Orange Model Management Complaints & Reviews

Orange Model Management / modeling agency

May 27, 2019

Starting from the interview, it felt very unprofessional and condescending the entire time. They wanted money upfront, and never actually did anything in the lines of comp cards, or even a mention on the website. I was frequently sent castings that I didn't fit the requirements for, and...

Orange models / A modelling scam

Jun 24, 2016

I previously posted on behalf of Arkbound about Apple Models. I have now been informed they have changed their name to 'Orange Models'. It would almost be humourous if not for the damage they are doing - literally scamming people out of thousands, as well as destroying dreams. I am so...

orange model toronto / rip off.. SCAMMER

Oct 01, 2012

Scam scam scam SCAMMMMMMM save ur money.. i talked with a guy named Tipu Bathi. Seems nice before u sign up..but will never do his job. Even when u request something..never ever fix ur problem..stay away!! Stay!! Dont ever think to join this modeling agency..scammer

Orange Model Management Inc. / Scam agency

Aug 14, 2011

This "agency" has different contracts for different clients. They are taking on way too many clients then they can handle. They are fake and illegitimate. They con you into paying an unreasonably high price to "sign" with them. They set up a crappy shoot for your comp cards and head shot...

Orange Model Management / Orange Model Scam?

Jul 04, 2011

Went for an interview today with a man named Tipu (Downtown Toronto) and the whole process seemed pretty legit, same with the people working there. Had a long conversation over how competitive the industry is, and that they didnt want to see me get upset and take it personally if I...

Orange Model Management / Scam


I've registered with OMMI and I've been disappointed ever since. I was basically told by one of their agents that they take everyone that tries to register with them. So much for the ego boost I thought I was getting from being called by them. They charge you an expensive opening...

Orange Model Management / A Good Scam


My fiance started with Orange a few months ago and has had 1 actual job... He paid out tons of money to this company and they are not at all working for him. They refuse to send his portfolio to him unless HE pays for it to be couriered when the contract clearly states that OMMI will absorb...

Orange Model Management Inc. / SCAM!


These people that work for this agency are scam artists. They overcharge, I mean who in their right mind charges 700, that;s right SEVEN HUNDRED, dollars for head shots and comp cards? I signed with them in July of 2009, I have only received ONE job and ONE audition since, if they are SOOO...

Orange Models, Toronto ON / Scam


Agency requests the aspiring models to pay $700 for prints. The price is 10 times higher than normally in the industry and it is required to pay them upfront. This agency is running a classic scam called a photo mill, where the agency splits the fees with the photographers, stylists, printer...