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K Aug 05, 2018

In the ongoing saga of Sacramento leads being clueless, I am now making my third complaint to you. While there is not a lead telling me that advocating lynching does not violate ND guidelines, the subject of my first complaint, this thread is nevertheless disturbing.

I was marginally O.K. with the photos being posted for a short time for the purpose of determining if a crime wave was following in the wake of this young man's activities. However, it is now abundantly clear that this is not the case. A number of posts addressing the racial profiling of the threat were deleted. Including two of mine in response to a very offensive racist poster. The racist's posts to which I had replied were left on the thread, until, following my complaints to a lead, they too were deleted. That having been said, I think it is completely inappropriate for this minor child's face to be plastered for eternity on ND, along with completely unsubstantiated accusations of his committing crimes. My request for the leads to delete the entire thread has fallen on deaf ears. As an attorney, I am of the opinion that should the young man's parents discover this has happened it well could result in significant civil liability to ND. Plus, it is just NOT RIGHT for this to remain posted, liability or not. This kid's only "crime" is being black in a neighborhood where there are some people who think black folks don't belong. I have friends in this neighborhood which is just north of mine who quit ND after some residents were sending private messages to solicit funds for a security firm to "protect" the neighborhood from African American kids attending the local middle school and high school, who walk through the neighborhood from a nearby housing project to get to and from school. My long time boss once told me "do not say or do anything you would not want to read on the front page of the Sacramento Bee the following day". I think this is good advice for ND which, in our area at least, is becoming a safe haven for racists to pursue their agenda.

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Brent Shultz
Brent Shultz, Land Park

[Your program does not let me post the photos as they appeared. I have attached them below. As you can see, the photos posted were of a young African American youth trying to see if anyone was home. He is wearing the tee shirt of the local to that neighborhood middle school. He is looking through windows as if to see if anyone is home. I might add that I have done this many times in my own life, but I guess a 68 year old white woman doesn't get this sort of attention]

Does anyone know what this person was doing in the neighborhood? He spent nearly two minutes on our front porch looking in the windows
28 Jul · 19 neighborhoods in Crime & Safety
Ella Kapakly
Ella Kapakly, North City Farms·28 Jul
Looks like he's just a kid!
Karen Lonczak
Karen Lonczak, Midtown·28 Jul
He is wearing a Cal Middle School shirt
Chris Cavner
Chris Cavner, Land Park·28 Jul
I talked with him 2 days ago. He said he is homeless and looking for any work so he can buy food.
DeAnne Beller
DeAnne Beller, Land Park·28 Jul
He may be "looking" for work but he has NO business looking in windows! Certainly not mine thank you.
karen leslie
karen leslie, Land Park·28 Jul
That is the same young man who approached me in the Tower Theater parking lot. I gave him money and also offered him food, which he turned down.
Sheri Carello
Sheri Carello, Land Park·28 Jul
They also came to our front door. Two boys together said "do you have work".
Kymberli Oakes
Kymberli Oakes, South Land Park Terrace·28 Jul
Mrs. Egan would be so proud to see this student embracing the SIC philosophy.
Cindy Capellas
Cindy Capellas, Land Park·28 Jul
Yes he has ABSOLUTELY no business looking in windows like that. If it were my house, I would file an online police report along with the pictures.
Stacy Gray
Stacy Gray, Hollywood Park·28 Jul
Serrah Finney
Serrah Finney, South Land Park Terrace·28 Jul
Or we can try to help him... just a thought... I think we all get so caught up in the comfortable lives we have afforded ourselves that we forget our manners.

I hope I run into this young man. Get to the root of what's going on and be able to connect him to some community resources.

Hey, actually, if anyone does happen to see him, give him my name and number.

I think when we are hot and hungry we do things that we probably wouldn't normally do. Our fight or flight response kicks in.

