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I received a Nikon Coolpix S70 camera as a gift for Christmas. I used it for a few days and then, when I tried to transfer photos on my PC, I plugged a different USB cord in the camera by mistake. I have to emphasize here that I did not force the other USB in or anything like that; it went in pretty smoothly.
It could obviously happen to anyone who has 2 USB cords of the same size and I believe that a lot of us do.
Anyway, the transfer didn't work and then I realized I used the wrong USB. When I tried to plug the right one, it would not go in.
I sent the camera to Nikon Services & Repairs department in El Segundo, CA, with the explanation of what had happened.After 1o days or so I received the repair estimate for $99.50. The camera itself costs about $200.
They said the warranty would not cover the repair since I damaged the USB port by plugging a different cord in.
My point here: if Nikon cameras' USB ports are damaged THAT EASILY, they should have it printed in big bold letters on the box or something so you know what you're getting into before you buy or, at least, before you use the camera!
I called the customer service and, after talking to an agent (Daniel) and then to a supervisor (Angie), I am still not closer to any solution other than paying half the camera cost to have it repaired.
Scam, unprofessionalism and very poor customer service are the words that best describe my whole experience with Nikon.

Redlands, CA


  • Jk
    Jkoe1978 Mar 04, 2010

    People throw around the word "scam" too often. You wanted to buy a camera, you chose theirs, and then you broke it by shoving the wrong cable into it. Why are they responsible for that?

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  • Qt
    qtqwert Apr 14, 2010

    Mine got damaged when it fell off my desk onto the carpeted floor. When I tried to plug the cord in again I found it was damaged beyond use. I now have to get a USB reader for the memory card.

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