OptionRally Financial Servicesnot giving account closer money back


I closed my optionrally account during there cysec licence ban sent all of my bank details passport copy all relevant info.the terms cysec set out have not been stuck to. I checked in the on site chat and they had received it. Since then I've mailed them many times and tried live chat and have had 0 reply I have photos of my account showing it's there. Can someone help me get my money back please.

  • Updated by Farms36 · Oct 17, 2017

    None compliance of cysec suspension order and after they regained licence. I have closed my account sent in all relevant details during cysec licence suspension.they have also stopped answering emails or in site chat replies. They forced me to sign a none disclosure agreement saying I forgive them any past or future mmmm illegal actions. They have not replied under cysec legislation to emails within 5 days cysec number 220/13 company in cope ration number 301842. Option rally financial ltd/ I have screen shots of the money there sitting in the account my account number is [protected]. Cysec are not interest as I'm a individual entity no answer of ombudsman cysec give the email for. There is also some more information about the fact they used PayPal to take deposits and if you say went to pay £100 in you only get £93 saying it was due to currency change just before suspension not complying with cysec in regards to suspension notice not replying once they received it back within 5 days... This also breaks cysec regulations. Also the none disclosure agreement filled by not paying money owed back to clients. (I have photos emails and PayPal to support all of this) all I want is my account closure money!!! I'm in England

  • Updated by Farms36 · Oct 17, 2017

    FYI I don't use fb tw feel free to cycle my whole post and nail it around every social media site search engine everywhere you can. They are probably going to start in as unregulated then go through the same bs and say we split and got regulated and keep doing. They may already be in your country. DON LET YOUR FELLOW COUNTRY PEOPLE BE RIPPED OFF !!!

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