It sucks that he is looking through windows and he shouldn't be I get that. But let's get to the root of the issue.
Naomk Ferster
Naomk Ferster, Little Pocket·28 Jul
Look people... wake up.. these kinds of kid activity means they are scouts for serious criminals. They get a take of the robbery if it goes well. They appear and say they are homeless but if they are and minors they should be reported to police. Going onto private property and peering through the windows indicates.. thet are literally window shopping. They continue to stay in the same neighborhoods where they are not only blending but getting money too. Dont do it. It just encourages them to return. And their intentions are not good. They even watch peoples schedules and see where they go so watch out. A lot of people take the bus or bicycle in from other neighborhoods and pose as locals panhandling to get a sense of the people they want to rob but they have other motives. They are also out for the summer unsupervised. If they really need work and food dont do it instead. Offer to call (get out your phone) a community police officer so they can get help.. theyll be a runnin!!! I always tell them I dont carry cash sorry. Take a good look at their face and shoes. Because if they run from trouble.. They may discard their shirt but not their shoes. Also remember his bicycle. Say something like oh I see you have a nice blue bicycle and a handsome pair of jordan sneakers and youre about 4 ft 6 in thin dark eyes. Where do you live.. if they cant name the local street they are not from around here. Please pass this on. Gawd forbid if you invite them home.
Naomk Ferster
Naomk Ferster, Little Pocket·28 Jul
Yeah. training for a life of crime.
Serrah Finney
Serrah Finney, South Land Park Terrace·Edited 28 Jul
SIC: show integrity be considerate.
Naomk Ferster
Naomk Ferster, Little Pocket·28 Jul
Yes I know my words are not trying to define SIC but there is a wrong connection here. Thanks.
Anne Kavouras
Anne Kavouras, South Land Park Estates·28 Jul
Where did this one happen?
Kim Buffington
Kim Buffington, South Land Park·28 Jul
I don't consider it good manners to look in a stranger's windows.
Brent Shultz
Brent Shultz, Land Park·28 Jul
Land Park Dr between 2nd and Larkin
Anne Kavouras
Anne Kavouras, South Land Park Estates·28 Jul
That area seems to be the spot lately...
Cathy Morrison
Cathy Morrison, Land Park·Edited 28 Jul
SCUSD has a summer meal program. It doesn't include Saturday or Sunday, and the Seavey Circle/Alder Grove meals stopped yesterday; Hollywood Park Elementary has breakfast and lunch through 8/28 on all weekdays. Please share the attached flyer with anyone caring for students 18 and under.
Cindy Bulfinch
Cindy Bulfinch, Land Park·28 Jul
How's that working out Serrah? Don't think he cares about any of that. This kid is about as homeless as me! If so, where are his teachers, mother, father, law enforcement? He's just running around the neighborhood 24/7? All of the folks who had contact, not one thought, hmmmm maybe I should call the police since there is this homeless YOUNG minor in the parking lot saying he is hungry and homeless.??? He's supposedly been seen at school??? Naomk, you are RIGHT ON! Serrah, have you not been paying attention at all as to what is going on around here?? I am not calling you out, but I think you should be a little more informed. I can't even begin to count the number of videos from doorbells on front porches in our neighborhood that show KIDS blatantly stealing packages off of our porches, our mail, ANTYHING THEY CAN CARRY.! Are you SERIOUS! This kid is Scouting for an adult, don't be fooled. How about the 2 girls in the gold suburban, the kids with the red sweatshirt, the one just the other day who took packages on 2 days in a row. All on video! What will it take Serrah? They are well trained by the adults that are driving them around. Very well trained. They get good stuff for doing what they ask of them and that is probably the only way they get anything, even attention. Stealing anything and everything. Nice shoes, nice jeans, waterpark, whatever! And BTW this kid does not look hungry and has a whole bunch of $'s in clothing on his body! REALLy? The police need to be called now if he is still in the area and still doing it.
Eileen Gillis
Eileen Gillis, Land Park·28 Jul
Looks like the kid (there were two) knocking on doors at bidwell and feeeport knocking on doors. Looking for work. I chased them out of neighborhood. Obviously casing the joint. I posted about them and lots of people replied that we should support them and give them work. Cmon people. Haven't you been a victim of theft here increasing of everything not nailed down. This morning I noticed my registration sticker was stolen off my van license plate. Down to 2006. I'm surprised I haven't been ticketed for street parking or stopped by cops. I have to order a replacement. Yet I got a 400 plus ticket on that van for putting the resident sticker with my other cars license plate on it. And other streets have resident stickers with blank space where license plate gets filled in. Grrr.
Grace Woofer
Grace Woofer, Upper Land Park·28 Jul
At a minimum call Paladin security and have them escorted out. The police won't show up.
Naomk Ferster
Naomk Ferster, Little Pocket·28 Jul
Grrr. Bummer. Always make sure to cut an X into your new sticker with a razor. So when they pull it out it comes out in pieces. It is a good deterent. No no no no did I say no. No helping them. help them by directing them somewhere else. Or dont answer the door.. they are assessing you. Tell them youre going to call the police. Dont be shy take the defense and protect ypurselk. Sacramento has lots of legitimate resources for these people and they know it. There workin ya. Beware.
Serrah Finney
Serrah Finney, South Land Park Terrace·28 Jul
Oml Cindy. Breathe. Not all kids are bad. I work in the Juvenile System, please don't feel the need to school me.

