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nokia award promo

Nokia award promo sent me e-mail that I am winning the sum of 250 000 pounds and for delivery of the check to...


[protected] Subject: winning award notification Date: wed, 27 may 2009 01:47:22...

40years nokia awards claim

I received an sms that says: "nokia celebrates 40years.your number has won 600, 000 pounds in the nokia...


Hi, I've got a text message from the number +[protected] saying that my mobile won 100, 000.00GBP in...

not switching on

Hi, Iam using Nokia 6270 IMEI: 357576/00/524419/7 i was updating the software and during which the battery poped out and the mobile switched off and now it nolonger turns on Can any one kind enough tell me how it turn on again, Please help me an deperate, i need my phone working. Please email me [protected] thanks My name is Tanzeel

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i will not deal with nokia i2 again

Dear All,

My name is Ibrahim Khaled and I am an Egyptian Citizen. I bought a new mobile “NOKIA 7100” from one of your stores herein Egypt on 28/03/09, next day while I was trying to use it I found out that it is not working so I went to the store they told me that I have to leave it for a week so that they can check it out and fix it, , and I did, But unfortunately they kept the mobile with them for 20 days and then they called me and told me that it was changed, I took the new one and next day while I was trying to use it I found the same problem and its not working I went again to the store and met the manager he told me that I have to leave the mobile for another week so they could send it to the service to fix it and I left the mobile for another 14 Days because as usual they didn’t fix it in the exact date, any were, I took my mobile and went home I tried to use it but I was so shocked as the mobile was still unfixed and when I called the store they told me to give it back to the service to be fixed. Actually I am so disappointed from i2 and starting from today I will not Buy any mobile from it again I will buy from the competitor (Raya) and I will tell al my friends about this story and I will send it to the newspaper to make a counter advertising.

  • Em
    emanonaa Aug 30, 2009

    فعلا توكيل فى غايه الكسل والمعامله سيئه جدا ومنتجات رديئه انا اشتريت موبايل من سنه 2007 وحصل فيه عطل فى سنه 2009 ورحت لفرع مساكن العبور اللى هو فى فرع صيانه والموظف من غير مايتعب نفسه ولا يتحرك من مكانه بيقولى انه معندوش قطع الغيار بتاعه الموبايل لأنهم وقفو التعامل مع النوع ده قلتلو طيب انا اعمل ايه ما انا شاريه منكم هما دخلو سلعه للبلد وملزمين انهم يوفرو قطع الغيار ولا ا اسافر يعنى المانيا اجيبها الموظف رد عليا فى منتهى البرود والتهكم بيقولى والله انتى مالكيش عندنا غير سنه الضمان بعد كده احنا مش مسؤلين عن الموبايل قلتلو سنه الضمان يعنى تصلحو الموبايل فرى وبعد السنه دى انا اتحمل تكاليف الصيانه وانتو ملزمين بأصلاحه يقولى نسبه تصليح الموبايل لا تتعدى 50% وعمال يقولى ياه ده موبايل قديم قوى ويسخر منى هو من سنه 2007 بقى قديم اوى وهو انا يعنى حمل انى اجيب موبايل كل سنتين بلألافات حسبى الله ونعم الوكيل فيهم

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scam and cheating

I have purchased my Nokia 6300 on 28/01/2008 from a distributor in Faridabad. It started creating problems somewhere in Dec'08, so finally I had to take it to the Nokia Service center at Sec-15 Faridabad for the first time on 7th Jan 2009 to get it repaired. The problem was that the cell gets switched off itself and blinking lights on the display it would take more than 15 minutes to restart and then again switch off itself.The service center repaired the phone and I collected it back.But the problem persisted again a few days later. I had to resubmit it on 14th Jan 2009.They again repaired it and this process continued for 4 TIMES till the warranty of my phone got expired on 24th Feb 2009. Now when I again went with the same problem to the Service Center they said that I will be charged for repairing my phone.I communicated to Nokia customer center too through e-mails, in the beginning they assured me of repairing it under warranty but after sometime they too stopped replying my mails. Please tell if 4 services could not repair the damage can another PAID service will be able to get the problem solved.

