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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved binocular repair

I returned a pair of nikon premier lxl 10 x 42 binoculars, new value about $1000, to the new jersey factory service. That was back in july '10. Despite repeated phone calls, i've been informed that the factory cannot replace the binoculars within a specific time. For the past five months I've been given the line that new stock has yet to arrive from japan, The company cannot repair them either. My recommendation is to avoid this company, the service is appalling

switch product order

I ordered a Nikon SB-600 for what seemed like a good deal. That same day I had a phone call saying they would offer me a Vivitar Pro-548 flash for the same price. I said I had to research the product and he said to enter 548N on his website. I couldn't compare the 548 model very effectively on the internet, so I decided to look at Accessory Circut's reputation, then I found a PLETHORA of complaints! I'm fully expecting to get the runaround when I try to cancel my order. I emailed the customer service person and will wait and see what happens tomorrow. By the way, the website still shows the SB-600 IN STOCK, which is an absolute lie. I will follow up with this once more happens.

switch product order
switch product order

  • Co
    ConcernedSCcitizen Dec 07, 2010

    Yes, these companies are very good at ripping us off. I had this happen with a 70-200 lense. They never sent it and when we asked for a refund we were told there would be a restocking fee for $295. We refused that offer since it never left their stock (I don't think they ever had one). They then said they were sending the money and sent a check for $295. They still have the other $1100 and have moved their location, phones don't work, etc. We paid cash as we physically walked into the "bogus" warehouse. They said it was out of stock there, at the warehouse, but would be sent. These companies are getting really good at scamming. Stay with reputable companies that have been around for a long time, like B&H or Midwest Photo exchange. I learned my lesson and realize that the manufactures of these camera accessories sell these items to the wholesaler with only room for a very small profit, therefore if someone has discounted a lensse or flash more than $100, you should be concerned because that means they are not profitting AT ALL. No company would do this.

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tradus not delivering purchased product

I order Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera With kit (18-55 mm VR Lens) from tradus on 8th Oct with order id 1042667

and product is not yet dispatch and now on tradus product price is increase by 5000 and seller is telling that product is not avialble but I found out seller number from nikon website and contact him and product is avialbe with him with price 32000 so it seems product is with seller but he don't want to deliver with my purchase price

that means tradus or seller don't want to sell product on my purchase price 27599 and thats not good and not acceptable

and Nikon D3100 is commonly available in all shops so no stock in market is totally wrong

so I want tradus to look into it and try to provide justice to the matter.

  • Tr
    Tradus Oct 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Mr. Correia,

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    As informed earlier, the shipment got delayed since the seller was running out of stock with the product. However, we are trying to arrange it and the same would be shipped shortly.

    As soon as the product is dispatched, we would provide you with the tracking details.

    Also, we assure you that you would be receiving the product at the same amount which you had paid initially ie. Rs.27099, you need not pay any extra charges.


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disposable camera?

My expensive Nikon 35mm compact camera jammed after 6 years of careful use.
I took it into the local Nikon dealer in Clairemont CA where a girl reluctantly poked around with a huge screwdriver for several minutes and suggested the battery was dead. When I assured her it was not, she passed it to the store manager who turned it over and over looking at it with a pained expression, told me it was 12 years old and that I was lucky it had lasted that long!
I told him I bought it 6 years ago, had treated it very carefully and needed it fixed. He said they didn't last 6 years usually, and was very reluctant to fix it.
I left and wrote to Nikon USA who ignored my letter. Since then I have actively discouraged people from buying Nikon with this tale of appalling quality of product and after sales service from both dealer and company.
Oh and by the way I dismantled it in my lunch hour and removed a small piece of plastic that was jamming a gearwheel. Camera still works fine despite Nikon's surprise that it had lasted 6 years!
The must be disposable cameras I guess, but why don't they tell you that when you buy one?

