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Dear Readers,
I applied for an interview with One Source Talent. The next day they contacted me stating that they would like me to come in for an interview. I was so excited not knowing that this was a piece of crap. I came in looking as professional as i can be the lady tells my mom that i was 10 minutes early so come back at 6:30. We came back at 6:30 and we looked at how the lady was dressed and she had a strapless dress on with high heels and her boobs were coming out the dress. The lady gave us a registration form to fill out and then we had to go squeeze into a room with like hundred people in there. We all tried to look as best as we could. A man started calling our names and he told us to stand outside a room to take my photo. First of all they need something called a "professional camera" . They took my picture and then i had to go back into that room with a television and a man standing in the middle of the room with some photos of successful people. Aw Diamond White this Diamond White That. All they talked about was her. The guy said that were going to get intervewied and it is going to be quick. It was not quick they were slugs. When it was my turn Ms.Farron asked me some stupid questions and then she said that i need to come back because she likes me. I was really happy and then when the final interview came i was worried. Worried about being scammed! I saw this lady named Sannabelle and she was really nice. She told me i sing like Diamond white I am pretty and i am more mature than other girls. I was happy until the money had to come out. She told my mom that she had to pay 40 dollars every month and my mom was OK with that. But then she started talking about Rex the photographer. My mom's mouth dropped when she saw the prices. Sannabelle wanted my mom to get the 658 dollar package and my mom denied it. We walked out the room empty handed knowing that a burden was lifted off my shoulder. I just ask One source Talent stop scamming for money.


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    2015Model/Actress Dec 05, 2017

    I worked at One Source Talent Agency for a few years, they send you classes to attend, & auditions periodically.

    My problem is I received a lead in a movie. It would had been my first lead movie, but as we were recording the director turned off the camera & changed into his robe and underwear. He pulled his stuff out and told me to touch/suck it. I walked off the set. I was told to keep it confidential by the director.

    That was the last audition I went on.

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    Bahora Nov 13, 2014

    Guys! They accepted me to be a movie star the got $800 from me my dad was like its fine! but then when they called me to Philadelphia from NY, i went but they said that i wasn't ready! But the guy sent me an email to come there was nothing about replies in the email! so there interest is to get mones from people! DONT TRUST THEM! THEY TELL YOU YOUWILL BE AN ACTOR BUT THEY LIE! THEY ARE F''CING STUPID!

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    MARC ROSENBAUER Jul 18, 2014
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    Verified customer

    How can this be alowed???

    I had an interview with them, It's a total scam.
    You shouldn't have to pay anything to be art of a real agency.
    That they take from 10 to 20 % comission if you book a job isthe standard but YOu shouldn't have to pay $395 to open up an acct and then 39, 99 monthly to keep it going.


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    tammmie Dec 20, 2012

    One Source Talent is a service for the fashion and acting communities. One Source Talent maintains an interactive database of models, actors and clients looking to fulfill creative requests and needs. The goal of One Source Talent is to create cost-effective, working relationships between talent and clients via its interactive network.
    Created in 2003, One Source Talent has quickly found success in an extremely competitive industry previously dominated by a select few. OST operates in major markets nationwide including Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Washington D.C., Detroit (Corporate) and, of course, Los Angeles and New York.
    With its unique business structure, advanced technology and a dedicated staff, One Source Talent is quickly changing how the modeling and acting worlds conduct business.
    Talent with OST enjoy...
    Real-time access and submissions to nation-wide castings and auditions, an interactive composite card for all digital and traditional submissions, a personal email account, industry workshops, 'Meet & Greets', a commission free environment and a benefit program utilizing select businesses in each market.
    Clients of OST enjoy...
    A searchable database of talent with detailed characteristics, a commission free service, a detailed talent evaluation process to ensure they are getting dedicated professionals and a corporate staff with years of industry knowledge and contacts.
    We are fortunate enough to have hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of success stories (and growing daily) with just as many satisfied clients from extremely well-known names to small, independent firms (and growing daily). One Source Talent has made our mark and continue to strive with focus, vision and the desire to put client and talent's needs first.