The police definitely should be called so that they can sit with him at YDF and divert him to services and/or find him a temporary home to get him off of the street where ultimately bad decision will be made.

You are calling me out and that's okay. You're upset. I just have a different point of view and a different way of handling things.

I have been stolen from quite a few times but I have help many homeless more times than that especially youth in need.

Yes! Please! Be aware of your surroundings, call people out! If something seems suspicious check it out...

Cindy Bulfinch
Cindy Bulfinch, Land Park·28 Jul
I am not upset, more like disbelief! I breathe just fine. I also have a real good grip on reality and do not live unaware with my head in the sand. You can have any idea or opinion you want. I still believe you are either just uninformed or suffucating from the sand. I also have an opinion. Which ever it is for you, ok, but the fact is that this "kid" is working you! Did anyone mention to you that there are 2, 238 programs for the homeless in Sacramento and for anyone to be hungry is unbelievable to me! Especially a minor. Maybe it's how their money is spent. This kid has turned down food, not that desperate! You are also assuming that you know how I would handle anything??? I don't think you you know me, do you?
Tara Pierce
Tara Pierce, South Land Park·28 Jul
He has his left him wrapped up, possibly to protect his hand from broken glass?
Mike Thomas
Mike Thomas, Little Pocket·28 Jul
Serrah, how long can you afford to house these people before you want to talk to one of our disgusting leftist politicians so that you can figure a way to tax me further to pay for it??
Naomk Ferster
Naomk Ferster, Little Pocket·28 Jul
The msg was not directed to you specifically.. if it got delivered only to you.. sorry. There is no need to be defensive.. many do not know these things so it is just insight from ecperience. No one said all kids are bad.. but these particular ones are demonstrating poor judgement. Honestly looking through windows is not a good thing😀
Collette Howell
Collette Howell, Land Park·28 Jul
Be Best, Mike
DeAnne Beller
DeAnne Beller, Land Park·28 Jul
Someone said "caught up in our comfortable lives". I say, speak for yourself. I came from poor, worked & sacrificed to have what I have; worked 2-3 jobs my whole life. And for many years have volunteered with youth at risk & within the juvenile justice system. I care but am not naive. And many of these kids think they have the right to come on to others property, steal their packages, go in backyards, etc., because of the neighborhood. It's that type of perception that many of these kids have... that its okay to steal from "rich" people. Rich because of a neighborhood or the car the person may drive. I've heard it over & over, and have educated many of them on how their perceptions are distorted. That they pitch a fit if someone judges them based on some outer view, but they then judge others who they think are "rich" or we'll to do. Our neighborhoods have been inundated with various thieves, young and not so young, and I have had enough.
Lori Richardson
Lori Richardson, Curtis Park·28 Jul
Omg. People. Serrah is clearly compassionate, wants to help if she can, and doesn't appear to have her head in the sand, either. And whether you Intended to or not, a few of you were harsh and patronizing. Be kind, please.
Kris Rogers
Kris Rogers, Land Park·28 Jul
This kid isn't homeless, he lives somewhere. As stated before, if he has a SIC shirt, that's Cal Middle School. Best to contact the police and see if they can talk to this kid now before he continues to go down the wrong road. Now is the perfect time to be proactive and reach him before he ends up in jail.
Joe Rubin
Joe Rubin, Land Park·28 Jul
Lots of jumping to conclusions here. Not cool. Is it possible this kid was looking to see if someone was home? Not that he should peer in windows. But cal middle kids do odd jobs in neighborhood. And they do a diligent and good job.
Anne Mitchell
Anne Mitchell, Land Park·28 Jul
@Collette - You made my day!
Serrah Finney
Serrah Finney, South Land Park Terrace·28 Jul
I have obviously pushed some buttons. Work with your neighbors, be informed about the homeless youth in our community and the lack of services due to the lack of money in Sacramento county. This is getting off subject. My real point was simply, let's step back, if we see these kids call them out, call non emergency, have a car roll through and see what's really going on. I know from personal experience they come immediately. Maybe send that picture to Mrs. Egan I'm sure someone will be able to identify him if he goes to Cal Middle. Somebody can contact his parents. Mrs. Egan is very involved. I worked with her quite a few times with troubled kids last year. We live in a community that is incredibly supportive of each other. Let's stick together and figure it out.