  • Cl
    cldonovan Oct 21, 2009

    Bought 2 of these cameras... Nikon Coolpix 9.0... After a few months LENS ERROR... Sad because I thought it was a super camera. Until this. Do not buy this camera.. Company does not stand behind their electronics.

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  • Jp
    JPSB Oct 28, 2009

    I think SONY is better than Nikon, recently i had purchased a Nikon S230 insted of a sony W230. I thought Nikon would be better than SONY, but I was wrong the Images from Nikon S230 is very very very bad, the images looks like as if they were taken from a VGA Camera. I complained the same to Nikon they replied back saying that " I dont know how to take photos". The Auto scene selection mode is totally useless. I think we need to go for SONY insted of Nikon, now even sony has come up with DSLR Cameras.

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  • Ma
    matthew gleason Aug 10, 2011

    Nikon coollpix3100 Soon after I purchased this camera, the Zoom froze.(I did NOT drop it) I had Ritz camera return it for me for repair. It was returned stating that no work was done and voided due to impact. Zoom Jammed. They did not explain what led them to the conclusion that the camera had sustained an Impact.Is there anything I can do before seeking redress in the small claims court?

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Resolved flash getting over heat when auto mode.

i have nikon sb 900 flash. when flash is in auto mode getting to much over heat batteries and flash. when manual mode or general mode or ttl mode not getting over heat.. i have the warrenty card at canda. so as soon as possible please solve my problem.

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Resolved double charge

I purchased this Pricey item $529.95 online for instore pickup for my daughters 18th birthday. It was bought online I printed the receipt and waited for E-mail confirmation. The item was cheaper at Walmart and needed a pricmatch through a pricematch guarentee. The difference was around $75.00 pretty signifigant. They gave me the price match and all was well, I received a new receipt stating the new price, left with my product and all was I thought. 3 days later i go to use my debit card and it won't go through...WHAT!!! go online and check, they didnt do a price reduction, they just rang it again at the new price so I pd over a grand for this item...I had 3 insufficient fund charges. I called and they said I never picked up the first order so they could refund the $529.95 but it would take over a week, and they would pay my fees... they have never pd a dime of my fees and because it took so long I incurred 2 more charges. so thats 5 charges at 33.00 each...I have called and called and e-mailed but no response. I shop there alot. I spend alot of money at Best Buy. I will never go again...RIPOFF!!

worst camera ever

I've had a Nikon Coolpix digital camera for a couple of years and it is, by far, the most unreliable camera that I have ever had the misfortune to own. I've sent it back 3 times for servicing. I finally asked for a replacement camera or money back, but the company has refused -- poor product, terrible customer service. I will never purchase another Nikon product ever again.

  • Am
    Amber Price Jun 23, 2014

    I purchased a Nikon Coolpix p520 within 6 months the settings feature was changing on it's own, blurry pics. I contacted Nikon for repair they wanted $137.00 to ship the camera. Needless to say, I'll not purchase anymore Nikon products. Camera and customer service really need a overhaul

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  • It
    itismark Jul 31, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you buy and register a Nikon product in the United Kingdom with Nikon they automatically give your details and address to another company who want to sell you extended insurance so what is the point of the data protection act ??

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rip off

My husband and I ordered a Nikon digital camera from Blue Hippo. The product was paid in full. After 1 year we still haven't received our camera.

We have contacted the Federal Trade Commission and called Blue Hippo numerous times to no avail. I'd prefer to have the product I paid for, or my money back (including the shipping and handling).

Now it appears Blue Hippo has taken their site down and they will no longer answer their customers calls. I am personally tired of the run around we are getting.

