NYC Housing Authority [NYCHA]noisey/nasty neighbour

N Aug 15, 2018

I reside at 2065 Dean Street Brooklyn, NY 11233 and I will like to bring an ungoing problem to your attention, as of recently the new neighbour that moved in across the hall from me in apartment 3B have been the most obnoxious, inconsiderate, vail human beings I have ever encountered in my whole 31 years of living.They think this is their private home and have no consideration for myself and other neighbours.I am unclear as to exactly how many people live in this apartment as I have seen many different people in and out, I have also witness about 10 kids at a time playing in the hallway that looked to be all under the age of 10.The kids themselves have no behaviour they are quite rowdy and seem to have no decorum.While they play in the hallway they can be heard from inside my apartment, they bang on my door with their balls, hand etc and when I brought this to the attention of their parents nothing was done.Why should of have to put up with such a disturbance in what is suppose to be the comfort of my own apartment.They play loud music at all hours whenever they feel, they are always in the hallway hanging out and when they are finish smoking, drinking and eating their garbage is being felt in the hallway.They have been a major contribution to the disgusting state the hallway on the 3rd floor.They are clearly in breach of many of NYCHA's rules and regulations eg.1.Conduct or behaviour that presents a danager to the health and safety of neighbours 2.Poor housing keeping 3.Behaviour that is considered to endanger the peaceful occupation of other residents and 4.Smoking. I have also witness the police warning them about this behaviour.I do feel very much unsafe living next to neigbours like this as they have so many people coming and going and the constant strange charactors hanging out in the hallway.This is not the type of enviroment I find adequate or becoming for me to be raising my 11 years old son in.

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