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My 2007 Chevy Silverado broke down on the interstate, when On-Star was contacted they were (1) unable to find closest dealer, (2)determine my location, Both of which I had to provide. (3) they did however call a tow truck, 45 min to 2 hr wait, when the truck arrived I was informed that my family was not allowed to ride in the tow truck, therefore being stranded along the highway. I was informed that the tow truck company would provide transportation @$25.00/person. When On-star was asked to contact a Chevrolet dealer they informed me that they were not associated with Chevrolet. They also asked for a cell phone # so I gave them the On Star cell #, they informed me that they could not use an On Star #. People feel safe with On Star with their adds, but they are misleading the service is no better than a regular cell phone. I feel it's more of a scam than a service.

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