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Olshan Foundation Repair Complaints & Reviews

Olshan Foundation Repair / Foundation estimate

Gladys House on Nov 30, 2016
Nov. 16, 2016 Olshan Foundation tech came out. I had to wait two weeks for this appointment. He said he would email me the estimates the same day or no later than Nov. 17. Never received anything and I have been calling for it. If service is this poor I do not want to do business with...

Olshan Foundation Repair / Warranty

Missy Mann on Jun 15, 2016
I feel scammed. In 2005 I had Water Lock system installed in my home. I have not heard my sump pump kick on in a while so I wanted to contact to someone to schedule service maintenance. The St. Louis location is closed so I contacted Houston location. The person I spoke to was rude and...

Olshan Foundation Repair Nashville TN / Work and warranty

Reviewer51539 on Dec 19, 2015
When Olshan dug up the driveway at my mother's house (Aug 2009) to install one of their pilings, they disconnected a foundation drain line. Not only did they not reconnect the line, but they left it in such a manner that water was directed into the drain line at the foundation, exactly...

Olshan Foundation / Deceptive Trade Practices / Fraud

etcountry on Nov 22, 2013
Olshan lied to us, has caused so much severe damage including cracking our slab now, and had Brad Boren call, threaten we take our money back now and sign a release or they were "walking" he said and no money would be paid. We have 5 blank contracts filled with lies they tried to get us to...

Olshan / failed repair

Mikki57 on Sep 28, 2013
Foundation repair performed in 2009 failed. Approximately 2 years after the repair, removing the finished walls over the repaired area revealed new cracks in the foundation. The metal plates for the repair were no longer flush with the wall, and one of the anchor rods could be pulled completely out of the ground intact.

Olshan Foundation / Poor quality pier installation, bad service, poor attitude in general.

dmconger on Aug 21, 2013
Initial installation of piers were done and when Olshan lifted the foundation they "overjacked" the same and consequently the floor cracked in numerous places. Their fix was to jack hammer channels where the cracks were, and fill with concrete. What a mess. We have had them back trying to...

Olshan Foundation Repair / Fix it and Forget - YOU!

John_Bee on Apr 22, 2012
This is the most impersonal company and process I have ever experienced. When you call they send out a "certified technician." Certified in what who knows. They draw up a plan to repair your home, schedule a date and take your money. That is the last time you see the nice man with the...

Olshan Foundation Cable Lock System / Don't stand behind warranty

TriciaLowery on Apr 16, 2012
I have contacted the office several times and have requested that the seven pilings Olshan placed under my home be checked and manipulated as needed since I have sheet rock pulling away from the wall above where several pilings were put in several years ago. Someone did come by. He did...

Olshan Foundation Repair / Foundation Screwup

mfdvr07 on Dec 3, 2011
4 years ago we paid Olshan Foundation Repair to fix our foundation.After 3 attempts, our foundation & house is worse than ever.We contacted David with Olshan from Tulsa, Ok. to ask for a refund.Olshan replied with a proposal for another fee of $500 to come back for a 4th attempted...

Olshan / Warranty

Padilla.CO on Sep 22, 2011
Not happy with this company at all! We purchased our home 3+ years ago and the previous owners had work done by Olshan a couple of months before we took ownership. We started noticing the cracks in the walls were re-opening plus more were appearing so we called the co. to have them take a...

Olshan Foundation Repair / Worthless Warranty & Flawed Repairs

Dr. B. Ray on Sep 11, 2011
Olshan Foundation installed numerous piers under our home's foundation. Recently (three weeks ago), one of these piers failed, dropping the front gable of our brick home more than an inch. The result is shattered brick & mortar, carcks in drywall, separations in interior trim and...

olshan's foundation repair / Lifetime warranty

Barbara Richmond on Aug 2, 2011
Claim foundation repair is for liftime, at cost to customer if repairs are needed later. When called about repairs, they determined that the repairs to foundation are all interior now for another extreme cost.

Olshan Foundation / Faulty cylinders

Diane56 on Jun 21, 2011
Olshan installed 36 cylinders in 2001. 2003 house shifts and caused pipe break 10 feet under home (rear bathroom). 2006 house shift again cause pipe break and pipes re-routed. 2010 called representative out and he lied on observation of movement ( lot of cracks re-open and new). 2011...

Olshan / Bogus warranties/work performed

BILL KRIPP on May 16, 2011
Olshan came out, dug our foundation twice. This was based on a warranty/guarantee that was represented in our home purchase agreement. They tell me now, after breaking an appointment for a rep to come to the house last week, that 2 guys quit and they can't make it. A guy called me...

Olshans Plumbing / Say no to them

Mullen R on Apr 13, 2011
I needed a new water heater and of course I needed it immediately. I used Home Depot installation services and they sent Olshan's Plumbing. They did a good job. However, they were more than very expensive. The price just kept going up and up. $11.25 per foot for pvc pipe (I needed 20...

Olshan Foundation Repair / bogus repair/warranty

We own an antebellum home, Ash Point Plantation, built in 1880, located in northeast Louisiana near Shreveport. The home is on the National Historical Register and historical information is on file in the Bossier City Historical Library. My husband grew up here and the family sold the home...

Olshan Foundation Repair / Sick of it

I am writing this here because I wrote Ol'Shan's marketing department a letter a few months ago about how sick and tired WE (me and my family) are of seeing and hearing the exact same commercial either on TV or on Radio day after day, year after year here in Texas. I don't...

Olshan Foundation / Olshan Foundation

I am a customer in Charlotte NC. We had some work done by Olshan more than a year ago. 4 piers and some crawlspace work. When adjusting the 4 piers placed under the foundation itself, they raised it too high. It cracked my walls and almost broke the windows. When they hired someone to fix it...

Olshan Foundation Repair / Misrepresentation

Misrepresentation of service and in advertisement of same. I called Olshan for foundation repair based on what I could find about reputation, Better Business Bureau standing. After initial repair and the issuance of a lifetime warranty for same I am experiencing even more foundation...

Olshan Foundation Repair / Olshan avoids responsibility for theft

While Olshan was working in our house a large sum of money was stolen. The police got good fingerprints, and the prime suspect (an Olshan employee) skipped town. Olshan customer service refused to return calls and was extremely unpleasant once contacted. They will not discuss making...

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