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    NewYOWKa Sep 14, 2012

    gotta appt with them REAL soon so on behalf of everybody ima try to defy the odds. yet im sure they'll give me the say 495 runaround but i wont be that easy..

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    Lisa Martinez 1 Aug 31, 2012

    I was online recently, when I came across what appeared to be a modeling job. It was very specific for what they were looking for. I met the criteria so, I submitted my photos and received a call on Tuesday. They said they were One Source Talent, yet I don't recall seeing that in the modeling "job post". The woman was more excited on the phone than me, and instantly wanted to schedule an appointment. She didn't ask me any real questions about myself, or my experience. She asked me if I could come in Wed, but before I was willing to agree to an evaluation, I asked her specifically if there were "any upfront fees what so ever?" She told me "no, nothing like that, they are a casting company" So I agreed to meet for the "Evaluation" I waited around for hours in a room with about 20-30 people. A young woman came into the room turned off the tv and she began talking about the company. She shared success stories, pictures and most importantly told everyone that they wanted "serious people" and if you were not serious you can just leave. Yet she still didn't mention the huge fees they were planning on sharing after they wasted some more of my time. She called people back for a head shot and asked me personal question about my body. Bra size etc. I still was under the illusion this was a legit company with no upfront fees. She claimed to like me and invited me back Thurs for an "interview". I agreed came back, and waited in an over-crowded lobby with not enough chairs for everyone. Finally after waiting around for an hour and a half (after they told me to arrive early) I was called to a back office. A woman admitted to being a "former model" asked me several job related questions. Her office was dim and creepy looking. She told me they would let me know if I would be accepted into their company and made me wait in her creepy office for 30 to 40 minutes more minutes. I had to pee but waited for her to come back. Finally she came back and told me I fit the criteria they were looking for and told me I would have to pay $495 upfront plus $40 a month for a website I don't need. I own my own website, online and I don't even pay $40 so why where did they get that number from, but anyway, I asked her why was I asked to pay upfront when I asked if there were any fees. She told me " Oh the girls that call you back don't tell you about any fees." Like that was suppose to be okay, or something. Today is Friday and I will be having my lawyer call them back. I'm planning on getting as many people as we can who have been a victim of One Source Talent. If you're interested in getting involved please email me at [email protected]

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    Jose A Disappointed May 26, 2012
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    Verified customer

    OK, let’s look at the pros and cons here...some of the MANY people that come to this location gets picked by the company that is looking for someone. (1 out of every 200)...they don't do ###...all they do is put your own pictures on their database and they let your own pictures work for themselves. Then you have to pay them up front $495.00 and on top of that they want 39.99 or 29.99 every month...I can create a company like that and charge 1/2 the price and let the customer pictures sell themselves also and become rich on people that think they have what it takes. Look at it this way, they don't refuse NO ONE because they want your money and no where they will grant you a money back warranty or a Guarantee that an agent will pick you for even as an extra in a short movie or anything by the time you get tired of not getting any work from them they have already made thousands of dollars from you. I'm speaking about the location in New York and if you do go there, they will make you wait and what they don’t consider is that your parked at a garage across the street at $20.00 an hour so if your there for 3 hours and you decide not to accept their payments your already in for $60 parking fee. So people. If you want to get into the industry, look for a real agent that will find you work. all that agent does is look for work to give you and all they charge is from 10 to 15% of your earnings, no money up front needs to be given like this piece of crap company...mark my words, if you have gone to this location and you see your money going, going, gone and not received any will remember my words and please pass them along. If they remove my post, I will bring it back again and again until the people see what I am saying is true. GOOD RULE OF THUMB; ANYBODY WHO ASKS YOU FOR MONEY UP FRONT FOR MODELING OR ACTING ARE A SCAM.

    Thank You

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    TimaCaek Mar 01, 2012


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    TimaCaek Mar 01, 2012

    Explore Talent is One Source Talent. ^ Sign with One Source spend your $500 you don't mind shoving out and then come back and ###.

