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Shipping service

I have dealt with Newegg a number of times and have been satisfied with their service. During the COVID-19 virus I ordered
a hard drive and a webcam for my computer. I got the hard drive in a reasonable time frame, but the webcam I did not get. After
looking on the Newegg website, for my orders tracking, the only information I could get, was that a tracking label was created
and the item was in transit. So I contacted to company by phone and was told that the order is coming from over seas and that it
could take up to 15 days. She told me that she would contact the company and get me an update to where my item is. I didn't get
the update, and after another week called them back, for an update on where my item was. I was then told that they didn't
get a response from my last claim, and that the only thing they could do was to refund my money, which I would have to wait for,
since they had to put in a claim. So in conclusion, I didn't get my product, and I have to wait for my refund. I am not happy
with the way they handed this problem. I will not be doing business with them anymore. If I had known up front that the
product was coming from over seas and that it would take more then a couple of weeks to get, I wouldn't have ordered it
in the first place.

wrong serial number, denied return.

I purchased an ASUS Zenbook 14 ( for college and since I planned to go into engineering. After receiving it (December 6th) I checked whether this laptop was powerful enough. Apparently most people recommend a laptop with discrete graphics so I wanted to return. I requested a return on their website and gave the laptop at their pick up center, which also doubles as a return center. I received an email a couple days later saying that the return was rejected. After I received it back from Newegg, I contacted their customer service through the online chat. They claimed the serial number of the laptop sent in does not match the serial number they have in their system. I asked customer service if there is anyway to get my money back. They said they would send an email regarding this issue in about 3-4 days. After waiting a week after the chat I still did not receive an email.
I decided that it would be a good idea to talk to someone instead. I talked to the support person and he told me the same information the chat person told me. "The serial number does not match, so we can't issue a refund". After flat out refusing that he couldn't refund, he hung up. I decided to Google and see if anyone else had this issue. Apparently there are a lot and it is pretty easy to find some just by searching "newegg wrong serial number".
As of now I don't have anything besides contacting my bank to try to resolve this issue. And it seems like most of these complaints are being "resolved" each one resolved states this:
"Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned."
Customer service doing "everything" is not resolving the issue.

claims wrong serial number on pc I sent back

I bought a Skytech Blaze II with a 2070 super from Newegg around two weeks before Thanksgiving. They shipped me a Skytech PC with a RTX 1050. I shipped the PC to them for a refund, and after the week of shipping, and two weeks of processing, they got back to me telling me that the serial number on the PC doesn't match the one they have on the system.

I spent the last hour on Google looking up previous instances of this happening, and there have been way too many for this to be happening. Newegg, you know you have a problem, yet you're refusing to fix it and just throwing customers under the bus. Just on the GPU alone, I'm on a ~$300 loss. I'm already pursuing legal options on how to handle this, but I'll give it one last try to end this amicably.

RMA # is [protected].

  • Newegg International's response · Dec 06, 2019


    I do want to apologize for the issue you had with your return request from us. Can you please email our team at [email protected] with more information so we can look further into this for you?

    Thank you,
    Louis [Newegg Support]

  • Updated by Richard Feng · Dec 10, 2019

    Emailed. Hopefully there can be a resolution to this issue despite it being three weeks without any solution already.

[Resolved] asus crosshair vii hero wifi

I purchased ASUS crosshair VII HERO (New) on 15 OCT 2019. Spend over an hour assembling a system with cable...

[Resolved] unethical company practices

Bought a gaming monitor for my son for Christmas. The monitor was defective, I worked with Samsung support to...

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laptop purchase

I purchased a laptop
Asus rog strix scar edition 120hz display gl503vd-eb72 15.6" gaming laptop, intel core i7-7700hq processor (up to 3.8ghz), gtx 1050 4gb,, 8gb ddr4, 128gb pcieg3x4 nvme ssd + 1tb hybrid drive for 799$

From this black friday. they offered free intel performance software pack, (which I didn't want) for free.

I am trying to return the laptop as I bought a better laptop from the same site.
Now when I am trying to return it, they are deducting the price of the software which is 359 $.
I neither opened the box of the laptop nor installed the software nor used the key.
I feel cheated.
Why do I have to pay for the product I never used.
Order# [protected]
Return# (rma #[protected])
I am trying to contact them but its taking forever to reach them.
Tried chat, phone, email.
I would appreciate if I get my total refund.