Some presumptuous and rude things were said about me in the comments. I feel for you, it's so much easier to blame someone else when they disagree with you than to simply look within and ask yourself, "what can I do to make this better?"

Shout out to Mike... that was a real burn. 😯😊💓

Definitely remain compassionate if you can. I understand it's not always possible.

Also thanks for all the DMs and messages. So colorful, poignant, and definitely ‘non-threatening'. I can really feel the passion through your words.

Be kind to each other!!!
Brian Marks
Brian Marks, South Land Park Terrace·28 Jul
I'm sort of sad. Sad that when I went to the hospital recently I realized that the caretakers were behind security glass and armed guards were present. I'm sad that there is this level of suspicion rightly or wrongly given to a kid possibly looking for work.

Earlier this summer I considered sending one of our kids door to door to offer dog walking services. I don't know if she has the manners to not look into peoples windows. I don't know if we've dropped that lesson on her. I would certainly hope that if she was seen by somebody looking through a window the worst wouldn't have been thought.

When I was a freshman at Jesuit we collected cans in the neighborhood as part of our Orientation overnight. I remember one of my classmates looking in windows if no one answered the door because he thought people might just be ignoring us. I thought it was rude then and I think it is rude now. Maybe I'm naive but I wouldn't think anything of a kid looking though my windows other than, "Thats kind of rude."

At the same time I have three big ass dogs, a safe full of guns, an ADT security system, and we keep our home lit up like a Christmas tree every night. I understand where the suspicion comes from, it just makes me sad.

I'm comfortable admitting that I don't know everything. I do not know this child's true intentions, and there have been many videos of neighbors with Video cameras on there stoops losing packages and mail. It sucks. But none of those videos have featured this child as far as I know. I see nothing about this kid that tells me he doesn't belong in my neighborhood.

If he knocked on my door and asked me for work, I'd put him to work because my kids friends parents keep telling me about how this generation doesn't work hard. I'd want to wake up my kids and point to this kid and say "do that." And here is a kid saying he'll work, I don't want something for free, and it's so crazy it must be nefarious.

