Old RepublicDeceit


OLD REPUBLIC is a Homeowners Insurance policy that the realtors push sellers into buying, they are suppose to cover repairs on household problems after the sale, , , dishwashers, water heater, inside plumbing Air conditioning ETC< our ac went out over the weekend, we called old republic to it report request repairs, , , , , , they sent someone out that is an unknown most likely the cheapest contractor they could find, , , the guy comes out, messes with the outside unit, , loosens the valves, lets the steam out/ probably freon, , , , , , , , , tells us the compressor is out, , , they'll have to get an ok from OP, , OP calls me the next morning and tells me that in addition to the $60 service fee, I will have to pay out another $200 for a total of $260!! I believe these fees to recapture the freon, , that the tech ran out, and disposal of the old compressor, , plus repiping, , this is the second problem I have had with OP the first a wall plug burned up, , i had to pay the $60 service fee, and the electrician might have spent 15 minutes in there! Bottom line is OLD REPUBLIC is one chicken ### sorry ### company!! Oh and did I mention we get to sit here for the next 3 to 4 days in the heat 103-106 degree and wait for the parts to come in, , , , , , , , It is much cheaper to make your seller to do the repairs prior to closing, , and tell your realtor to kiss your ### if they dont like it!

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