Please help

  • Newegg International's response · Dec 03, 2018

    Hello Vijayanera,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. Please send us a private message and we will look into this further. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you,
    Rudy[Newegg Support]

  • Updated by vijayanera · Dec 23, 2018

    After I posted my complaint here, the refund amount was updated to 799+ taxes, Now when the return is completed only $480 has been refunded.
    My RMA# 85489020
    please help

[Resolved] graphic card rtx 2070

I have placed an order of two items
Order Date:
Expected delivery date is December-01-2018
one of the items was delivered/received on 29th of November, but second I could not even track it.

I have tried to contact web-site for so long, but they are unable to answer on phone call, neither contact via web-site. However I was keep on trying and finally one of the support with a name of Jonathan replied to me. I have provided all details, but what he told me is the same crap information that I could check by myself. On request to get in touch with fedex I was ignored... I have asked him to provide more information and to help me out, but he said that item is in transit and thats it, Bye bye.

Guys overpay a bit on other web-sites but dont order anything from them.
0 information about warranty services aswell.

17560 Rowland St.
City of Industry, CA 91748


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Newegg International's response · Nov 30, 2018


    I do apologize for the issues you had experienced with your order. Please send us a private message with your order information so we can look into this for you.

    Thank you,
    Rudy [Newegg Support]

[Resolved] shipping

Worst customer service ever ordered a laptop on Friday 9/28 in the afternoon and paid for two day shipping. Got a tracking # that said i would receive it on Tue. 10/2 end of day. did not receive. I called 7pm 10/2 they said it was scheduled to arrive 10/2 but if I did not receive it they would refund the shipping. Called 10/3 and they said it was shipped 10/1 so it was not late I would get it 10/3. Did not get it and now called and they tell me that it shipped 10/3 and will not get till 10/5!!! this is from NJ 4 hr drive from my house, how is it coming horse and buggy???? NEVER DEALING WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN. They have the nerve to call themselves New-egg Business, more like rotten egg business. I have cancelled my order and will be disputing ANY charge.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Newegg International's response · Oct 04, 2018


    I do apologize for the issues you had experienced with your order. Please send us a private message with your order information so we can look into this for you.

    Thank you,
    Louis [Newegg Support]

[Resolved] unethical behavior

8/27/18 -- order #[protected] Ordered HP desktop w. warranty. Chg denied by Visa, accepted by Mastercard. 8/31/18 email from Newegg: "seller cancelled the order." Seller's response: "We did not cancel the order." Duplicate charges for the warranty (Visa and Mastercard) claimed impossible by Hugh of chat. Eventually resolved with refund. But the lie from Newegg about the order cancellation is disturbing. Beware! Newegg is only a platform and is not concerned with customer/seller issues.

unethical behavior
unethical behavior
unethical behavior
unethical behavior


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Newegg International's response · Sep 19, 2018

    Hello Buergers,

    I am so sorry to hear about the issues you had with your order and the seller. I do see on our end that the seller had a listing error for the item you initially ordered and therefore it was voided by the seller. I am glad to hear that you did receive your refund. If you're still in need of assistance please feel free to send us an email at [email protected]

    Thank you,
    Louis [Newegg Support]

  • Updated by Buergers · Sep 19, 2018

    As you can see from my correspondence, the seller claims he did not cancel the order. You claim the seller had a "listing error" and he voided the sale, but you don't explain what that means. What sort of listing error? I get one story from Newegg, another from the seller. Can you please clarify?

  • Newegg International's response · Sep 20, 2018

    Hello Buergers,

    We would love to look into this further for you. To establish a direct line of communication, please email us at [email protected]

    Thank you,
    Derek [Newegg Support]

[Resolved] products and customer service

Purchased two Klipsch Icon KF-28 Dual 8" 2-way Floorstanding Speakers on 8/4/18. They were delivered by Fedx all busted up and destroyed. Fedx driver told me to contact Newegg. Newegg had me send photos of all the damage so I did. After several days they got back with me and told me they would send replacements. I asked that they send UPS and mark them as fragile. Few days later fedx showed up and showed me again that the packaging was destroyed and the speakers were all busted up. Newegg customer service had me send photos again and this time stated they would get it right. At this point I have been charged for three speakers when I only purchased two, only have 1 good speaker delivered and over three weeks later they are still giving me excuses to why I have not received my order or refund. They have lied to me, not return phone calls and on 9/3/18 I emailed replyied a rep that lied about inventory and told her if I did not receive a actual phone call from someone resolving this issue I would be posting negative reviews. As you can see they do not care. Horrible products because of being defective or damaged and also horrible customer service. Still have not received full refund or replacement!!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Newegg International's response · Sep 04, 2018

    Hello Morris,

    Sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your most recent purchase. I can understand your frustration. I was able to look into your inquiry further, and it does appear that as of 8/30/2018 your refund has been submitted back to your original form of payment. Please allow 3-5 business days for it to be available in your account. We do apologize for the delay in response, as we are coming off a 3 day weekend, and were closed on 9/3/2018 for the national holiday. If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to [email protected], and we will be more than happy to assist you. -Derek [Newegg Support]

[Resolved] fraudulent charges

Someone used my newegg account to fraudulently purchase gift cards. I called Newegg and was told to file a...