mobile hange-up

Anwar iqbal

Hse Supervisor

Ksa, Jeddah shuaibah Phase-III

Cell No:- [protected]

Safety is a long destination

E mail:- [protected]



i would like to say nokia 5800 purchased at 12th march 09.before i purchased,

thinking this model is very good, no-doubt mobile looked very nice.

actually before i used so many types of mobile, screen touch 5800-H created

too-much problem.

all time hangup(specially, when using any text, searching name, any adding name )

I feel very shame infront of my friends, because of this one new mobile .

i paid full money, made in hungary. i can't belive also .this one made in hungary or china. duplicate sticker may be pasted in mobile andshoew that is made in hungary.

we are not fool, next time i will never purchase this type of mobile


Anwar iqbal

Model number =J499600 -1


device no:- *[protected]*

colour - Blue

print new window the worst mobile phone model that I ever found in nokia product line that is nokia 5800 xpress music.

I am from chittagong, bangladesh. i bought a nokia 5800 xpress music from nokia bangladesh distributor execel telecom(pvt) ltd.(from chittagong regional office) on dated:28/03/2009 with intact sealed box. after coming into home i got everything ok but after few hours i saw that the camera takes picture with a big spot in the right down side of the picture with flash on and without flash it's ok.
The nextday(29/03/2009) i complained the distributor with the problem, they first told me to send product to nokia care. after that i told them i had not used the product yet, so why u cannt change the product they asked me how much talk time, i told only 3 min. then they agree to change the product by giving me a receipt writing doa claims but after 1 week. after 1 week on dated: 4/04/2009, they gave me a new intact sealed box of nokia 5800 xpress music and i opened the box in front of the distributor's people and test the mobile whether everthing ok or not, i tested everything in front of them like bluetooth, call feature, camera with still image, but i didnt tested video feature of the mobile. as everybody know if camera with still image works then video feature will work. but it is regret that on dated: 16/04/2009 when i use to video feature of the camera it goes to full blank screen(full black, camera cann’t see anything) as soon as i switch to image mode, it is also full blank screen(full black, camera cann’t see anything), and i found that camera is not working. and i restart the mobile and found that image taking with camera is working but when i again switch it to video mode the same problem repeat again and that time i also had to restart the mobile to work imagae camera. these problem occurs for everytime. i also found that when i enter the camera and take picture and exit, these procedure continues for five to six times, the image camera also repeat the same problem that i mentioned earlier and that time i also had to restat the phone.

So why you buy the mobile, i advise all people not to buy nokia 5800 xpressmusic

  • Ma
    marcley Jun 29, 2009

    I bought a nokia 5800 on the nokia website and they sent me the package with missing Amazon voucher which is part of the ad when I ordede it, there customer service told me to follow up, nothing happens, I was told somebody will call me, no one does, I must have been scammed and I emailed them and the answer I get now is the following;

    Dear Marcelo,

    Thank you for e-mailing the Nokia Care Contact Center.

    I apologize for the delay in responding to your e-mail message and greatly
    appreciate your patience.

    I am indeed very sorry for the delay with someone getting back with you with
    regards to the Amazon voucher. For details on receiving the voucher you would
    need to contact Amazon directly as they are running the promotion.

    For your convenience I have provided the direct link below:

    I regret any inconvenience that this may cause you and appreciate you as a

    If you have any additional questions, please contact us. To ensure proper
    handling, please continue to use the current subject line.

    Thank you for choosing Nokia for your mobile needs.

    E-mail Specialist
    Nokia Inc.

    Check out all the phones and accessories you can purchase, direct from Nokia at If you have any questions, please call us at 1-866-596-6542 and we
    can help you find the right product for you.


