New York Sports Club [NYSC]overcharge while freezing the account and cancellation issues

K Aug 10, 2018

I have been trying to reach out to anyone to help me out. I have been a member for over 3 years, I'm a college student, so I froze my membership after the first year because I was away at college. Some months they were charging me the regular fees. At the beginning of this year, they charge me 65$ annual fees, so I called to cancel my membership and the receptionist told me that it's canceled then a month after I was charged again, I called and they said that I have to come in to cancel it, but I'm in a different state. when I went back home, I went in to cancel it when they say that I'd have to wait for a manager to cancel. So I couldn't get in touch with a manager, I had to have my credit card company deactivate my card after they have already charged my card for three/ four times regular fees, and I couldn't even dispute because the 90 days periods passed and I'm trying to get the credits back to my credit card. The general manager told me that he'll have his manager contact me. Here I'm three months and nothing happened. Gets a voice mall just to lmk that they will report me to the collection department. I hope that anyone can reach me via email.

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