[Resolved] order not received

Ordered $650 dollars worth of computer equipment from newegg business, says it was delivered, never received anything.
Filed a claim on 6/14, says it will take 7- 10 business days. 11th business day goes by, no response, no update, nothing. Contact customer support and they tell me theyre waiting on a police report because its over $500 dollars before they can do anything. Do they want me to lie to the police? I don't even know if it was stolen or not. The only thing I do know is I ordered something and i didnt get it. If this is how they treat business customers, I would hate to see how they treat regular customers. DO NOT SHOP HERE.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Newegg International's response · Jun 29, 2018

    Hey there,

    I am very sorry to hear about this and I would be happy to assist. Please send a private message with your order information. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Thank you,
    Nicholas [Newegg Support]

[Resolved] computer psu

Dear newegg, seasonic, USA consumer protection (need online submitted), and BBB,

I refer to your email below regarding the Seasonic PSU problem and wish who can help me to judge and resolve the problem. On this year black Friday, I bought 2x Seasonic FOCUS Plus Series SSR-850FX 850W 80+ Gold x PSU power with serial number: R1709AA181320109 / R1709AA181320701 at Newegg web site, (date 11/21/2017, ). Sold and Shipped by Newegg Order #[protected] Total: $179.98 Tracking #: [protected] by FEDEX.

Who are no luck like me, for these two PSU had been installation on a regular Pc systems with intel 7700K. CPU and Intel I3 systems. Unfortunately、both PSU and my computers are broken down suddenly on 19 Dec and 20 Dec respectively. My 750 SSD hdd was undetectable. Three of my display cards and motherboards aren't running. I am still testing another part of my hardware which I can't tell you results yet. I google it and I promised all of cables Were installed with original pack from Seasonic but it was not the worst situation.

Because my power bar fuse was burn. Then I plug off all the cable、I wonder that what if heavy loading was caused the whole system disaster. Then I take the PSU to another place to test what I just plug the single power cable with PSU onto wall electronic socket and press power on button. What you guess my home fuse was shut down due to heavy loading? And the wall electric socket fuse burns again. Are you selling seasonic PSU BOMB?It is unbelievable product in the pc parts market what someone rated it 5 stars PSU.

I wish I could have satisfied answer from seasonic. I will not send to RMA this moment.

For the fair. I would suggest sending it to USA consumer protection to let them test and judge it.

To staff members of seasonic who are further tel conversation with me. I know that I can't prove it anymore because I didn't want to see the firework again, and it sound like is not logic but it is true. I am according your recommendation to use high quality of power bar, socket etc. I am believed you that but the power wires from my home are following with UK standard. I am not a electric engineer, or the specialist, and I am afraid to make further destroy anymore, any else.

To newegg, should I delivery both PSU bomb to your engineer to check? I would recommend that to take care of your measure instrument or equipment. And how do you or any one should take a responsibility from my hardware damage as I mentioned above.

Thank you.



computer psu
computer psu
computer psu
computer psu


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Updated by Kchk · May 25, 2018

    See the Public Image Agent Nicholas replied.

    Return it to seasonic directly, the PSU is 10 years warranty. The evidence will be erase if I return these dangerous, Defective PSU BOMB

    who can help me to take legal actions

    Hello Hoi,

    My name is Nicholas from Newegg and I am contacting you in regards to your Seasonic power supplies. At this time we do advise you to send the parts to the Manufacture (Seasonic). They may also request the parts that were damaged so they can inspect it.

    If you do require further assistance please let me know.

    Thank you,


    Public Image Agent

  • Updated by Kchk · May 25, 2018

    See the Seasonic replied

    Dear Ken,

    Per my mail to you, I have asked you to please write to me at [email protected] and if you continue to write to all the non-relevant e-mails, then there is a chance your e-mail will be blocked as SPAM.

    As per my earlier mail to you, the best solution is to go to NewEgg website and start your RMA process. Once you have the RMA number, then please provide that to us plus your shipping information to NewEgg and we will do the tracking.

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

    Sea Sonic Support

  • Updated by Kchk · May 25, 2018

    So, they (newegg, seasonic)are playing football.

  • Newegg International's response · May 30, 2018

    Hello there Hoi,

    It looks like the seller has asked you to reply to email [email protected] Please go ahead and reply to them at that email so they can assist. If you do require further assistance then please let me know.