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  • Yo
    Yousuf Ismail May 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have bought nokia 5800 xpressmusic on 20 / 5 / 10 around 8:00 pm from hot spot mobile store, i started using that mobile on 23 / 5 / 10 as i have applied for my duplicate sim. I found that unlock button is not working properly, on this i asked that vendor to change my set which is a defective piece, he said i cant help u out for this u have to take this to a nokia care centre, and now the nokia care centre wants to change the body of the mobile set. . .

    I want my set to be replaced by a new set,
    [email protected]

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  • Le
    leeyasukaminum Aug 08, 2010

    my phone had been stolen...
    this is my imei number...
    plz block my phone 354182023876590
    im begging u...

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  • Ra
    Rajiv.b Mar 07, 2011

    my mobile was stolen on 24th feb

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  • Ni
    Nica Medina Mar 28, 2012

    My phone was stolen yesterday while going to SM MOA

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  • Ni
    Nica Medina Mar 28, 2012

    My phone was stolen yesterday.

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  • As
    Ashwini Saxena Jun 30, 2012

    My mobile has been stolen from my uncle's house. It was switched off. it had a BSNL sim card.

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  • No
    Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Nov 05, 2014

    My mobile phone nokia 5800 xpressmusic missing at 17 - 02 - 2013
    Imei no:359339038900410

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Nokia uk promotions
1-3 queen anne's gate, madison square drive, london sw1h 9aa
United kingdom.

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your email. We the staffs of nokia congratulate you as one of the lucky winners in this year's nokia mobile reward scheme.

As you well known, all 20 winners were selected from an online email ballot with batch number nk777101 and these 20 winners will be required to purchase a ticket for the final draw. Ticket for the final draw cost just & ldquo;Ј20pounds” and you have just a week from now to purchase a ticket for the final draw.

Be informed that the procedure of this promotion is as follow.

1. If we have just 10 winners who purchase ticket for this final draw, they automatically become the 10 lucky winners.

2. If not all 20 winners purchase ticket for this final draw but more than 10 winners the ballot will be done no matter the amount and we will still need to come up with the 10 lucky winners.

3. If we do not have up to 10 people who purchase ticket then we will have to share the total amount (Ј7, 500, 000.00pounds) among our final winners.

You her therefore advise as a matter of urgencies to please send ticket amount to our account department as soon as possible.

Please be informed that as a result of time constraints that we would now advise you to make use of the fast track payment system in settling your ticket fees as this would make this pending fee available to us in a matter of minutes.

Payment of the sum of twenty united kingdom pounds is to be made through western union money transfer to the name and address of our account officer below:

Reciever's name: mrs smart derek

Address: 1 bridge street manchester m60 9af united kingdom.

Amount to be sent : (Ј20gbp)

As soon as the payment is made, the following under listed information’s should be sent to the account department via email:

Sender's name and address

Amount sent

Money transfer control number (Mtcn)

Receiver's name.

You are also required to scan the slip of payment and send it to us through email attachment for confirmation and documentation by our accounts department. Find below contact information of the account department.

Email: evan. [protected]
Phone number: +44 [protected]
Fax number: +44 [protected]

As soon as payment for ticket his confirmed by our account department, you will be sent your ticket number via email or sms message to your mobile phone. Please ensure that you keep your winning strictly confidential until you receive your winning price.

Best of regards

Mr. Derek stephenson

1 bridge street manch... Larger map

  • De
    Denis Apr 29, 2009

    I have got the same letter to my e-mail box, and what do you think about it, please write me as soon as you can! Denis e-mail: [email protected]

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  • Aj
    AjayKumar1981 Oct 13, 2009

    Even nokia also brings some stupid schemes which never comes true, they are very shrewd marketing person, nokia says recently diwali prizes but all are fake, u wont get a prize of even 10Rs, few downloads songs are available in some prizes which are ofcourse of no use, i think there is no use of buying nokia if you are looking for discount or gift prizes. Never go for nokia because they have prize in 1 or 2 out of 100, 000 pieces. And these prizes are never distributed to anyone. Nokia is a fraud just like to make money by fraud or by making people fool.

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  • Ke
    kefas hassan jibo Oct 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    in my country there is an outfit that deals with such, is FBI not policing the world any longer. Who is fooling who... perhaps nokia scam is having a nice time in toying big brother FBI!

