) list of "refund and or return" policies to review. Tried to tell me about having "buyer's remorse" which I told her no way that is not the case even before she send me the list via email, and was trying to put words in my mouth which I was not going to have that. I further explained to her that the fact later on she sent me that list of return and refund policies it is simply after the fact. Little too late, as this list SHOULD have been giving to us at the time and prior purchase and it was not and I have witness.

    The sad part of this whole thing is, I even asked the shoddy, pushy scam salesperson about their refund policy twice and once again at signing when I read the only place that it refers " 30-day MBG" certain restictions". I asked what those are, and bascailly gave me BS about oh they apply to returning an "open" items other then allergy related issues. So basically not what I am doing! I asked twice what are your return policies are as I was being pushed to purchase $4K worth of device and he said, no worries you have 30 day money back guarantee, no issues.

    So they lied, they omited the truth, they DID NOT given us anything to read at that time or after we purchased. So now, this lady that supposedly comes on line and acts like they want to really help me, not only buying time but keeps saying that I signed the receipt that the bottom say with restrictions. So I asked her, should it not these so called nonsense list been given to us or disclosed before buying? Should it not been told us the exact policies before we sign the receipt? Should it not been important when ASKED twice about full money back gurantee policy, the salesperson told us the truth and nothing but the facts or shown us this paperwork? So how is that our fault? This is what we are up against folks and seems like many of you have the same.

    If they told us all that stuss, I would never purchase anything from them let alone $4K worth stuff. These facts was not disclosed, even when asked it was omitted and that is illegal and there are laws in this country. It is simply dishonest business conduct and unethical corporate operations. Their so called customer care at the corporate level who responded to my complaint here and you all seen it, they are not helping like they say and even they say they are "trying" and give them more time and 2 to 3 days and it is coming up near 14 days. They know better, they won't do a damn thing other than keep pressuring and not taking responsibilities for their so called privately owned companies.

    I told them the other branches are considered Orogold. They work and operate your corporate brand. So does not matter who they are, if you are the corporate office, they are under your brand and rules. I will update more but right now, after all this time, we are not getting any where and like many of you, I guess we have to seek and involve legal and govermental agencies to keep this scam from spreading. They are out of control and the stories here on line about this company, I am surprised they still get away with this. We will not allow it, they need to learn this is AMERICA and there are rules and they will not scam innocent people and expect business as usual.

    Like someone mentined, everyone needs to act and stand up for your rights as a consumer and do not be bullied from sales people of this company or the owners of the store if you can even get a hold of them or their corporate level. Enough is enough. By the way, their unoppend packages was refused by us and was sent back and they are playing games to get their packages and their warehouse manager supposedly refused it and now it is sent to the storage yard of the shipping I am told they are playing games with the shipping company too and they are had enough of their games and lies. Let us see if they have any good faith or ethics left in this company. I hope they do the right thing and I hope they stop scaming people and change their business practice and be more in line with being ehtical and honest without playing these sad games.

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