  • Cm
    cmgeorge31 Jan 10, 2013

    This is 100% the WORST company I have ever worked with, and I've worked with alot.
    My husaband purchased a camera from Amazon which indicated it came with a 5 year warranty. After about 6 months the camera stopped working. I called Electrobrands to ask them about the warranty and they told me to call Nikon directly. Of course Nikon does not have warranties on Reburfished cameras and directed me back to Electrobrands. The man I spoke with (the are all idiots so his name does not matter) told me to send it to him and they would send to Nikon under their account to have it repaired. I did so, and did not hear back for several weeks. Finally, they responded and said Nikon had not sent the camera back to them and we were still in "wait mode". FINALLy the camera was back on its way to me only when I received it it WAS NOT MY CAMERA! It was a WAY lower model and no where near what my camera was worth. I had to once again sent it back wait several more weeks. During this time I contacted the owner of the company to express my complaints. This guy had the gaul to tell me that I was an annoying customer and they should have not repaired my camera at all and they did not offer warranties. I proceeded to tell him that I had the documented paperwork from his company stating they offered a 5 YEAR WARRANTY. He still argured with me (why i'm not sure, they were the ones that put that verbeage in the sale) and kept proceeding to tell me I was lucky they were doing this for me. Lesson: Make sure you save ALL your correspondence when working with a non established company (which I did). These guys should be shut down, THey are complete ###S

    0 Votes

Resolved nikon repair service

I received a Nikon Coolpix S70 camera as a gift for Christmas. I used it for a few days and then, when I...

Resolved bait switch / no ship

December 4, 2009, I ordered a D60 from Delta at the website price of around $250.00 I called to confirm the...

Resolved terrible customer service

The only way to get anything accomplished with Nikon customer service is when you start yelling and demanding to speak to a supervisor. I have probably talked to about a dozen reps and been promised 2 dozen e-mails to resolve my issue. Right now my camera is sitting in my post office and I cannot pick it up because Nikon cannot give me the tracking number that they have be telling me they will get to me for the past week. My 7-10 business day repair has turned into 2 months and counting without my camera and with a load of stress. This company is disgusting and I wish I never purchased their product. STAY AWAY!

Resolved price is below average

Can you investigate Sky Point Digital because they are selling the Nikon D3x for just $4, 799 when in normally sells between $6, 000 to $8, 000.

  • Jo
    Johncooper Jan 25, 2010

    The newest bait and switch website on the Internet is SkyPointDigital, aka sky point digital. The domain was created on June 29, 2009 – see here. Don’t be fooled by their low prices. Take a look at their site and use your better judgment…stay away. They’ve deliberately omitted contact information, background information about their company, hours, an address, and anything else that could possibly track them down. However, I was able to search some of the language on their website (I’m not posting it here, as they monitor my site), and the ONLY other site on the entire Internet that had the exact same language was Bingo Cameras, aka Sonic Cameras, aka Highpointcameras. Read the reviews here. Check out Sonic Cameras’ reviews here. Bingo/Sonic Cameras are absolute bait and switch enterprise. There is information that they are operated by the same shady characters behind Sonic Cameras, which had agreed to cease operations rather than face the wrath of the State of New York’s Attorney General’s Office.

    They haven’t in fact gone away, and they apparently think that they can continue to operate their scam. They can’t. I’ll keep uncovering their operations, and please send me any invoices/billing information/contact information, including address and alternative phone numbers, to [email protected] I need their return address in order to forward the information to the NY AG.

    Update: They are now showing up on resellerratings. Link. Here's a recent summary of one customer's horrible experience. Here's another. Per the Better Business Bureau, they are operated by the same people that ran Bingo Cameras, a website conducting consumer fraud. Read the BBB report here.
    Checkout below link