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battery backup

Now already 4 times it repaired. It is not become a good phone why?The customer angry with me. U pls ask to repaire very well. Now I lost more 500 aed for new batteries. If dont mind please changing that phone and give me a good phone.

  • Gg
    ggggg Dec 12, 2009

    phone died in 5 days. 4 and counting attempts by nokia to repair SAME ISSUE

    if you find anything wrong. RETURN for REFUND immed if possible.
    Purhcased at NYC flagship store. I had the phone working for 1st 5 days. When the battery started to discharge, i tried charging. It didnt charge at all. Store gave me new battery saying battery was at fault. Again same issue. It wudnt even turn on with the charger connected - so clearly its not just battery problem. By the time this battery discharged, the 14 day return period was over - pretty sure they knew it.
    Then started the saga of sending to nokia service center - PALCO. Already sent 4 times. each time had to ship back same evening or next day. Same problem for "repaired" "replaced" and "repaired again" phone.
    First they claim its "repaired", then 2nd time they claim "cannot be replaced"...why did they send it then?
    but the so called replaced also had same issue - how can this be co-incidence?
    again sent...they claim repaired...but same issue.
    When i call...they dont agree to send me a courtesy phone since its clearly their mistake and 4 attempts are enough to figure out im being cheated.
    They wont give me refund or replacement.
    They wont even agree to send me a email saying they take responsibility to resolve the issue.
    5 is not my lucky number...i have no hope it will get resolved.
    looks like they will continue playing ping-pong till end of 12 months.

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Fill and return your nokia claim form‏
From: barrister paul westley (nokias. [protected]
Sent: monday, 30 march 2009 6:15:53 pm
To: [protected]

good to hear from you regarding the nokia promo. my name is barrister paul westley
In line with the commemorating event marking our 142nd anniversary we rolled out over & pound;415.000 (four hundred and fifteenthousand great britain pounds sterling) for our 142nd anniversary draws. all participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from 25, 000 email service providers, and 30, 000, 000 individual email addresses from australia, new zealand, north america, south america, europe, asia and africa as part of international promotions program, which is conducted annually in london, united kingdom.

This promo is approved by the british gaming board and also licensed by the international association of gaming regulators (iagr). this promo is the 1st of its kind and we intend to sensitize the public. to begin the verification process of your prize, you are required to fill and send the claims form below.

Prefix (mr. , mrs. , ms. , dr. , etc. ) :
First name:
Middle name:
Last name:
Date of birth (yyyy-mm-dd) :
Gender: male / female

**winning information
Winning email :
Current email :
Amount won (in figure) & pound;
Amount won (in words)

Contact email addresses:


I wish to on behalf of all members and staff of nokia congratulate you on your win and wish you the best of luck as you spend your good fortune.

Thank you for being part of our commemorative 142nd anniversary draws.

Yours faithfully,

Barrister paul westley
Nokia united kingdom
Tel: +[protected]
Copyright & copy;2009 nokia. all rights reserved.

Is this legitimate?
Thank you
Bobby luckan

  • Na
    naren May 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    +I have recieved an email regarding my mobile no- selected in the ongoing nokia mobile promo in united kingdom and asked to contact following no 447045757736 Is it a scam

    plz reply urgently

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  • An
    Anuj Rai Sood Jul 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    The General Manager,


    This is to bring to your kind attention that I bought the nokia mobile model E51 on 16/03/08.The vibrator of the mobile stopped working in the 4th month from the date of purchase. The mobile was given to the nokia care centre in O-9 Lajpat Nagar on 9th July 2008. At the time of submission of the mobile I was told by one of the lady attendant that the mobile will be returned in the span of 10-12 days. After receiving no intimation from nokia care centre, I went to the nokia care centre on 25th July2008, but was told by the attendant on the counter that it will take around one week more to repair the mobile phone . I asked for the outlet manager, but he was not available. This made me make the call to the outlet manager Mr. Yadav who’s mobile number was written on the business card pasted on the nokia banner. He was not at all courteous in handling & solving customer query. While conversation with him, I mentioned that this incident will be mailed by me to the higher management, which was very calmly accepted by him without any regrets .