And while he was working, I would work next to him. Hopefully I could figure out why he was on the street and what was going on that he wanted to be pulling my weeds. If he needed support I would call the government agencies necessary to support him. Bad things happen to youth left alone.
Cindy Bulfinch
Cindy Bulfinch, Land Park·28 Jul
Right on, Mike!
Serrah Finney
Serrah Finney, South Land Park Terrace·28 Jul
Brian!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Jessica Bosnich
Jessica Bosnich, Land Park·28 Jul
my son just graduated CAL.. he didn't recognize that kid.. but he could have got that shirt from anywhere... I don't know
Brent Shultz
Brent Shultz, Land Park·28 Jul
It appears my post has created some dialogue. The kids actions on my front porch were of concern to me. I wanted to know if anyone else had interaction with him and could put my mind at ease before my opinion as to his intentions took a very cynical view. I have a right to protect my property and his behavior crossed the line as to what I feel is socially acceptable in my book. From my experience and perspective he is up to no good, and his actions demonstrate the potential of leading to a host of negative possibilities. For many reasons and experiences, I have a more cynical view. I applaud those of you who want to reach out and help him. I fully hope his actions were that of a curious immature any case his behavior was inappropriate.
Lori Richardson
Lori Richardson, Curtis Park·6d ago
Brian, your post was awesome!
Eileen Gillis
Eileen Gillis, Land Park·6d ago
Yeah Brian. I don't have a big ass safe full of guns and I'm a woman. I won't be inviting an adolescent window peeking boy to work along side me. Different perspective.
Jeff Wilson
Jeff Wilson, Curtis Park·6d ago
He's come by my house in Curtis Park a couple of times with two other younger kids, a young boy and girl who were tagging along. He asked for work both times but I don't have any real work for him and don't think it appropriate to create make work. I talked with him a little bit and he mentioned he goes to Cal Middle School but never mentioned being homeless.. My impression impression of him was that he was a bit socially clueless and didn't understand what many would consider appropriate behavior. That said, I'm also socially clueless and I've got 50 years on him!
Brian Marks
Brian Marks, South Land Park Terrace·6d ago
Eileen... yup. Different perspectives. That was my exact point. I was sharing mine.
Anne Kavouras
Anne Kavouras, South Land Park Estates·6d ago
Let the Police figure it out
Tiffany Ann
Tiffany Ann, Land Park·6d ago
And, the racial card is pulled! Thank you, to the idiots that turned this into a racial thing. I don't care if this child was Purple-he should not be standing around looking in someone else's windows! If you read the above comments, he was offered food and turned it down, so he's not hungry. I'm so sick of someone posting something to let the neighbors know what's going on and it turns into an arguement. Do me a favor, shut the hell up and move on. Yes, I should have taken my own advice, but when the race card is pulled, in a total inappropriate time, I'm calling foul!
Vanessa Alvarez
Vanessa Alvarez, South Land Park Terrace·6d ago
Maybe I missed it... But when this happens and if anyone experience this in the future, can you PLEASE report it to the police as soon as possible. It might save him, save us and our community.
Dustin Deeks-Lederer
Dustin Deeks-Lederer, South Land Park Terrace·6d ago
I lived in South Oak Park for years... if someone is walking up to your property and looking through your windows, they're casing the place. The looking for work story is a pre thought out cover.

