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Purchased a Certified Preowned Vehicle on May 30th, 2017 in Cash from the Nissan dealer in Paramus, NJ. The next day I called the sales rep (Roh Davis) and informed him that we've noticed the car's auxiliary plug did not work. (Purchased the car for my daughter a college student of course the first thing she would notice is the auxiliary plug not working.) The Sales Rep said no problem, make an appointment with the service department in Hackensack, NJ. I did just that.. June 16th. My daughter and my mom went to the 9:00 am appointment. (I was recovering from a surgery, and could not accompany them, hence the reason why we wanted my daughter to have her car while I was in recovery.) I called at 11:00 am to check on them, and they informed me that they are still waiting. I asked what for? They were unsure.. my daughter asked the receptionist was everything ok? The receptionist asked the service team for an update, the service team then informs my mother and daughter that they need the "Checklist" that was provided when the car was purchased. Checklist? Huh? Why wasn't that information relayed when making the appointment? And do you mean my yellow copy of the check list that states the Sales Rep has the Pink copy and the Service Department has the White Copy? Not to mention the service rep was very rude with his request stating he could not look at the car until the "checklist" is presented. Couldn’t he have told them that two hours ago? Shouldn't this information already be on file? They told my daughter he had already gave her the key back. They had to wait until they found the key! June 27th, was the rescheduled appointment. I called Nissan to cancel my appointment. I informed them that, I will would like to make an appointment when all needs can be met at once.. 1. It's almost a month since I've purchased the vehicle and I was promised touch up paint for the bumper. (never received a call to confirm it is avail) 2. I asked for a second key, which was not provided the day of purchase ( never received a call to confirm it is ready for pick up) 3. Again it's been almost a month since the date of purchase and the Temporary Tags expires June 29th, Where are my Plates??? (No call) and 4. The Repair of the Auxiliary Plug. The receptionist said that she will work with the Sales Rep to confirm that the Key, Plates, Paint was avail, and schedule the appointment for the auxiliary plug. Never received a call on June 27th, however, I received a call today June 28th from Nissan Hackensack, informing me that I was a NO SHOW for the service appointment on June 27th!! Super frustrating!!! I again informed the receptionist that I spoke with someone yesterday and informed them that I need an appointment, ONE appointment that will take care of ALL 4 OF MY ISSUES! ... She then transferred me to the Paramus location to talk with them to confirm if the Plates, and Key is available.. (basically what the receptionist said she was going to do yesterday). Well guess what?? I had to explain the situation yet again to the Paramus dealership and she said with no hesitation, Yes!.. Your plates are here! I asked why didn't I receive a call? and I'm still waiting for my second key and again .. would like ONE appointment at ONE location at this point to pick up my 1. Plates, 2. Paint, 3. Key, and 4. Auxiliary Plug Repaired. She said she would call me back. She didn't call back but someone else by the name of Denise called and said she will ensure we would be taken care of and she apologized. She stated that I did not need an appointment and to please try to go to the service station as early in the day as possible so that they can make the repairs. Ok... all was sort of forgiven. My daughter and mom actually went today (Checklist in hand), June 28th approx. 1:00 in the afternoon. I called to check on them around 3:00. They stated that they were still there... WAITING.. 1. the Auxiliary Plug can not be fixed because a part needs to be ordered. 2. Someone is making the second Key, 3. they are still waiting for someone to bring the Plates from the Paramus location, and 4. Oh.. The Auxiliary Plug can not be repaired today! Wow! 2 more hours. To make matters worse.. (just when you think it can't get any worse.) The service rep "Jerry" comes out to "apologize." But it was a strange apology. It went something like this... "I apologize for last week. I was being a complete "A" Hole. I treated you like a common criminal, thought maybe you brought the car off of someone and tried to bring it in for repairs." REALLY??? HOW INSULTING!!! WE BROUGHT THIS FREAKING CAR IN CASH, ... PAID IN FULL, FOR MY DAUGHTER WHO IS A COLLEGE STUDENT!!! REALLY? This is the way we are treated? Needless to say we are dissatisfied with the service we have received and will let everyone we know NOT TO PURCHASE ANY VEHICALS FROM NISSAN, ESPECIALLY NOT THE PARMUS AND HACKENSACK, NJ LOCATIONS!!... and yes, we will have to reschedule yet another appointment to repair the auxiliary plug. This kind of treatment was not warranted and or appreciated! Once the transaction was complete, the customer service level took a complete dive. I really wish we can give you guys the car back and get our money back. This is very poor and degrading service.

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