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    robbiebob Sep 03, 2011

    First off you guys are all a bunch of ###s. $400-900 for professional photo headshots, and packages are actually normal. If you want you can go to olan mills and waster your time making yourself look like you did in your highschool photo or prom. That's pathetic and that's the real scam

    I went to my own Photographer myself, and got the shots, i had 3 shots done and it cost me $200. so $400-900 is really good deal.
    Secondly, if you have your ###, your photos together you don't need to pay them
    Thirdly, anyone going into acting, better realize your going to have to make a large investment. This is where people get scared and start thinking it's a scam, it's not. It takes money and time.

    And for the idiot who says casting directors don't just take you based off pictures? YES THEY DO!
    Every audition i got, was because they were looking for a certain look. Yes it does help to have some background in acting like some work, but not everyone does, and everyone has to start someplace! So quit your ### and whining, and get to work.
    Go work out and train like an athlete, lose the weight, get healthy, take care of your skin, go take acting lessons (they also cost about $[protected] for a few weeks. BUT YOU NEED IT!

    You think your going to take your meesley $40 a month, no professional headshots, and just some cam photos you took of yourself, that shows no color, no detail or definition, with no aspect of background imaging, or any contrast, and become famous?

    Get a ###ing grip! You have to apply yourself harder than anyone other person. Your all competing for the same goal. Just like a job interview.
    I am with they even cost more, but i am getting auditions, even though i previously had no experience.

    The point is, they will tell 1000 people to go for the same role, because thats the best thing, but trust me, if you been to an audition you know you have to work harder!

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    diamondxty Jun 18, 2011

    I have read all this comments mostly bad and I am not sure if I should go to my interview with OST on Tuesday. my sisters and I had an appointment last week but we couldn't make it and I am under the impression that Agencies do not give second chances nor do they reschedule, but after missing my appointment with OST they called me to reschedule that appointment with us. This makes me wonder how legitimate they are because clients pursue them right? and not the other way around. With all this comments I am very skeptical about the agency.

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    Lexy790 Jun 08, 2011

    One Source Talent is a huge scam. I went in with my three children and they made it seem as if they were doing me a favor and accepting them as clients. The first day was an open meeting with a roomful of people and they take a digital picture of you. Then they tell the same story about the girl Diamond who got a really great job. I have read many of these comments and they seem to tell the same stories over and over again. The next meeting was the very next day and then we talked one on one with someone who didn't know what she was doing. We asked questions and her answers were very not very convincing. I had a very bad feeling in my gut. Then she asked for money right then and there on the spot. Nothing was mentioned the day before and they wanted to get paid an 89.00 fee plus 39.99 monthly plus 495.00 and 695.00 for two photography fees. I told them I needed to think about it and she said they cannot hold the spot and they have many others that will take the position and if we don't decide right then and there we will not be accepted on a later day. I don't like being pressured like that for that much money when I had no idea that they expected payment without talking about money at all the day before. They wanted me to sign a contract and tried to talk the contract through in her own words and didn't give me time to read it. I felt pressured and it felt wrong. Then she brought in the big boss and she made me feel worse. She was a very hard sell and was very rude. She tried to make me feel as though I wasted her time and they have plenty of people who would pay this fee without giving it another thought. My children were begging me to sign and pay and they were so excited about it. The people were very unprofessional and we left and I came right home and googled the company. Thank goodness we didn't sign the agreement because it seems as though so many people have been scammed and have not gotten any jobs. I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Don't waste your time. Some of the comments that were positive were written by people who work for One Source Talent. It is not worth your time and effort. Please research this company on your own and don't get scammed.

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    SsmAat May 10, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just cancelled with OST today. I was stupid enough to actually sign with them last year. I too had all the same scenarios as far as, I get there the first day, they cram us into a room, talk about Diamond, take a picture, tell me to come back for a second interview. The interview was complete BOGUS! The girl was super chatty about herself and talked so much I got confused as to what was going on. It was almost as if she was trying to throw me off and confuse me. I fell for it. I got confused and irratated. She went on and on but there was NO MENTION ON MONEY..EVER! On the first day when they tell you about their company they DONT MENTION MONEY ONCE! Then at the second interview, the girl took my pictures and my resume which she wasn't even interesed in ( a real agency cares about your resume) left the room for a bit and then came back and said the corp "accepted" me. Then she throws some papers in my face and asks me to start signing. NOW the money is mentioned. 39.95 per month PLUS a 495 sign up fee WITH the 39.95 RIGHT NOW. I asked what that as for and she said "oh thats for the comp card" which they provide on their website. The website is cheap and crappy and not worth 40/per month. And DID recieve casting calls every so often but they were for adult films and low budget movies and JUNK. SPAM. SCAM. This place is a joke and it's a total fraud. DO NOT DO IT! PLEASE!