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Resolved scam and lies

I never thought I would want to vent like this, but I also never thought I would have a problem like this, either!! I recently bought a Nikon Coolpix S1 camera... after using it for only a couple of weeks, the camera had become useless. The next time I went to use the camera, there was liquid leaking from inside the camera... I am assuming that this liquid was coming from the liquid crystal display. The camera and charger base was sitting where it was impossible for the camera to be exposed to external liquids, or even humidity and condensation. Also... the liquid was coming from inside the camera; there was no moisture on the outside. However, after sending the camera to Nikon for service... they, of course, denied the warranty due to "water damage" Never mind the fact that the liquid was coming from INSIDE! The camera itself! Anybody who reads this I would caution you to be aware that Nikon's warranty concerning "water damage" obviously includes leaking liquid from the camera itself! So, I then received a bill for repair of the camera which was over 2/3 of the overall price I had paid for the camera. After several irate calls to Nikon's service department, in which I explained over and over to no avail, that the camera was never exposed to external liquids that the liquid was coming from inside the camera!!! Not only would they not warranty my camera, they insisted on calling me a liar by asserting that the camera had been exposed to an external source of moisture... as I KNOW FOR A FACT IT NEVER WAS!!! They eventually decided that the camera couldn't even be repaired at all and sent it back to me AS IS. I WILL NEVER EVER OWN ANOTHER NIKON PRODUCT EVER AGAIN... as I do not appreciate being screwed out of $300 and being called a liar! I would stress to everybody not to deal with this company.

  • Jp
    JPSB Oct 28, 2009

    I think SONY is better than Nikon, recently i had purchased a Nikon S230 insted of a sony W230. I thought Nikon would be better than SONY, but I was wrong the Images from Nikon S230 is very very very bad, the images looks like as if they were taken from a VGA Camera. I complained the same to Nikon they replied back saying that " I dont know how to take photos". The Auto scene selection mode is totally useless. I think we need to go for SONY insted of Nikon, now even sony has come up with DSLR Cameras.

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Resolved lens error - poor service

I purchased a Nikon Coolpix S210 for my daughter after researching it in the CONSUMER GUIDE, and getting rave...


Scammers in mainland china are rampant and I was one of its victims. Don’t trust suppliers from,,, (yuanda international trade co., ltd) who was listed from those Chinese websites they were doing fraudulent act, to scam people around the world. They have a new modus operandi, selling alleged brand goods with lower price and bargaining buyers to pay half of its price to lure buyers trust and confidence. the only safe and secured form of payment is thru "PayPal" never ever accept payment using western union, T/T, bank transfer. I bought a Nikon d90 with 18-105mm VR lens including shipment to yuanda international trade co., ltd. I talk with Jacob the agent and he said to gain trust he will allow me to pay first $155usd as first payment, then upon I received the item I will pay the remaining balance, then he even ask me for my passport, drivers license and social security ids to be scanned and emailed to him, as for his security that I will sure pay the remaining balance, perhaps now they were using my ids picture in their next scam. This is the new modus of these scammers. at first almost everyday they were online, you will received messages from your emails and messengers, but when the time I gave the western union MTCN you will received 1 or 2 messages with regards to your tracking number to put the buyer at ease, then you will never see them online again and their websites are gone. Then when the time you received the package it’s not the item you ordered from them but instead they gave me an imitation of a ROLEX watch brand. We chatted about 1 1/2 months, until this June 29th 2009 I sent the money thru western union and emailed Jacob the agent and gave the MTCN. Then after 2days he emailed and gave me the tracking number of the item via EMS. When I check the items status and details it was in Tianjin on July 2, 2009 then on July 3, 2009 it was in Beijing. Then this day July 7, 2009 I went to our Phil post and received a package, I wondered why the box was too small for a Nikon d90 with 18-105mm VR lens to fit? When I opened it was an imitation of ROLEX brand watch. I was scammed and was fooled by this company. I hope this video will serve as a warning to all good buyers around the world on this fraudulent act from Chinese suppliers who in the event scammed more innocent people. Here is the address of the supplier who scammed me: Yuanda International Trade Co., Ltd., Huiteng Road 899, Luohu, Shenzhen city, Guangdong Province, and then when I received the package the sender's named and addressed was to TIANJIN DUODA CO., LTD. Tianjin China as a gift of private product shoes in the amount of $20usd. Both cohorts responsible to this fraud. A real scam. These are the link:, they already delete their account from and, I send the payment to this name and address: their payment detail as follow:
Salesman: Jacob
MSN:[protected] (Add me)
Yuanda International Trade Co., Ltd
Contact no. [protected]
Web site:
Company address: Huiteng Road 899, Luohu, Shenzhen city, Guangdong Provice, China
do not trust this company never ever trust Chinese websites... use PayPal for more safety and security...I share my terrible experience to all to serve as a warning from those Website I mentioned specially to the company who scammed me. By the way if you will look at the amount of $155usd not that big, but if you will convert that into Philippine currency that is (7, 595php + 770php western union charges) = 8, 365php. this was the money worth they stolen from me... I hope that the Chinese government and the Chinese chambers of commerce in china will act on this preposterous act by their citizens, investigate those Chinese Websites on why do they tolerate this kind of scrupulous suppliers. Actually this was my first time in this Chinese Websites and my first time to be scammed, so it shall be the last. I will go back to my eBay even though the price is higher I know for a fact that I am and my money is safe and secured by using PayPal and the goods are genuine and authenticated brand new and 100% original. I will never ever again be fooled by cheaper price from other online shops. I will let god be the judge to those people who fooled me. God bless us all...


