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M Sep 01, 2018

I joined NYSC over the phone in June and tried to cancel my membership a few months later due to a job relocation.Because of my job relocation, the most financially sound option for me was to move back in with my parents (this is my first job after graduating from college in May). I knew this would be a problem because I had signed up for a one-year commitment, not anticipating that my job would be relocated to an area 25+ miles away from a NYSC. I knew it was possible to end my membership early (even though I had signed up for a year commitment) due to online research on the NYSC website. When trying to cancel, it was impossible for me to get someone to help me either over the phone or in my club. I was finally directed to go in and to speak to the general manager of my club, Lakisha Jones, at Rockefeller Center on August 20th (I had been calling trying to get someone to help me throughout the preceding week). She told me I would have to provide her with appropriate documentation, proving my move, which she would send to customer services and would potentially release my obligation of a $100 early cancellation fee. I immediately sent her about 7 different pieces of documentation. She explicitly said in person that it was very important to send this information ASAP to avoid being charged for the month of September. I sent her all documentation and went 5 days without a response. I finally had to follow up with her again and she told me I would be released from the $100 fee, but would still need to pay for the 45 day cancellation notice. I was NEVER notified when I originally signed up or throughout this process of a 45 day cancellation notice. Even before I met with Lakisha, I spoke numerous times to an employee named Ivan at Rockefeller Center and an agent on the customer services hotline. I was never sent a contract when I signed up, nor was I ever informed of this policy (the website says the policy varies by club, plus I was trying to get to the bottom of this well before I met with Lakisha on August 20th). I really do not appreciate how this situation was handled and how rude and unhelpful all involved parties were to me. I am seeking a full refund of this 45 day cancellation notice which I was never informed of and was even misinformed of by the general manager of my club. After this experience, I would never recommend NYSC to any of my friends and family who are currently relocating to NYC. I am willing to forward my email chain with Lakisha and attachments to anyone who will help.

New York Sports Club [NYSC]

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