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    savvy88 Apr 21, 2011

    go to this site:

    It will help explain the difference between One Source Talent and an agency. Read the reviews/comments towards the article. It should help a lot!

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    GiovanniCatasta Apr 18, 2011

    I had a meeting with Marissa and she was very perfessional PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME !!!

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    anthonytoma Apr 11, 2011

    can you explain how you get people who are a scam into the office?

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    Vg89 Apr 06, 2011

    I looked up the name of the Director of one source talent from ny and it turns out that he is a model and they guy who interviewed me himself is also a model trying to become an actor. I am not sure if I should post their names I guess in a way my conscious
    does not let me expose them for security reasons... I don't want to put them on blast and then someone who got scammed by these as**oles actually looks for them and God forbid
    kills them or hurts them, I wouldn't want to carry that in my conscious. It seems to me that these people got hired to scam people like us, probably with the promise that they would get jobs and eventually become famous, these people sold their soul in order to make it in this industry.

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    Vg89 Apr 06, 2011

    To SarahEmily:
    You said that they got a boy a job paying $500 to sneeze on camera, funny how they told us the same story of the two boys who got hired for that commercial and my appointment with them was last week. Which makes me think that if you went over a month ago why are they telling people the same "success story??" If they are so successful at getting talent jobs why are they telling people the same stories??? First of all, I have not yet seen this commercial so I will believe it when I see it, in the meanwhile I will hold on to my money. And of course they will have some people who will get jobs after all they need to have some success stories for their marketing and to seem legit. Out of the thousands of ppl whom they scam each day they have to select a few hundreds who get jobs in order to keep fooling ppl into giving them their hard earned money.

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    Vg89 Apr 06, 2011

    I had an interview with One Source Talent last week in Nyc in 45th st and I have to share my experiece with other people so that they don't get scammed. So I arrive at the office I signed my name and I was told to go to a room at the end of the hallway to the right. There must of been like 40 ppl there waiting. So I filled the application and I walked to the front, gave it to the receptionist. Then she told me to stand in line to be called into a room where a guy snapped a picture of me. Then I was told to go back to the waiting room and wait to be called for my one on one interview. So as I waited watching " The Devil Wears Prada" a very attractive woman started explaing everything about the company; and here in my opinion is where the brainwashing starts. First, I noticed that she was talking extremely too fast, which made me very confused. She then started talking about "success stories" when she talked about the money she was talking way to fast and she said that the monthly membership cost 39.99 and the compcard which she had showed us were " four ninety five" which I mistakenly interepred for $ 4.95 & I knkw it may sound stupid but looking at the size of the compcards and after her explaing that they were not headshots, but photos that are going to be used in their website; I actually believed that that was the price. I mean who would honestly think that they would charge you $495.00 for digital photos??So then an hour after the woman finished giving the presentation I was called for my one on one interview, where I was asked a series of questions and told to come back the next day for my second interview which would determine whether or not OST would work with me. I remembe asking the woman if I needed to bring $ and if I did what was the amount and I remember her being a little evasive with her answer and telling me that that was to be discussed on the second interview. I found that quite strange, however I went the next day and I was interviewed by a very young and handsome guy who looked like a model...there is nothing wrong with that only that I was expecting a middle aged man with experience to conduct the interview...again the guy asked me questions about me... Now here is where tha brainwashing, blindfolding and scamming really starts... The guy tells me after he is done asking me ? ThAt he needs to "speak with his boss to see if OST will work with me Or not" so meanwhile he hands me a paper that talks good things about their ofcourse I am reading, getting excited and nervous and praying to God that they accept me. This was a very fast moved they pulled...first they leave you there reading all about the company so that you will be distracted and get excited and leave you in suspense not knowing if you are going to be selected or not. So you spend those minutes praying to get chosen instead of paying attention to whats really going on. A few minutes later he walks into the room and he says they will work with me...ok so obviously I am too excited of the news that I am not able to process whats going on around me and to notice all the redflags. and he takes a few snapshots of me and then takes out a contract...Then the guy pulls another fast move, he places the contract on the desk but instead of letting me read the contract and take my time to make a decision, he starts to read the whole contract looking at me straight in the eyes. Ofcourse I am trying to read it while he is talking but I don't want to be he was basically distracting me from reading the fine print... When he mentioned the fees he said "four ninetyfive" and the monthly fee of $39.99 again since I was not looking at the fine print I did not noticed that the paper clearly states $495.00 not $4.95 or (four ninetyfive) so I went on and proceeded to sign the contract and when I was about to give him the debit card #. I asked him " so today you are only taking $4.95 and 39.99 every month????" He then gave me a look as if I was crazy and said "no its four hundred and ninetyfive dollars not four ninety five, they said it yesterday in the presentation" so I said yeah she said " four ninetyfive not four hundred and ninetyfive, and I assumed it was that little amount because she said it was to get started and become to a memeber and it was for the digital photos that you are going to post on my page and she said clearly they are not headshots." "I didn't think digital photos cost four hundred and ninetyfive dollars!!!" People pls do not fall for this scam ost is just trying to get people's money and crush their dreams... Do some research beforr you become a victim of these thieves!!! Thank God I didn't give them any payment information...he was trying to convince me by saying that if I didn't pay the same day I would lose my spot and I had to re-apply in a year, I offered to bring the money another day but he wanted me to give him my bank information right there and then. Ofcourse they don't want you to go home and google them and read all of their scam stories. Another thing I took his card and google his name, turns out that the guy is a model and is trying to become an actor himself, he is a member of OST, I saw his profile. So that makes me think that the guy is scamming ppl while he is trying to become famous!!! I am so lucky that God did not let me fall for their trap!!!