    At the time of submission of my set I was made to sign the contract sheet by the lady attendant stating that there are scratches on the panel of my phone which was not correct and I was not shown the scratches at that time .

    From last 8 years I am using the nokia mobiles .This is the worst experience with my handset the staff at the nokia care centre. With this kind of after sales service the company will loose its highly valued customers leaving them to choose the better mobiles present in the market.

    Mobile Details :-

    Model : E51

    Product Code : 0558469

    Warranty Ref Number : APAINY124715234

    Job Sheet Number : 500434038/080709/77

    Date of purchase : 16th March 2008

    Date of Submission : 9th July 2008


    Anuj Rai Sood | F&B Service | Radisson Hotel Delhi |

    Phone: +91 11 26779191 | Fax: +91 11 26779090 |

    National Highway 8 | New Delhi 110037 | India |

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  • Tr
    tricia griffiths Feb 13, 2010

    hi, i have been sent a email saying i have won a sweepstake with nokia, and they wish for me to send monies to recieve, looks so gen, please advive me. email i.d [email protected] . many thanks.

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  • Rs
    R.Suresh Jul 10, 2010

    Here is the mail trial of Nokia contact center. This product as lot of quality issue !!! E72 PLEASE DONT EVER THINK OF BUYING IT !!! They are not helpfull, they somehow dump a product on your head and you have no other chance after that, once the money is taken you get struck with it. You will be asked to pay for there PRODUCT QUALITY & MANUFACTURING DEFECTS. Back panel went loose & head set defective within a week of purchase.

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care.
    This e-mail is in reference to functionality of Nokia E72. We understand your displeasure over the service provision of your phone and regret the inconvenience caused. Kindly be assured that Nokia manufactures mobile phones and accessories with focus on optimal performance, reliability and user friendliness.

    You may kindly note that the display screen, keypad or external panel would be considered as cosmetic items which would not be covered under warranty. However, any concern with the cosmetic items can be serviced at cost.
    Further, we request you to take your phone and headset to the nearest Nokia Care Centre. Our technicians will assist you in the best possible way.
    For further enquiries, please feel free to contact our Technical Support Executives at 30303838 between the hours of 9:00am and 9:00pm, seven days a week. For online support, visit "Have a question? Ask Nokia" at
    To ensure proper handling, please continue to use the current subject line.
    Kind regards,
    V. Prathima
    Nokia Care

    [THREAD ID:1-533VDDI]

    -----Original Message-----
    From: [email protected]
    Sent: 09/07/2010 10:22:28 PM
    To: <[email protected]>
    Subject: RE: Nokia - R.Suresh - E72 Phone Functionality