    Thank you,
    Nicholas [Newegg Support]

  • Updated by Kchk · May 31, 2018

    Hi Nicholas ( Newegg Support),

    The both PSU(s) are deflect, and dangerous significantly.

    I had testing it from different places, what i just plugged the single PSU power cable and power on the PSU power. then i promised that the each PSU power cable's fuse has been burned or meltdown.

    I am not USA citizen and it is hard to take legal actions or seeking lawyer for help while I spent half the year for this conflicted. From my living place Hong Kong, it is easy enough to take applicable action in case of this issued.

    From the manufacturer SEASONIC, they aren't reply me or calling me to discuss.

    Recently, i report the incident to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, and hope they can help me.

    附件5:22 (5 小時前)
    寄給 我、 Clearinghouse

    KC Chan:

    Thank you for using to submit your Report to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. We received your Report No. 20180220-C984C-2147392786. :-

    Thank you

    K C Chan

  • Newegg International's response · Jun 04, 2018

    Hello Hoi,

    I do apologize for the issues you have experienced. However at this time we do require you go through the manufacturer for further assistance as we aren't able to replace the damaged parts.

    Thank you,
    Louis [Newegg Support]

[Resolved] returning a defective item newegg marketplace order #[protected]

I ordered the item and was charged $137.79 for the item plus tax. I also purchased the Square Trade Protection plan for 3 years for $12.99. I received the item and tried to put it into service. There were several performance items that I tried to get fixed through email with the seller to no avail.

I then decided to return the item and started the return through Newegg's customer service. I received two RMA numbers and a shipping label. I also received an update to the return with a restocking charge of $19.50 bringing my refund amount down to $110.49. (A restocking fee on a defective item?)

I have decided to dispose of the item myself so I would like Newegg to (1) take the RMA (2) take the Square Trade Protection Plan (3) take my customer account and put them in the closest trash can as I will never purchase anything from this company again!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Newegg International's response · May 16, 2018

    Hello Fran,

    Thank you for taking the time to express your concern regarding this matter. I am truly sorry for any troubles you have experienced in attempting to resolve this. That is definitely not good! In regards to the creation of two RMA's, our system must create a separate one for an extended warranty refund, so you may disregard that one. While I am unsure why a restocking fee has been applied to your return of the defective product, please know that I can certainly reimburse that amount to you once the RMA has been received and processed. Please also keep in mind that the FedEx return label you have been provided will only be valid for 7 days. I would recommend following the return instructions included in the emails sent to you. Please send us a private message if you have any additional questions or concerns.

    Liam [Newegg Support]

[Resolved] customer service supervisor nicole e. - very unprofessional

I have been searching for several days for an affordable setup for a new computer through various sites and came upon Newegg for its competitive pricing for a Cyberpowerpc. After finally determined to purchase from Newegg, I saw they promoted a financing payment plan through a financial institution Synchrony Financial. I clicked on the link from the Newegg site, filled out the info, and was required to call for authorization. Keep in mind that I thought I was speaking with a Newegg representative, so at the end of the authorization I asked if I could finalize the purchase and the rep told me to call Newegg with the application number. Confused, I called Newegg customer service (took an hour for a callback) and spoke to a representative and was told that they could do nothing on their end and to call Synchrony back.

After much back and forth and each call back from Newegg taking about an hour, I asked to speak to the Newegg Customer Service Supervisor. As soon as she answered, she sounded completely detached from the situation - speaking quickly and monotone as if reading from a script. The subsequent conversation did not go well. With every question, she regurgitated the same company policy over and over in a low monotone voice with no attempt to ease my frustration. She cut my questions/statements off at every chance, attempting to counter each notion. When attempting to use the word "financial institution" in regards to Synchrony, she butt-in before I could finish, stating that she knew of no financial institutions that I spoke of. When asked if there was anything at all she could do, she gave me an example stating that I could not ask for a receipt for Target from Wallmart. While this vague example is true in theory, it does not fully apply to this specific situation and further shows how deeply she separates herself from it.

All I wanted was to continue being a customer and make a purchase from Newegg with an authorized credit line from an apparent partnered company, but I was met with complete disregard for customer satisfaction and detachment from the entire process.

At the end of this ordeal, the credit card will be delivered to my residence in 5-7 business days, and the computer that I wanted to purchase is now Out of Stock. While there very well could have been nothing she could do, this exchange with the Customer Service Supervisor Nicole E. (she stated that she was not obligated to give me her last name) has left a very negative image of Newegg customer service in my mind.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Newegg International's response · Jan 11, 2018

    Hello Enoch,

    I am sorry to hear this and I would be happy to speak to you further. Please send an email to [email protected] referencing this post and your order or account information. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,
    Nicholas [Newegg Support]

  • Newegg International's response · Jan 11, 2018

    Or you can reply to this post.