  • Hi
    hitz Jul 19, 2009

    They are now operating under a differnt company name of time trade international on with the same 50% now 50% after lure trap.

    1 Votes
  • Sh
    shanihyd Aug 16, 2009

    all chinies froud on the net ...

    1 Votes
  • Ph
    Phone72 Aug 18, 2009

    Never, ever buy anything online from China unless you know this particular company you are dealing with. There are a million and one scammers in China luring foreigners into buying cheap unworkable items. They will do anything to convince you that they are genuine. They even use paypal as a form of payment telling you they will hold the money until you are satisfied with your order before these third paties give the seller your payment. This is what did to me. Now that they have your money they never return your mails even though you are not satisfied with the item ordered.
    I hope this will serve as a derrent to innocent will-be buyers out there.
    I'm Fred D.,
    Worcester, Ma. U.S.A.

    1 Votes

Resolved no communication

I ordered a Nikon Monarch riflescope from on March 28, 2009 order#51064. Scope I received was a demo model and not a brand new sealed unit, as I was promised. After 7 e-mails I finally got an RMA number from Mary, but never received a prepaid return label as she promised. After multiple e-mails I still have no respond from
In the packing slip business name was listed as FVI with phone#[protected]. I tried to call a few times and left massages. It seems that it is just a one way communication - you have to leave a massage. I still have no respond of any kind.

Resolved false advertising

Should have read the complaint cases before I tried to purchase. Ad said New Nikon D90 with 1 year USA warranty for $279.. Gave them my AMX card # and was given a confirmation #...Was called 3 days later and told that the camera was a grey market camera and that I had to know how to read Chinese to operate the camera...Also was told they didn't honor American Express anymore... They must think people are stupid... Don't even think of purchasing from these crooks... Someone will hopefully shut this operation down someday...

Resolved close out genius scams with rihtbuy digital, and shopcartusa

UPDATE; Beware of Closeout Genius Close Out Genius and its many new domain names that adds daily to get at top of search engines in their newest internet scam. Bingo Cameras, Camera Giants, Sonic Cameras, Digitals future, including Closeout Genius are now advertising false manufacturer names under Best Price Nikon D300, Nikon D700, Canon EOS which is a Bait and Switch of a copied plastic camera without the manufacturer features. Other scam black market names of Closeout Genius include SLR Genius, Camcorder Genius, Projector Genius, Plasma Genius, ALL PC Genius, Cellular Genius, Receiver Genius, and Navi Genius. They change physical and web addresses frequently from New York to Nevada, etc. when they are a small scam operation working out of a garage. The only 'genious' Closeout Genious has in its pee brain is web marketing knowledge to scam and prey on consumers and steal their money. Please, close all accounts that you may have given to any of these company names such as Closeout Genius or you will be out more than a crushed ego and lots of valuable time. Please, ban together and google closeout genius reviews and add your own to stop this company from hurting the consumer. Perhaps someone will have connections with the Federal Trade Commission, The New York Attorney General or our President to stop onlines scams such as Closeout Genius and others from preying on innocent victims'.