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    SarahEmily Feb 22, 2011

    I can see how all these people complain about money, the auditions are in the towns. One Source Talent
    works with people who want you and that happens to be where it is. The jobs pay alot. One boy got 500$ just for sneezing in a walmart commercial. The money from the photography does not go to them it goes to the photographing, it includes hair and makup too. If anyone knows real people that are devoted to acting and modeling .and yare one pay much more money. Your complaints are useless unlless you have ears. They are not scamming anyone. ; got a castoing today and is very well for me.The jobs pay so stop saying they are scamming you

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  • Va
    valentina cap Feb 20, 2011

    i took my teenage daughter to the nyc office of one source talent earlier this week. all of the above scenarios are completely in line with what we experienced - first the meeting with a room full of possible candidates, then they took my daughter's photo in an office. then we went back to the room full of "candidates." the "spokesperson" also made reference to the singer "diamond." he also went on to say that the candidates are responsible for getting their comp cards and digital cards made, and also for maintaining their status. then they called my daughter back and asked her about herself - her likes, her strengths, why she wants to pursue acting and modeling - etc. the guy said he liked her and felt she had potential, and asked her to come back the following day. an no point did anyone mention a fee during the original meetings. so we go back the next day, and we met with a female who asked my daughter basically the same questions as the guy did the prior evening. we gave her a flash drive with photos on it, and when the female got up to download the photos, i asked her should my daughter sign with the company, would our next step be for us to have my daughter's pictures made by a professional photographer. the female replied reassuringly with, "oh no - we take care of that." again, no mention of money. she leaves us with a flier telling us all about the company. again - no mention of money. the female comes back with the flash drive and says her "director" liked the photos of my daughter and they want to sign her with the company. the female then takes out a consent form for us to sign, and on the consent form it mentions the $495 photo package and the $40 monthly service fee. as i go to sign the consent, i ask when the money would be due. "oh, it is due today." i looked at her flabbergasted, not believing what she just told me. who in the ### just has $540 to shell out on a moments notice? certainly not me. i mentioned more than once that no mention of money was made at the general meeting the prior evening, and had i known such, i would have declined the second interview the following day due to us not having that kind of money readily available. i asked if we could come back in a few weeks or a month with the money, and she told us no - that they do not hold applications and we would not be able to apply for another year. then after much cajoling on her part, and seeing that she was not getting anywhere with me, she offered for us to give a deposit of $100, with the balance due the following week. i was like, "i just told you i do not have that kind of money available at this moment - i would need at least a few weeks." the female then became snotty and stand-offish, and she was like, "well, you told me you wanted this, and now you don't want to give me the money." what the ###????? who the hell conducts business like this? i felt that if they really wanted my kid that badly, they would have been willing to wait a few weeks or a month for the money. we left and of course my kid was upset, but i told her the place was a scam and when they looked at her they saw dollar signs and not her talent or her looks. it took her a day to calm down and stop hating me, but eventually she was able to comprehend what i was trying to tell her. after i saw all of the scam tactics on this site, i am sooooooo glad i did not sign my kid with that company and especially not have given them a dime of my money. stay away from one source talent!!!