    Thank you,
    Nicholas [Newegg Support]

[Resolved] doa asrock motherboard rma #[protected]

I order $828.80 worth of equipment from you for 2 gaming PC's for Christmas presents for my Sons the above mentioned mother board would not power the 12V side had a Mail in rebate that had to be sent in before testing and you are denying the return due to not having the UPC on the box this is a BS excuse to rip off your customers nice way to lose a customer thanks

Dear D

Thank you for requesting a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) at Newegg.

Your RMA (RMA Number: [protected]) return was received and sent to our Inspections Department for closer examination.

Unfortunately, the item(s) returned is missing the manufacturers UPC code label and could not be processed as received. All items returned to Newegg must be received in their entirety to process RMA.

Item was offered with a mail in rebate, item cannot be processed as received.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Newegg International's response · Jan 08, 2018

    Hello there,

    I am sorry to hear about this and I would be happy to assist you. I have sent you an email so we can discuss this further. Please reply back when you do have the chance. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,
    Nicholas [Newegg Support]

customer service

This was a review I left for mygoods who sold me the "hot wheels monster jam truck" it explains mostly what happend...

I ordered this item dec 11th, when I ordered I put in a new shipping address to have it sent to. Once I got the email stating the order I noticed that newegg had defaulted to my previous shipping address. I thought no big deal i'll contact the seller. I emailed them to change the address... No response for 3 days.. Finally said they couldnt find the order I was referring to and to email them the order # again. I did and also decided to contact neweggs customer service. The rep assured me they would contact the seller and fix the address change and I would have the item before xmas, I would receive an email confirming.. Happy I left it alone... A few days later no email or anything saying they had fixed anything. I called them to be told by a rep they had no "higher ups" working on the weekend. So I waited a couple days and contacted them again on monday... During this time I also got an email from ym goods stating they had updated the shipping address and all was good... I didnt believe them (And good thing I didnt). I called newegg customer service and they redircted me to contact fedex... I asked the rep what would happen if the item still got shipped to the wrong address.. He said "well there isnt anything we can do, you can hope the person at the address rejects the order and it gets sent back and you get a refund"... So I talked to fedex who said they hadnt even gotten the item yet (Mind you it had been over a week already and the shipemnt states that shipping take 5-7 days on neweggs/mygoods page) so I tried to call my goods 5 times.. No answer. I emailed them again... Finally heard from them today saying "the item must have gotten lost, they would send me the item again but they couldnt, so instead they would refund me (Bank hasnt been refunded yet) and that if the shipment is found and sent to my address to contact them to pay for the item again... I contacted fedex again and asked if the orders address had been updated (Per my goods stating it had) in case they find the item. They said it had not and to contact the seller... I have contacted my goods again and stated to have the update the address, like ive asked several case the shipment is found... Ive left a bit of the contacting out but overall ive emailed my goods 8 times, called 5, contacted neweggs customer service 3, and called fedex 2 times... I needed this for my son for xmas and I bascially get a supposive refund and a"sorry youre [censor] out of luck"... I am irrate!

[Resolved] bad customer services and company wants to rip off people with no care at all

I bout the product MSI Agies at the beginning of October everything was running smoothly. the computer...

[Resolved] Stay away

They rarely deliver on time, so be careful before ordering. Don't order anything that you urgently need. Moreover, ordering from them takes a long time and not many people are so patient. For example, to confirm the order they called me several times and I also had to click the link in my email. Messy process. And even if you pay for an expedited shipping it doesn't mean absolutely anything because it doesn't guarantee you will get it when you want.
Unreliable service that you should stay away from.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Newegg International's response · Oct 03, 2017

    Dear Stay Away,

    I am truly sorry to hear of your delayed processing with your order. Can you send me an email to "[email protected]" with your
    order number and details so that I can look into this issue. I would like to bring this to our staffs attention so that
    the quickest most secure way of processing our valued customers orders are being used. We do value the time you took to
    let us know of your dissatisfaction and want to do everything in our power to avoid unnecessary delays.

    Thank you,

[Resolved] Bad staff

Please, Newegg, hire other employees. Those you have now are terrible.
Do you have trainings for employees regarding customers' treatment?
Most of them are rude and ignorant, talking to them is like hell, seems like they do an unbelievable favor when talking to you (me) and answering your (my) stupid questions.
Drive them all away and get normal polite people.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

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