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[Resolved] / unethical company practices

Dec 28, 2018

Bought a gaming monitor for my son for Christmas. The monitor was defective, I worked with Samsung support to determine it was bad. It never turned on. So my options were to send it to Samsung for a fix or return to for a replacement. I decided a replacement with

Newegg International / laptop purchase

Nov 30, 2018

I purchased a laptop Asus rog strix scar edition 120hz display gl503vd-eb72 15.6" gaming laptop, intel core i7-7700hq processor (up to 3.8ghz), gtx 1050 4gb,, 8gb ddr4, 128gb pcieg3x4 nvme ssd + 1tb hybrid drive for 799$ From this black friday. they offered free intel...

[Resolved] Newegg International / graphic card rtx 2070

Nov 29, 2018

I have placed an order of two items Order Date: 11/24/2018 Expected delivery date is December-01-2018 one of the items was delivered/received on 29th of November, but second I could not even track it. I have tried to contact web-site for so long, but they are unable to answer on phone...

[Resolved] Newegg International / shipping

Oct 04, 2018

Worst customer service ever ordered a laptop on Friday 9/28 in the afternoon and paid for two day shipping. Got a tracking # that said i would receive it on Tue. 10/2 end of day. did not receive. I called 7pm 10/2 they said it was scheduled to arrive 10/2 but if I did not receive it they...

[Resolved] / unethical behavior

Sep 19, 2018

8/27/18 -- order #427114853 Ordered HP desktop w. warranty. Chg denied by Visa, accepted by Mastercard. 8/31/18 email from Newegg: "seller cancelled the order." Seller's response: "We did not cancel the order." Duplicate charges for the warranty (Visa and Mastercard) claimed impossible by...

[Resolved] / products and customer service

Sep 04, 2018

Purchased two Klipsch Icon KF-28 Dual 8" 2-way Floorstanding Speakers on 8/4/18. They were delivered by Fedx all busted up and destroyed. Fedx driver told me to contact Newegg. Newegg had me send photos of all the damage so I did. After several days they got back with me and told me they...

[Resolved] / fraudulent charges

Jul 15, 2018

Someone used my newegg account to fraudulently purchase gift cards. I called Newegg and was told to file a police report and they could not issue a refund because the recipient already received the emails with the gc numbers - three separate fake email addresses. They stated there wa...

[Resolved] / order not received

Jun 28, 2018

Ordered $650 dollars worth of computer equipment from newegg business, says it was delivered, never received anything. Filed a claim on 6/14, says it will take 7- 10 business days. 11th business day goes by, no response, no update, nothing. Contact customer support and they tell me theyre...

[Resolved] NewEgg / computer psu

May 25, 2018

Dear newegg, seasonic, USA consumer protection (need online submitted), and BBB, I refer to your email below regarding the Seasonic PSU problem and wish who can help me to judge and resolve the problem. On this year black Friday, I bought 2x Seasonic FOCUS Plus Series SSR-850FX 850W 80...

[Resolved] / returning a defective item newegg marketplace order #418963973

May 16, 2018

I ordered the item and was charged $137.79 for the item plus tax. I also purchased the Square Trade Protection plan for 3 years for $12.99. I received the item and tried to put it into service. There were several performance items that I tried to get fixed through email with the seller to...

[Resolved] / customer service supervisor nicole e. - very unprofessional

Jan 10, 2018

I have been searching for several days for an affordable setup for a new computer through various sites and came upon Newegg for its competitive pricing for a Cyberpowerpc. After finally determined to purchase from Newegg, I saw they promoted a financing payment plan through a financial...

[Resolved] / doa asrock motherboard rma #78961560

Jan 05, 2018

I order $828.80 worth of equipment from you for 2 gaming PC's for Christmas presents for my Sons the above mentioned mother board would not power the 12V side had a Mail in rebate that had to be sent in before testing and you are denying the return due to not having the UPC on the box thi... / customer service

Dec 19, 2017

This was a review I left for mygoods who sold me the "hot wheels monster jam truck" it explains mostly what happend... I ordered this item dec 11th, when I ordered I put in a new shipping address to have it sent to. Once I got the email stating the order I noticed that newegg had defaulted...