close out genius scams with rihtbuy digital, and shopcartusa

  • Ca
    Captain Judy Mar 28, 2009

    SCAMMERS Close Out Genious add NIKON D80, Nikon D3X, Nikon D3, Nikon D90 and others to their Grey Market Fraudulent Scam Offers. Google, Yahoo, MSN Search COMPLAINTS REVIEWS on Closeout SLR Genius to see all Nikon, Canon, Panasonic Camera Scams.

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  • Mr
    Mr.C Mar 31, 2009

    These guys are crooks. Same MO - low internet price, phone call to sell accessories. Finally received camera (seems to be the real deal so far), but shorted the order filters and case was so small camera would not fit. No response. STAY AWAY!

    Las Vegas address an apartment complex, not a store or distribution facility.

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Resolved wont call me back or answer phones for extended warrenty

I purschased a nikon d90 from pyxis camera on ebay and was talked into the extended warrenty, I have been trying to register with the warrenty company and cannot get anybody on the phone know matter what time i call!! i have left 9 messgaes for them to call me and have absolutly know response...i am so upset and so pissed i got ripped off again from ebay sellers!! the name of the company with the extended warrenty is repairtech and the number on the warrenty card is [protected]...

  • It
    ItsAboutTime Jan 27, 2009

    I ordereded a CD from a store on Ebay named ohdarnitallsales. It was a hard to find item in the Blues and Jazz genre. Not only did the seller ship the item on the same day it was ordered, they gave me another free CD at no charge at all. The shipping was free anyway. It was a used but very clean cd (both of them). I told two friends (we aren't the richest people on the planet) and they too had their items shipped on the same day they bought it and received the nicest communication. These sellers are not power sellers, their items look cool and they take care of their customers. With all the negative comments about Ebay I'd just like to point out that this sellers is pretty darn nice. My aunt is a vintage jewelry buff (is that what you call it ladies??) and she said the quality of the pins she bought was really good and the stones truly were vintage like she saw from her Mother's stuff. It is really nice to buy something online, have it packed well and on top of that, be there within days. ohdarnitallsales is in the west and I on the east coast and got mt items in two days. So did my aunt and my wife's friends. You never hear about sellers like this. My school mate's sister's Mom called her on the phone about a special order and found out that she collected antique dolls so her Mom bought one for her daughter. You only hear about the power sellers who buy their items from someone else, which is ok if the customer gets what they want but it's like driving on an old country road and coming across a Mom and Pop store, with an old coke machine in front, where it is reasonable and just mellow to shop. The owner makes all of her things which include Christmas ornaments and I thought I'd just give a shout out to ohdarnitallsales. Of course they dont make the CD's but the service was the same. people like this deserve some good customers. ohdarnitallsales was a breath of fresh air. I hope this sint spam because it really is a shout out for a really nice little store.

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  • Oh
    Ohkwaho Aug 26, 2009

    Ordered a Nikon D90 camera body only from SCAM genius on weekend. Ordered rush delivery and received an email saying that I needed to call the company for expedited orders. No aswer until Monday when I was informed there was a 2-3 week backorder. I wait 3 weeks and try to call after severy attempts of no answer or hang ups I am informed that the camera is backordered. Camera was ordered in March. Only good thing is my card was not charged. My opinion of this so called store mirrors the opinion of others. I am suprised it is still open. The operation needs to be investigated and shut down.

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  • La
    Lady K Nov 21, 2009

    Ohdarnitallsales is one of the BEST stores, seller's and buyer's on Ebay. I agree 100%. With all of the changes that completely hinder a seller on Ebay, ohdarnitallsales is a breath of fresh air. Buy with confidence from Ohdarnitallsales.

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poor service/repair support

The service that I've received from the Nikon repair department is absolutely pathetic. I purchased a...