Optimumcharged a fee for making a double payment

O Jan 15, 2020

I had automatic payment set up. I transferred the amount of my bill to one account and did a manual payment the night before the bill was due. The next day I was charged again with the automatic payment, causing my checking account to go negative. I complained that I wanted it reversed, I did not want a credit toward my next bill, considering it was days away from christmas. I notified my bank because I did not want an insufficient funds fee, and they disputed it. I am now being charged a 20 dollar fee for disputing the double payment which is absolutely ridiculous. I reached out to the company 12/23. I never heard back and then noticed my bill increased by 20 dollars. I reached out 1/10 and my boyfriend also called. He was told a manager would call back. On 1/13 I called because a manager never called. I was told we would receive a call by the end of the day. We did not. 1/14 I called again at 6 pm stating I never got a call back. I was put on hold 4-5 times and on the phone for over an hour. I was told I was charged a fee because of insufficient funds for the first transaction which is wrong. The second charge caused me to go negative. And then told I was charged because my bank disputed the transaction.. The customer service is absolutely terrible and I will never recommend this company to someone.

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