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I get a bill that instead of being $100 is instead $300. WHY ? I called and asked them and their answer was that someone in another town, using another name at an address I have never lived at skipped out on their bill of $200 and the said that my SS# was close enough to this persons that they feel I am that person and am now liable for those charges. Now they tell me they will shut off my service if I dont pay the account in full unless I can prove I am not the other person ????... The information they will accept is a copy of my drivers license and 2 years tax returns ! I asked her if she was kidding and I was assured she was not. What gets me is that I had an account prior to the one I have now and ...See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Jericho, NY Oh yea and I am a boy not a girl ! The person was a girl with the other account. And as far as my previous account they looked it up and she said that even though I had an account at my previous address which was NOT the address of the girl I was still required to send in the VERY personal info they wanted. Of course The registered envelope I sent in was lost for a week before it was found. After going through the hoops I was told I would get a grand prize of $20 !!! And of course I have not gotten that. This is being sent with account #'s and the contact person at cablevision to the BBB and a few other consumer watch groups. The info they asked for without any viable reason was ridiculous and not secure and telling me I am responsible for someone else account is a great way to help Verizon get my bussiness

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      Mar 14, 2009

    I must tell you that the majority of judges have stock in the cable network industry. Don't expect justice from them.
    Oh by the way, the Digital TV change we all now recieve was put foward to charge us for channel reception in the years to come.
    Another scam the cable companies deploy is the fact that we are all paying for product comercials. Which occupies thirty eight percent of you subscription time.

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