[Resolved] / bad customer services and company wants to rip off people with no care at all

Oct 15, 2017

I bout the product MSI Agies at the beginning of October everything was running smoothly. the computer crashed and would not display MSI screen and would not boot windows. contacted Neweeg about returning the product and getting a replacement or my money back. however because I don't have...

[Resolved] / Stay away

Oct 03, 2017

They rarely deliver on time, so be careful before ordering. Don't order anything that you urgently need. Moreover, ordering from them takes a long time and not many people are so patient. For example, to confirm the order they called me several times and I also had to click the link in my...

[Resolved] / Bad staff

Sep 22, 2017

Please, Newegg, hire other employees. Those you have now are terrible. Do you have trainings for employees regarding customers' treatment? Most of them are rude and ignorant, talking to them is like hell, seems like they do an unbelievable favor when talking to you (me) and answering your (my...

[Resolved] NewEgg / maxpedition wolfspur bag

Sep 08, 2017

I bought a bag from Newegg, they got it sent out by you, you sent me a Velspar, a lesser expensive bag, and in the wrong color. I paid for a Wulfspur in gray. I have called Newegg, and they sent you an email requesting a refund, or a next day shipping of the correct bag. I have also...

[Resolved] / lost package never received - not taken care of

Aug 13, 2017

Taken from Newegg claim #339625 Order a graphics card for $570 on their website approximately the third week of July. I kept track of the delivery status, and package was labeled as "delivered" a few days later and was not there. Notified Newegg immediately that day when I came home from...

Newegg Inc. / billing

Jun 02, 2017

Please read the following transaction that took place between me and a newegg customer service rep. I would like who ever is in charge of the newegg premier program to read this chat exchange and take action. 10:44:56 am system system: connecting... 10:44:56 am system system: connected to...

[Resolved] NewEgg / high level rudeness!

Apr 24, 2017

The worst about Newegg is their customer service, these people are terrible and extremely rude. I will not use Newegg is the future only because of their service, I hate being treated like garbage. I was their customer but received nothing but rudeness and disrespect. They refused to help... / msi laptop

Apr 08, 2017

I purchased a computer from Newegg in December 2016. I also purchased an extended/accidental warranty from them for $175. The computer stopped working in March, 2017. I contacted Newegg and the service rep, Martina L, said: “The Newegg return period for this item is 30 days from the...

[Resolved] / rma fraud

Mar 28, 2017

Purchased a Samsung M.2 SSD from No matter what I did, the performance of the drive was terrible. So I requested an RMA and was approved. I packaged the drive back in the original retail packaging and returned to Newegg with their shipping label. A week later I am contacted...

[Resolved] / monitor return

Mar 16, 2017

I purchased a monitor and paid directly (no third party). The monitor was defective. I received authorization from Newegg to return it for a full refund, no restocking fee. They sent me a FedEx label (their address for returns). I returned the monitor within 30 days of...

[Resolved] NewEgg / defective video card

Mar 14, 2017

I was repairing my computer and bought some components from Newegg website. Everything arrived in a timely manner and I had no problems with delivery. When I finished the repair job my computer wasn't working. I could not understand what was going on because I thought I did everything...

[Resolved] / parts hold on lenovo thinkpad

Feb 22, 2017

Hi, I bought my Lenovo think pad off of back in August, and it came with a 1 year warranty. 4 weeks ago the screen had temporary stopped working. So I ran a diagnostics test on it failed. I sent it in to be fixed. It has been 3 weeks now since then and has still been waiting on...

[Resolved] / Extremely late and I feel cheated

Jan 26, 2017

I ordered a mouse pad from this company through on 11/28/16 and received it 1/20/17. Newegg's customer service was great, but I bought the item from Onlytek so they were the only ones to talk to about a refund or return. Their customer service was awful! I bought the item for...