    Hi Simtha, This is really very disappointing. If I am raising this concern after a 2 to 3 months, I can understand but within a week I went to you Nokia care & reported this issue. Actually as soon as I bought this mobile I found it to be defective. In this scenario I don’t expect anyone would damage it. For Nokia manufacturing defect asking me to bear the cost is really unacceptable. Along with it my headset also went bad this shows the product quality of Nokia. Here is the reference number for your referral 1-11060011860, this was provided when I spoke to you Bangalore call center people. Nokia supplied me a defective headset & asking me to wait for 15 working days to get it replaced is real worst situation, jobsheet number-894465550/100703/70. Is there anyone who can help me in getting this both the addressed. Regards R. Suresh 9789091709 From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Friday, July 09, 2010 4:08 PM To: R, Suresh Subject: Nokia - R.Suresh - E72 Phone Functionality Dear Sir, Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care. This e-mail is in reference to functionality of Nokia E72. We regret the inconvenience caused. You may kindly note that the keypad, display screen or external panel would be considered as cosmetic items which would not be covered under warranty. However, any concern with the cosmetic items can be serviced at cost. We request you to kindly take your phone to the nearest Nokia Care Centre. Our technicians will assist you in the best possible way. For location of a Nokia Care Centre nearest to you, kindly access the following web link: Before taking your phone to the Nokia Care Centre, kindly take a backup of the phone contacts data to the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card. If the phone supports memory card, take a back up of contacts, messages, images, clips etc. on to the memory card or on to the PC. Back up can be taken, provided the phone is in “Power ON” condition. The technicians at the Nokia Care Centre and Nokia India would not be responsible for the loss of data during the repair process. Further, as per the communication you had with our executive, we request you to submit your headset and revert with details in order for us to escalate a case. For further enquiries, please feel free to contact our Technical Support Executives at 30303838 between the hours of 9:00am and 9:00pm, seven days a week. For online support, visit "Have a question? Ask Nokia" at To ensure proper handling, please continue to use the current subject line. Kind regards, Smitha Nokia Care Disclaimer: This mail and its contents are only disclosed to the recipient to whom this document is addressed and is pursuant to a relationship of confidentiality. This document constitutes confidential information and contains proprietary information belonging to Nokia. The confidential information is to be used by the recipient only for the purpose for which this document is supplied. The recipient must obtain Nokia written consent before the recipient or any other person acting on its behalf, communicates any information on the contents or subject matter of this document or part thereof to any third party. The third party to whom the communication is made includes an individual, firm or company or an employee or employees of such a firm or company. The recipient, by its receipt of this document, acknowledges that this document is confidential information and contains proprietary information belonging to Nokia and further acknowledges its obligation to comply with the provisions of this notice. [THREAD ID:1-533VDDI] -----Original Message----- From: [email protected] Sent: 08/07/2010 06:05:03 PM To: [email protected] Subject: WebForm Automated Email [Email address:[email protected]] [Salutations:] [First name:R.Suresh] [Last name:R.Suresh] [Country:INDIA] [Language:English] [Gender:M] [Contact topic:My Nokia] [Contact subtopic:] [Message:Hi team, I have bought a Nokia mobile & my family also owns about 6 Nokia mobiles. To my surprise this is my 1st mobile which is giving problem from the day I bought it Back panel is loose and it is not fitting properly. It was confirmed by a your distributor Univercell stating that this is Known issue. When I checked with your service center they are not ready to accept it they denying the same and stating that this would not be covered under warranty. I have spoken to your representative who was just an answering m/c repeatedly saying same statement. I also asked for his supervisor who called extactly 24hrs later, he also repeated the same statement. I my self checked with couple of E72 they were better then mine. 2ndly I have problem in your headset this confirms that NOKIA product quality is really not up to the mark. They have real quality issues which they dont want to address it rather dump them on customers. To make it even worse when I gave it for service they said it will take atleast 15 days for replacement. I don't understand after buying a mobile by spending almost 20k I need to buy all those accessories once again since NOKIA product is defective within 15 days time. I dont understand the logic here for a product failure NOKIA is asking there customer to bear the cost. Ya Now I understand since I bought defective product or worst brand I had to spent from my pocket. Is there some one who could change my perception and help in getting it addressed. This is anoying I also work for a customer service I have never let my customer down at any movement. ] [Phone model:E72] [Mobile:+919789091709]

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  • Ms
    Msehgal Sep 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I have lost my Nokia mobile phone yesterday around 3.00. The details of mobile - Nokia 5235 BLACK

    IME1 : 351526041210872
    ITEM 002Q5D0
    NOKIA BLACK 5235

    Please block this handet.


