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Well i need help nokia in 4630 wooland corporate blvd tampa, Florida [protected] have the worst cust service i talk to 3 manager and thay gave me the run around i have a nokia n81 8g and it have very bad reciption 6 drop call a day if look on line their is alot of people have the same problem its the way the phone is dezinei call tmobile i am in a hot spot and i can put that same sim card in a samsung phone and it works fine i sent the phone in over 3 times thay said that cant fine nothing wrong with it so thay sent me a new N81 8g and guess what the screen will not come on at all it the bottons light up but no power to the display you would think that thay would have cheak that. now here is the real f up part i pay 3 time to get the phone ship back to them and each time it took like 2 weeks to get the phone back just to send it back to them thay sent me a ship lable 1 time it took 1 week to get to me so i talk to a manager name jay he told me he will see about geting me a diffrent phone he said i will call you back in a week and this is when i got the phone back with no display i wate no call so i call back another manager told me he shouldnt told me that he cant do that and she was sorry and she sad the only way to get a refund or a diffrent phone is the phone will have to be in the repair center for 30 days its been 2 months all ready so she said i will send you out a lable to send the new phone to the repair center that was august the 28 2008 and i still dont have a lable and its september 8 2008 i spent $565 usa doller for this i am very mad my name is westly if any body have a go manager i can speak to please email me at hardwelw AT


  • Jm
    J. Musharbash Jul 07, 2008

    I have purchased a Nokia 6300 from Soul company last July 2006
    Since March this year the phone started palying up. I went to soul and I dpropped my phone for service and they have informed me that the phone still under Nokia's warranty.
    The phone had returned back to me within 2 to 3 weeks (had no phone) and it was unrepaired, as a result of that I sent my phone twice to them and with no good outcome. waiting another 6 weeks

    Soul company suggested to go to the company directly to drop off the phone... I did as they suggested on 20/06/08 Friday and here again where the bad service started
    1. Poorly customer service of showing any sympathy for the time I wasted since March
    2. Customer service representative has informed me that the phone will be ready next Tuesday
    3. I have showed him a receipt of my purchase including warranty

    Today 07/07/08 Phone has not been returned to me yet.. I called them more than 8 times, Once they said the phone is expensive to repair so it better ifyou buy a new one.
    Then when I showed them again and again the warranty, they said ok we will replace it and it will be deliver to you, I have received nothing so far

    I called today again 07/07/08 to find out what happened with the delivery, the person I spoke to, he said there is no new phone will be delivered, we actually fixed your phone up... I gave up with them and still I havent received my phone.

    I tried to speak to a manager or any one in charge, their excuse is that they are busy on other calls and they refused to returned my phone calls... BAD SERVICE

    Please help me here... They are the worse I ever dealt with in my life.

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  • To
    Totti Oct 10, 2008

    I am Not blaming Nokia ( they are my favorite company go ahead Nokia i like your products )
    i just feel bad, how bad the customer service here is ( )

    I am dealing with them Now ( 10/09/2008 ------ to i don t know )
    Well i made my order : 10/09/2008 2AM Nokia E66 + free Blue tooth Head set (free with promo code NOK4xco).

    They shipped Blue tooth only without the phone :
    when i called them 18886654228 they said my phone order still in progress of verification ???????????i don t understand why they shipped the Blue tooth if my order still in progress of verification

    I spoke to 7 People:
    5 customer service when of them hangup the phone on me
    2 supervisors:

    really i had bad experience ordering online from them everyone blame me the other department.)

    because its Friday today and its after 4PM i have to wait until Monday they said they are going to call me back.

    I feel really bad because they did not transfer me to a manager or a supervisor that can help .

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  • Gi
    GILSON Oct 16, 2008


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  • Li
    Lim Dec 03, 2008

    Nokia singapore Bad service .

    Bought a nokia phone 3120.

    Found out the phone faulty upon activation and when back to the dealer .
    Dealer unable to do anything but advise to sent to workshop for repair cos they unable to replace another phone.

    Up to now phone still with me ..

    Goodbye Nokia.


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  • Li
    Lim Dec 03, 2008

    nokia singapore poor service

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  • Ro
    rolf niebergall Aug 18, 2009

    i ordered my phone (N97 in May already and i had to return it because it did not perform. it took a long time to get a RA# (return authorization) because their phone did not work. finally i got my money back but not my sales tax. nokias customer service in the USA is the worst i experienced ! i was hung up few times. also they never called me back as promised. Home Depot has a much better customer relation dept.! they sell only not electronic merchandise. now August 18 i would like to call Nokias customer service but i can't get through. maybe they changed their phone # again.

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  • Ku
    Kurt Sep 18, 2010

    I bought my Nokia E75 28/11/2009. There was a problem about charge. I gave my cell phone to Nokia Service. After 1 month they decided to change it but they called me and said that they didn't have any E75 and offered me another model. I rejected and after 2 month, still there is no phone. I wanted them to pay invoice amount. They rejected and said I should wait for E75. But they didn't say me exact date. I was used to Nokia and didn't want to change it. Now I don't want to use Nokia any more. All I want my invoice amount.

    I write some complaints 2 times to web sites in Turkey but nobody (from Nokia) answer it. Nobody cares.

    Only they said they're waiting answer from Nokia international.

    I've still waiting for an answer for 60 DAYS.

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