New York Sports Club [NYSC]billing


I contacted Bay Ridge location manager Josiah Phillips in regards my balance. I was back then 7 month pregnant. I paid the outstanding balance because I need to cancel membership. I spoke to him over the phone and also emailed him and expressed my frustrations and that I need to cancel right away because anxiously I don't attend it and I am not going to pay for service that I don't use. This week I received email from him that there is an issue with my card. I am now 9 months pregnant and I don't understand why he didn't cancel when I told him back then to do it. He is not professional person to deal with, rude. He is never at the gym if I need to talk to him in person. Please explain what it takes to cancel membership because he is not doing his job and I am not going to pay for gym that I don't attend and requested for him to cancel. I need somebody to act on it and zero my balance and cancel membership. I am sick to my stomach that I have to go thru this especially now that I am close to labor.
My phone number is(718) 501-7139

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