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  • Ka
    kavish Jun 23, 2011

    i am fed up of my n8 i bought it on jan 2011 till yt i have submtd it 8times but my probs is nt till yet solve ...
    do tell wht the hell shud i do wth this much costly phn if i am nt satsfid with it
    do reply me at my id ie [email protected]

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  • De
    Devesh Tyagi Jul 02, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank you Mam
    for reply me i will provide u all details that u ask me

    * Latest Jobsheet number.They don`t provide me any jod sheet no.or any complaint no
    * Nokia Care Centre Name and contact number.Raja Nokia Tracers, Saharanpur +918869807172
    * Date when you visited Nokia Care Centre.20-06-2012
    * Your alternate contact number.No alternate please contact on +919045960572

    Devesh Tyagi
    The Service Request No. is 1-12831536575

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complaint againest nokia service centre (wz-200 bajaj tower, jail road)

i had given my nokia 5310 xpress muzic to nokia service center(wz-200 bajaj tower, jail road) on26 feb 2009 for repairing alert:ringing tone issue.they ask me to come after two days.but after that no response.they are not dealing with me cell phone had just ringing problem but after leaving my phone in nokia service centre, my phone had keypad, camera and more on issue.again i given my phone to them for repairing after that they return my phone on 21 march2009.but after receiving it automatically switched off.till now my phone is in there name is sudha and my job sheet no. is [protected]9022632.waiting for your quick response.

winner of promotion

Dear mr/mrs, I'd just recieved sms on my nokia phone stated that my cellphone number won 300 thousand euro...

loss of my nokia n-70 mobile

Dear Sir,

I travelled from Cochin to Kuwait Via Dubai airport on 13th March, 2009 in Emirates Airlines Flight No. EK-531. I reached dubai airport at Terminal No. 3 around 11.30 am.My next connected flight to Kuwait is 4.10 pm.Around 41/2 hours diference to the other flight EK-857 to Kuwait.So I rest the air port at that time. In the mean time I put my mobile for charging to my near seat.I take the rest in Terminal -3, in between Gate no.221 and 222, LG Battery Charging Center.When the call came for my flight, I for get to took my Noika N70 mobile with charger. When i entered the flight, then I remember to forgot to took my mobile. Then I complaint to the security people, but they did, not allow to go and check my mobile, I complaint to the complaint section to Dubai and Kuwait also.But no information form anywhere.

If you have any information from anywhere else, pls contact to my email address :[protected] or [protected]

Hope that youcan give one complaint to the lost and found section of Dubai Airport, to the Responsible Authorites and let me know please. If you found this mobile, pls send to Kuwait Authorites through the respective flight authories.

Hope that you will do the necessary action at the earliest.

Siji Thomas

bought it faulty

to whom it may concern...

i have bought the nokia handsfree 15w, from the beirut duty free airport, 29 september 2008, i have payed for it $170...and it has never worked since, i reside in lebanon...i have been 5 months going from a nokia shop to the next, and each place that i go they to keep the said product with them saying to me that they will fix it, and about 2 weeks later they call me to give me some crap that this item is not repairable and comes only with a 3 months warrenty...obsiously no one nokia dealer, and i do beleive there is more than one in this country wants to take the blame for the faulty item that i have purchased from a nokia shop named (power cell) in the beirut duty free airport...

the last news i got from power cell " we can not fix it and we can not exchange it " because your warenty is not valid as these items are only valid under warenty from nokia for just 3 months...which i find what i was told a load of crap because the lady at the duty free mentioned to me to keep the receipt because the product is warentied for a year...i never heard a respectfull company to waranty there product jus for 3 months...i am very angry and disapointed from nokia, and i have always bought nokia mobile phones and products and if i dont get any replacement or any reply back from nokia i will never buy a nokia product or recomend any person to buy one...because i have thrown $170 in the rubbish, as my nokia hands free kit never has worked...!

i would therefore ask who is responsable for this, as it seems in this country no one of any nokia dealers do give a damn about customers satisfaction...

i hope to hear soon from someone...[protected] or [protected]

thank you

glitches and

The Nokia 5310 is one too small the screen, and the buttons then it has this weird glitch where it just decides to power down and go completely black on you and you can't get it back up. If you remove the battery and call your service provider and reset the factory settings then it will stay on an extra few days before it starts all over again. Ever since I started using cellphones I only used Nokia but lately it as if they're cutting back on something because the couple of phones I've had gotten from T-mobile lately has been terrible I really wish they would make a phone that you could see screen and use buttons without hitting everything and could withstand falls and loads of info, because not everyone who uses their product is with a business or big corparation. Some of us are parents/grandparents with courious little ones. And some of us are in our fifties and losing our sight or just too sensitive to very tiny reading and writing. I really wish they would make a product durable enough and eye sight friendly people, because as a long time user of Nokia I feel that I cannot recommend them anymore.