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  • Sy
    Sylvia65 Jan 16, 2011

    My niece signed up for One Source Talent. She was hesitant at first, but decided to use the money she saved from her job to pay the expensive booking fee and monthly “maintenance” fee. She has regretted it ever since and refuses to talk about it. The auditions they list on their database are open and generic (and some are expired and not being held anywhere near where you live). I’m sure you could find them yourself if you googled the right things. One Source said they sent you out for certain jobs if you fit the description. My niece is a tall, slender, beautiful, natural red head and wasn’t contacted once. Not even for an audition. After a while she just quit so she didn’t have to pay the monthly fee anymore. Shortly after, she received an email that actually said “if you change your mind, email your credit card information and we’d love to put you back in the system.” She wasted so much money. I’m assuming you’re hesitant if you’re reading these posts. Just don’t do it.

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  • Ra
    Ram V. Jan 10, 2011

    Heads up, OST is using to mask their image and sucker more people into their trap!
    Paid all my dues there, that means alot of cash, and i haven't heard from them at all, not even a courtesy...

    Now we're going to court! If anybody would like to provide a written statement to help my case, send me an email to [email protected]

    If you can help, thanks!
    Ramiro V.

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  • Sa
    savvy88 Jan 05, 2011

    i just went to the site - - and wrote a review on there... check it out

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  • Gv
    gvmarone Dec 28, 2010

    Just yesterday I got called in for an interview. I filled out a registration paper and was seated in a room with a hundred other people. Diamond White was mentioned as well. I got called into a room to do a personal interviewer. The interviewer said she liked me and to come back tomorrow which is today with my mom for a callback. Im 20 years old, why would they need my mom if I didnt have to pay anything? Thats when I knew for a fact its a scam, the last agency did the exact same thing and wanted $3500.00. No thank you. LA is a 1.5 hour drive for me and to be wasting my time with stuff like this is beyond me.

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  • Sa
    Sammi88 Dec 07, 2010

    From my understanding they are not an agency:

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  • Mo
    modelmommiami Nov 23, 2010

    My daughter is a working model & actress, with wonderful representation in Miami, Florida. After hearing from friends about One Source Talent's 'Business Model', I decided to submit my daughter's information, just to see what they did. Not surprisingly, they wanted to sign more pricey pictures (after seeing our tear sheets and portfolio, they got smart!), nada. Of course we walked out.
    Tips for anyone interested in beginning modeling, especially parents of young children:
    1. NEVER pay a penny to ANYONE!!! Your child will MAKE MONEY for a reputable agent, not the other way around.
    2. Take clear photos yourself. Yes, professional photos are great, but when kids are young, their looks change from month to month. Simply dress your child in bright, solid colors, no logos or lettering, making sure their hair is NOT IN THEIR FACE, and snap a few pictures.
    3. Contact your local BBB. They have lists of real agencies in your area.

    4. Submit your child's information according to a given agency's directions.
    5. Wait. They will contact you if they are interested.
    6. Remember, NEVER PAY ANYONE A PENNY.
    I hope this information can be of use. Good Luck on your journey!