[Resolved] / corsair cx series cx430

Aug 17, 2016

CORSAIR CX series CX430 rebate limited to 1 only $20 rebate never mentioned by Newegg website. Only after purchase rebate limit info. CORSAIR refused to offer more than 1 $20 rebate on 2 bought. Newegg refused RMA. Newegg customer support only deleted my bad review. Buyer beware with Newegg !

[Resolved] / false claims serial numbers are missing to avoid refunds

Jun 17, 2016 is lying saying that serial numbers are removed from products in order to avoid refunding money on defective products. I recently purchased a video card that was doa. I installed it soon realized it was dead. The same day I packed it back up and returned it to They drug their...

[Resolved] / samsung s health activity tracker promotion

May 31, 2016

On 2/26/2016, I submitted all of the rebate information (all required documents, rebate form, UPC, etc. ) to Newegg for a $25 rebate for the Samsung Activity Tracker. By the way, I am 60 years old, and have submitted a lot of rebates. I know, and always do, make a copy of everything I...

[Resolved] / the worst place to shop at.

Apr 25, 2016

I have purchased a MacBook from and received the wrong model. Immediately contacted customer service and told them that I want to send the wrong one back and get an exchange. I told them that I never opened the box and they agreed to give me a replacement. So I sent it back...

[Resolved] / seems like a scam

Apr 19, 2016

Ordered a gadget from Newegg and the one I received was defective so I decided to return it and they said that I have to send the defective item back and promised me a refund. I did as they said and sent it back and they keep telling me that they did not receive anything yet. That i...

[Resolved] / refurbished macbook pro

Apr 06, 2016

Bought refurbished pro in march 2015. First one did not work and was sent back. Second one worked, unreliably, for three months then completly october 2015, I contacted newegg and asked for a refund or an credit over the phone, they told me no. They told me I would now have to... / rebate never received

Mar 17, 2016

I purchased a monitor from Newegg and submitted the rebate in October 2015. The tracking site listed a date that came and went (Feb 7th) without a rebate arriving. After contacting Newegg I was told that they would resubmit my rebate request, and IF it was accepted they would mail me...

[Resolved] / mail in rebate & customer service

Feb 23, 2016

I bought product with mail in rebate. After mailing all required documents there is no sign of rebate coming through. When I enquire customer service they only redirect to same page in their website from where I registered and took document printout to mail them. In spite of repeated...

[Resolved] NewEgg / ordered computer monitor, received computer case

Feb 20, 2016

Ordered a computer monitor for 110 and some change from received a computer case instead. They will not ship me my monitor without first providing my credit card information again *just in case another mistake happens* so they can charge my account for their ungodly screw...

[Resolved] / worst online shopping experience!

Feb 16, 2016

I ordered something from Newegg website three weeks ago. The seller was actually a private one but I had no idea about that. Well, I never received my order so I tried to contact the seller by phone, but the phone number was invalid. Then I sent him several messages, but never got a reply...

[Resolved] / dangerous scam!

Feb 11, 2016

Never order anything from these thieves. I purchased some goods and paid huge amount of money! I ordered three items for over $2000 and when my order finally arrived two items were damaged. I don't know who's fault that was, I actually don't care, but I paid big money! I contacted Newegg...

[Resolved] / hp refurb pavilion pc desktop

Feb 09, 2016

pc was not factory refurbished, description was not clear that pc was not factory refurb. but third unknown party, return of item was 45 restocking fee, 40 return label ship, $85 a third of pc price, making return unreasonable, beware of high shipping and restocking fees, return policy i...

[Resolved] / waiting over 2 months for refund

Feb 06, 2016

On Black Friday 2015 we ordered $1, 100.00 in computer parts to build a new system for our son in college. They shipped via UPS who in left this package on our front porch and no one home. The package was stolen. We contacted Newegg and they contacted UPS to do an investigation, which 3...

[Resolved] / customer service

Jan 21, 2016

By far this company has the worst customer service, and support staff I have ever encountered. False advertisement, shipping issues, customer service phone wait time extremely to long, return policy and rebate system a complete mess. In the future, I will not be purchasing anything from...