If you want to help, donate time or money to loaves and fishes, salvation army, or equivalent.
Naomk Ferster
Naomk Ferster, Little Pocket·6d ago
My my my girls. Please make sure to keep insults and backlashing somewhere else. Of course we all have ideas nd opinionz about whats possibly going on... thats okay.. we need to hear all sides but people will stop engaging on nextdoor of it just becomes insulting words to each other that detracts from the original concern. I am sure nextdoor can have people removed for inciding aggressive behavior such as cursing name calling which is counter productive. Again this site is not the jerry springer show. If youre offended by someones comments send them a private note asking for clarification. We all know email text can be misinterpreted. Ask for clarification. Thanks a bunch. By the way I read everthing in these convetsations and just decipher decode and ignore personal opinionated comments if posdible. If it is directed to me I always try a gentle clarification as you would hopefully do at work and home.
Naomk Ferster
Naomk Ferster, Little Pocket·6d ago
Ya know it would matter to me if anyone is peering thrpugh windows or my property. A lot of people do not know its a suspicious behavior worthy of reporting. And a lot of people do not know it is a crime to enter or take property from open gates doors or car trunks. Even going through your trash is a crime including taking recyclables from the trash or dumpster.
Kris Rogers
Kris Rogers, Land Park·6d ago
Serra - you set the right tone. Be compassionate but smart. Reality is, kids are breaking into cars and houses 24/7 right now. Not all kids have bad intentions. Some don't know their behaviors trigger people. Having said that, Land Park neighbors have been dealing with theft and crime enough to feel something could be wrong in these pictures. Best to make sure this kid understands people are watching. Also having an officer and Cal Middle staff reach out to him is a great move. Teens are figuring things out. He may be testing to see what he can get away with around here, or just socially clueless. Neighbors have a right to protect their homes and be suspicious. Community involvement, being kind but aware seem to be the right mix in this situation to me.
DeAnne Beller
DeAnne Beller, Land Park·6d ago
Interesting that the ones blaming others of racism are actually the ones expressing racial bias by their words. For example: "a black kid peering in windows is immediately a red flag" - Nobody had said anything about his race/ethnicity before you. "a little white girl adorable and non-threatening" - So in your opinion white girls are adorable and non-threatening as compared to non-white children. "nobody would bat an eye at your daughter peering in a window" - YOUR point of view that you wouldn't bat an eye; you cannot speak for addition, these people are assuming that the posts are from white people. Tiffany Ann was on point when she said that she didn't care if the child was purple because he should not be looking in other's windows. One of the great things about this site is having a community that alerts others to possible foul play and actual criminal activity. Helps us all out so that we can be on the lookout. Because unfortunately, it is almost a daily occurrence that someone has had something stolen from their property; bikes, solar lights, packages, chairs, bird-feeders, etc., etc.
Katherine Bell
Katherine Bell, South Land Park·Edited 6d ago
I may have seen him on Thursday. I didn't get a good look at his face, but saw that he knocked on a door on 7th Avenue and spoke with the homeowner there. If it the same kid, the two had a conversation and appeared to part cordially. She may have hired him for some future project, since he seemed happier after the encounter (a bit more spring in his step) than he was approaching. While I agree that looking into windows can be a sign of something untoward, I myself have done that on occasion, trying to determine if someone is home and available to answer the door. But, as Lori suggests, as a 65 yr. plus white woman, my doing this does not attract the negative speculation that a young black male doing the same generates. Unless there have been crimes committed following his appearance in an area that would suggest a pattern of illegal behavior, it would seem to me like he was just another kid looking for summer work. Used properly, ND is an excellent vehicle to give neighbors an opportunity to accurately evaluate a situation. If no criminal pattern follows his path, then we know his intentions are benign; if there is such a pattern, it can be called to the attention of law enforcement.
Naomk Ferster
Naomk Ferster, Little Pocket·6d ago
Pls stop this discussion it is not helpful and creates a very tense atmosphere. If need to do it send a private msg to the specific person not to the entire broadcast of next door. Tx
Leonard Rogers
Leonard Rogers, Land Park·6d ago
It's a YES or NO question.
Does anyone know what this person was doing in the neighborhood?
Naomk Ferster
Naomk Ferster, Little Pocket·6d ago
I believe that conclusion is up for grabs. There is lots of speculation and some direct experience with this kid but nothing conclusive has been verified regarding his true readon for peeping on the day of camera observation... Case closed... just the facts... ma'am. I mean sir.
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