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  • Kd
    kdolson Nov 22, 2010

    I searched the internet for more information on this company because I had a bad feeling about it. Yesterday, I went in for my second interview, and that's when I discovered I had to pay the $495 upfront. When I said I didn't have the money, the lady said I should have known because Marissa already told us about it. I must have missed that. I said I was sorry and told her I couldn't pay for it. She asked if there was a way I could pay half now or if there was any one I could call for help. I said no. She left the room a couple times to converse with Marissa and each time came back saying that Marissa says she really wants me to do it and would not take no for an answer. She told me she could not hold my spot unless I paid. She gave me her card and told me to call the next day. After thinking about it, this whole thing just didn't seem right. As said before, the building this place was in was really impressive, but the inside was small and grouped in the building with things like "Men's Health" even though this is the Corporate headquaters, supposedly, and there were very few cars in the parking lot. My advice is don't do it. From what I've heard, there's a way to do this without paying $800.

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  • Ju
    JustMeShayShay Nov 22, 2010

    Marissa Ohlgart in Troy Michigan along with a very unprofessional (and horribly dressed) black girl scammed me and my daughter for over $800. What a shame. My cousin came with us to our interview and said she witnessed the whole scam process going on. Taking people back, closing doors, whispering. When my cousin approached Marissa to ask if she could come back to see us she said Marissa turned red in the face shook her head and ran away. A professional should not be scared of clients. After doing my research I have gotten in contact with a few others who have had the same experience. I am not worried, I will get my hard earned money back. If anyone wants to get in with us please send me an email. I think it would great if I got 10 people from Michigan to walk into the Troy location and demand to speak to this Marissa who does not return phone calls!

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  • Sp
    spginni Nov 22, 2010

    I applied online and submitted my photo with one source talent. A woman contacted me the next day and set up an appointment. When I arrived they gave me a form to fill out, seemed basic and I completed and handed in. Immediately after I was brought into a room and they took my photo with a decent camera and I went into the large room along with approximately 40-50 ppl waiting for my 'appointment'. On time, Dominick, a casting director came in and gave a very professional presentation. It lasted about 20 minutes and he did provide some info and even asked questions to the group. He did not mention how it works as far as money but he did explain the process. They then began to call our names, some one by one, others two or three at a time. I would say my name was called after 20 minutes. not bad in my opinion. I went into a room and spoke privately with a worker and he decided that I was marketable enough to come back tomorrow. That night I did some googling and 'accidentally' came across lots of complaints.. I was so disappointed. But I saw pretty much the same story. they ask for money, unprofessional, etc. The office has an impressive location but the actual inside is not. Some of the workers look great, others do not. I went back for my final interview and sat with Sannibel. Young girl, pretty and very nice. But before that I waited for a few minutes when the receptionist asked me to fill out another form bc she couldn’t locate the one I filled out the day before. When I sat with Sannibel, her jacket was on the back of her chair. Little things like that turn me off a bit bc I feel they do not present a proper and professional atmosphere. I am not saying that I have to be offered coffee or greeted with super smiles... But the receptionist looked very sloppy (although I have to say the day before the two ladies at the front desk looked fantastic) and of all industries, this type of office should be aware of stage presence and first impressions. Finally, I sit with Sannibel and she asks questions, we talk and then she leaves the room to talk to two other people and discuss if they would like to work with me. After 20 minutes she returns and says that they do but by this time I have read through the two-pager she gave me and saw that there was a monthly fee of 39.95. On top of that, you must pay 495.00 for comp cards and that does not included headshots and resumes. There is nothing illegal about this but its more of investing in them and hoping they will get you work. I was looking for someone to invest in me. They are charging you for services. They are a company not an gency that does not charge but takes a percentage. You just have to know what they are and have a healthy understanding of what they are about. So I am off to look for a talent agent to give me a shot. Or even public/open casting for some extra work.. Anyway, I dont know how great this company is or how their services are but with my impression, I didnt have the faith to take the leap. That was my experience and I thought it might be helpful to share it.

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  • Ur
    urt563 Nov 04, 2010

    I agree! She is a bottom ###!