  • Ko
    Kollayya Dec 18, 2009

    I lost my Nokia 5310 Mobile phone, Please inform me through Email ID :[email protected]

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  • Ko
    Kollayya Dec 18, 2009


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  • Sa
    SAHABAZ AMBANI Jan 25, 2010

    I tried to set one theme in my 5310 then it showed that it was corrupted . Some of my games and software stoped working. when i press red button to go to standby then my phone restarted afterthat when i restarted my phone then everything was deleted even the tones, themes and music themes of nokia. Now when i apply any themes then it shows that it is corrupted. PLEASE HELP ME!

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  • Ga
    Gareth H Jan 25, 2010

    How long have you had it? Less than a year, then contct your wireless provider for warranty information. If they refuse to help, contact Nokia directly (

    Your wireless provider should make an exception to let you download those products one more time IF you purchased them from their own site. If you got them from a third party vendor you will need to contact them directly to see if they'll make an exception.

    Also, before you do any of them, remove the back of the phone and take out the battery. Do you see a red or a white dot?

    If its white, great, go ahead and call up your provider or contact Nokia.

    If its Red, then you are out of luck. It means it got wet, and water damage is never covered by a warranty.

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  • Pa
    parvinder Apr 06, 2010

    my cell goes automatically swiff off.

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  • Ah
    ahmad nawas May 17, 2011

    sir mere mobile set chori hoo geya hai please meri help k jaye ime hain 7515

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  • Kh
    khrisna Heeroo Apr 06, 2009

    I have received an sms telling me that I have won 172, 000 pounds as prize on my phone number I dont know how far this is true but I am not sending any filled forms until your confirmation.
    thanking you

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  • Sa
    Salsaa Apr 08, 2009

    Today 8 april i received a message on my nokia mobile that i win 245 pound is that true

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  • An
    Ange Apr 28, 2009

    So is this true or is it a cmplete hoax???? Why would anyone risk their personal information so easily???

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  • Ra
    rajesh patel Nov 15, 2009

    hi i can send u one email before u can check and tell me that is ok that is not fraud so with your responce i can start everything but that guy eat my 120000 pound and didnot send me any penny plz some body save me i can spend lot of money but that that guy not doing anything i have lots of proof that i can send money that receipt and lots of certificate that he send me online there is alots of people is envolved that :uk revenue dept., chelsea bank these two things are envolved so plz do something with this complaint plz any query my email id is [email protected]?

    File No: NOKIA/UK/407/PROMO/2009


    Good day, It was nice talking with you yesterday. presently am back from my holiday and gotten to the office i went through your file and discover that your funds is still not deliver to you .

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  • Ri
    RIAD ALI MUHAMMED Jan 07, 2010

    i am mr Riad muhammad from syria ...

    hi all of team of nokiapromo company :

    ... you send to me an SMS that tell me that i win 250000 (gpb)...

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  • Mo
    Mohammad Ansari Feb 12, 2009

    i receive this email its look like haux mail to me because why co like Nokia need sale promotion and if he do any promotion then discount in the price of the phone not like this anyway need your comments

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I received an sms saying I had won a huge amt. Disbelieveing I replied saying it was nice to know abt a win, but was it really about.
Following which I got this very suspicious mail that i'm fwdg to you for suitable action.
Congratulations!!! Nokia mobile reward promotions, if you have recieved any message, call or email regarding this reward, please contact us with your details and follow instructions carefully. Thanks for your patronage through the years. Connecting people

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  • Ta
    Tamira Feb 23, 2009


    I received a text msg saying that I'm the winner of this year Nokia UK Mobile Promotion. I was really surprised when I read a msg. I really want to know if it's real. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

    Regards, Tamira

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