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Auto List Of Canada Complaints & Reviews

Auto List Of Canada / my car

Sep 18, 2019

The biggest crooks in the car industry market! Having spoke to other dealerships, they totally agree with me and know what's going on. How can we not do anything about what autolist is doing when it's been done to so much people! My car was written off through 0% liability after making 3...

Auto List Of Canada / 2006 lincoln zepher

Oct 21, 2018

My experience with this company is absolutely terrible. I went into this place thinking I was purchasing a vehicle. After spending the entire day there the salesperson asked will you do whatever it takes to get a car today, to which I happily agreed. Unbeknownst to me I signed a 300 month...

Auto List Of Canada / inhouse financing is a scam

Jun 15, 2018

Autolist charges 31% interest. If you bought a $12, 500 lemon, at 31% interest, in 4 years the total price would be $28, 000. AutoList sells reasonable cars if you are paying cash or using a bank load. If you are buying a car using inhouse financing they find a beater, throw in a used spare...

Auto List Of Canada / lease excessive interest and fraud.

Oct 10, 2017

I have been charged 132 000 dollars for the lease of a car I had one month and was stolen in Winnipeg. Manitoba Public Insurance said that the RCMP found the car and the dealer did a claim on it and resold it. They told me not to worry about it years later I am getting my wages garnished...

Auto List Of Canada / Purchase of a vehicle - winnipeg

Apr 27, 2016

these dealers are by far the absolute uncaring, crooked, greedy, etc. can't say enough, but too remember the bank that deals with them is as much responsible. No one is Interested in what you earn only that you sign on the dotted line. Read, read, read everything. My brother is paying...

Auto List Of Canada / Car

Dec 14, 2014

I needed a car and went to Auto List. I took a car for a test drive and loved it. Just what I wanted. I asked if the car had AC and the sales person showed me it did. I made a deal for $11, 000.00. I had a family member look at the car to make sure I was getting a good deal. "No rust. Good...

Autolist of Canada / interest rate

Nov 17, 2013

To all people in winnipeg please please do not deal with autolist of canada they have high interest like 29% and make you pay for over 8-12 years. This is a real complaint. They lie on the phone about the owner ishwar they say he is on vacation but i caught them lying about because i wa...

Auto List Of Canada / Illegal Business Contracts. Violation of Section 96 of the Consumer Protection Act

Nov 15, 2013

Sorry this is wordy but well worth the read based on a recent court decision. Short of the story, in 2009 I went to Autolist in search for a used vehicle, reasonably priced that I could PURCHASE not lease. 5 hrs of high pressure sales tactics and negotiations led me to signing a pile of...

Autolist of Canada / A way out!!


Basically, long story short, this place is awful!! I had 2 leans on the car I bought. They make you think you are purchasing a car when you really are leasing. There was cigarette burns in the seat and stone chips in the windshield. In the end had I continued with autolist I would have...

Autolist of Canada / Autolist of Canada Worst Car Dealer


This company has to have the worst reputation ever. I'm stuck in a car loan I can't get out of!! I was mislead and misinformed by a slick sales person who failed to disclose certain details to me and now I'm paying over 35k for a car that is being sold for 15k REGULARLY!!! When I...

Autolist of Canada / 35% Interest being charged for lease


In October 2009, I was excitied about purchasing my new vehicle that I use a trade to acquire. Went through the whole paperwork and not really thinking I had been trapped into a vehicle lease that I am being charged high interest and high payments for a older vehicle. Now I am trapped with...