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  • Au
    AubreyLeng Nov 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sammi88 is by the way Sanabel Billan herself. She works for One Source Talent and is known for her intrigues. She gave me the hardest time ever by putting me on the spot. I googled her name and figured that she is trying to become a model herself. I guess it didn't work out cause this incompetent and unprofessional 20 year old girl is still sitting behind a desk trying to scam people for their money. Just be aware who your trust. If modeling is your dream don't let fraudulent agencies like One Source Talent stop you from reaching your dream. There are many agencies out their willing to book you without asking any money. Good Luck to everyone!

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  • Ge
    genetrynyc Oct 17, 2010

    I found out the hard way that OST is not a scam for those who are "Perfect Finds", with model looks and a bit of training; when they come in OST knows it can prep them and get them discovered and use them as "Testimonials"! OST does everything for these types for free and rushes them out to market!! For the ones like most of us who are not "Perfect Model Types", we pay the rent whith our $39 per month to be on the web site and varried upfront fees to set up our accounts!!

    I was with them for more than a month until I realized they were not giving me any training or guidance that would make me stand out at a casting call! They charged $495 up front, then after putting off my inquieries weeks; about what I should be learning and studying to get prepared and build a resume they just kept telling me to hold off until my 3rd meeting where they would give career and training direction! But when the day arrived they didn't want to talk about any training at all they wanted $495, $696 or $895 for pro headshots from their guy to get me in front of some casting dir's! When I asked about what training I would need to give a good script read or what preperation of that kind casting directors would expect they said, don't wory about that!!

    The testimonials on this and many other sites are soo passionate, yet its funny how noone has a link to their headshots or portfolio-nor any details at all!! Casting directors don't just cast people based on pictures, who have no trainig in taking direction, or some form of trainig!!

    every time I went in to meet with them they just wanted more money and refused to answer any of my questions about how or to whome they would represent me! When I asked for my money back they said they had already submitted me out to companies; with the bad pictures they had taken of me against a wall in their office-which they had at first told me were just place holders, and not good enough to send out!!!

    Another smart person contributed this on yahoo:
    It is a total scam.…

    Here's how you get into acting:
    The first thing you need is experience. You should start small and work on building a resume to submit to potential agencies (when the time comes) Audition for school plays and join the drama club. You should also try out for local community theatre shows. Take as many acting classes as possible. Read some books on acting (those by Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg, Kristen Linklater and Jack Poggi are great). Be sure to get the support of your parents, they can help you a lot.

    If you feel you are ready, look up auditions on…
    All three websites are reputable, legitimate and free. You generally need a head shot and resume (this website has great information on creating a resume… When you have enough experience you should begin to look for an agent. Look up agents on the SAG website.

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  • Sr
    sro86 Oct 06, 2010

    I agree that one source talent is a scam!!! You go to their office in Beverly Hills and because of that alone you kinda think it's legit then you go in for second interview and they want 5oo dollars so they can set you up and next meeting they want you to do a photo shoot and they want you to pay them so they can pay the photographer that's your #1 rule you deal with photographer. Then I call to cancel and she tells me "Do what you have to do" what kind of professional talks like that and by the way she's supposed to be the director of the office but she doesn't even know your name or try to get to know you. Stay away people!

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  • Ha
    hatescams101 Sep 27, 2010

    One Source is a scam. I worked there so I know. Sure, every once in a while they'll have a success story, but usually that person didn't have to pay a dime. They do that! If they think someone isn't attractive, they'll make them believe they'll be successful and will get them to pay the hundreds of dollars just so they make money. And the people that they do think are attractive, wont have to pay anything so they can get that one success story. Please Please please believe me! Like I said, I worked there, and saw how they worked behind the scenes. It was horrible! I ended up quitting because I just couldn't scam people like that. Stay away from One Source Talent!

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  • Lu
    Lujo Aug 26, 2010

    Do not fall for this "agency." I don't think they turn anyone away. Why would they when in the end they expect you to pay $40/mth. + a "professional" photoshoot. Kids: $395. Model Test/Actor Portfolio: $495. Model Pro Portfolio: $695. Professional Model Portfolio: $995.

    I was so ticked they wasted my time...
    I am so glad I had the intelligence not to fall for their crap. I asked for straight stats- nothing was available.
    What does that tell you?!?!?

    People, go to a REAL agency. Remember, if an agency is legit and truly interested they will NEVER ask for money upfront.

    Good Luck~

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