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Nespressoawful company

I would have once rated The Nespresso Club highly but this year is a different story. Nespresso has left a bitter taste in my mouth, and not because of their coffee. I used to love Nespresso Club but that's all changed. Things do go wrong and when companies put them right it leaves you feeling more loyal. Nespresso Club had ample chance to redeem themselves but failed at every hurdle I feel. You know when you just can't get any rhyme or reason out of a company? I feel Nespresso Club are plainly at fault in this matter and still I don't have my coffee machine 6 months later! I have wasted hours on the phone. I am a busy professional woman who a) does not need this hassle b) needs her coffee fix! SUMMARY of ISSUES: 1. Machine broke, returned my machine in Jan/Feb. 2. Took months to fix - I had to chase Nespresso Club when they didn't deliver. 3. Temporary machine provided (lower spec). 4. They returned the wrong one. 5. Nespresso Club still think it's my machine when I know it's not (because it's clearly an older machine with dirty coffee stained and scratched). 6. FInally agree pick up, waited in twice for delivery/collection - no one came (even though it was booked-in!). 7. Customer Service agent at Nespresso Club promised me a new machine. 8. Then a manager tells me they will not stand by this promise and that the customer service lady I spoke to should not have promised me that. 9. The same Manager at Nespresso Club reassures me my machine will be returned within 10 days. 10. Silence since then from Nespresso Club. I phoned 5th July and nobody called me back so far. Nespresso Club still hasn't returned my machine as of 11th July. Nespresso club did not follow up to check my machine was delivered back and repaired as promised. Yet again, I called Nespresso Club today and they say it is awaiting parts, but Nespresso Club have no ETA for my parts. They refuse to give me an email address for the UK director of Nespresso Club and say I have to wait until the manager I spoke to earlier is back from holiday. I asked Nespresso Club for compensation and received two coffee cups and capsules two weeks ago. But guess what - I've got no coffee machine to use them with!


  • An
    anna anderson Jan 29, 2009

    I agree! Machines are plastic and poorly made. I feel the coffee is fair not a great espresso, but ok for when you are on the go. NOT for the coffee connoisseur.

    I also attended a special event and "Michelle McFaul" (got her name from the "barista")I believe she is the Marketing Director was just a sour/angry woman. She was mistreating the caterers and her employees. Even herd her mention "These Mexicans" GROSS LADY. You never know who is listening to you.

    Oh well. I am returning my machine and my friend who has one their larger machines will be returning his too. At least the party was nice.

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  • Rm
    r middleton Jul 07, 2009

    How can anyone be so silly to buy a coffee machine in the first place from Nespresso when you have to buy their coffee (PODS) which works out to $150 USD per kilo! That is the Nespresso Scam.

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  • Ky
    kyw Aug 10, 2009

    I have never experiencesd customer service as good as Nespresso. People on the phone are friendly and helpful. I have never had a problem with my machine (in 3 years) and the coffee arrives in two days (at most). Not to mention one of the best coffee's ive ever had and hassle free. Nespresso is a no brainer to me!

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  • Co
    Corine S. Matuchin Jun 04, 2010

    I am so elated to find this site and to discover the comments I was unsure of posting were being shared by others. I was very excited to have my machine because of it's look and ease of use but when I stumbled across a wrong delivery of coffee and an overcharge on my credit card (by a "kid" clearly on the other line. In fact, every time I have called for my coffee order or help with my machine, it's clearly not a mature adult on the other end?)
    Moving on, I am a good customer (I buy ALOT of coffee and have purchased several machines.) I was invited to an event recently in Miami Beach for the new Nespresso store. The chefs were near C-list but the store is quite lovely. However, I too was very offended by the lack of professional attention during this evening.
    It seemed like the staff and employees of Nespresso were more concerned about hosting their boss who was there that night then the guests. And, to the women's point above (A. Anderson) I think the woman you are describing "Michelle Mcfaul" is the same woman I witnessed running around like a corpse on speed yelling at everyone, grunting like a dog and would only pay attention to the President, a couple C-list crowd people and some girl who appeared to also work for the company but had the energy and personality of a rock.

    I am going to wait and get my coffee from a competitor which I hear is making coffee pods for much less and can be used with the Nespresso machines. I will no longer pay or contribute to this business filled with poor staff, horrible customer service, and anything far from what should be expected from a luxury brand.
    If necessary, I'll get my Starbucks pods and buy a machine just as similar to avoid this brand.

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  • Br
    Brian Wright22 Aug 02, 2011

    I have an automatic Nespresso Machine purchased from John Lewis 8tears ago & its still working great and I have no issue with the staff or delivery of the capsules. I have tried the so called reuseable & fillable third party capsules and they are not that satisfactory.Stick to the Nespreeso capsules and your won't go far wrong.
    The only crititism I have is all of the glossy promo booklets showcasing the new coffee.I think it is a complete waste of resorces.I have spoken to staff about this & have suggested a much better way to promote a new Capsule is to send a small sample to members to try & to cut out all the glossey booklets.Brian Wright

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  • Pa
    paddyirishman Aug 26, 2011

    I have had a very bad experience with delivery of nespresso pods to the republic of Ireland, no explanation was ever given from the telephone support staff, they were as nice as pie with an endless supply of reassurances but despite a multitude of calls to their freephone 'support line' no delivery was made, I ultimately had to chase them to get my money refunded too. Really peeved with the Nespresso club and considered changing machines, but their coffee is so damn addictive that I ended up travelling to Dublin to pick up a supply!!! curse me and my weak decaffinated will!!

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  • Ma
    Matt999 Sep 05, 2011

    My experience thus far is this;

    I went to register on there website, and ordered my coffee machine. I got an email straight away to say I would get another email with my membership number on soon.

    Twenty minutes later a got another email saying they had received my order and I would get a further email when the good were dispatched. At this point I tried to log back in and couldn’t.

    I rang customer services to tell them I couldn’t login to their website and they said it was because I hadn’t received my membership number.

    So two hours later I got another email with my membership number; I could now login.

    Ten minutes later I got another email saying my account was on hold and I needed to contact them. At this point I couldn’t login to the website again so I phoned them up again. I was told this was probably because my account was on hold and I asked them why.

    Turns out they wanted me to send in a utility bill just in case I was a fraudster. So I sent an email in (with a weird email address) to the accounts department. One day later I received an email telling me that my order had been dispatched and at that point I could login to the website again.

    Three days later I received my coffee machine. I took the tired looking box out of the plastic packaging and opened it up and read the instructions carefully. I filled up the water reservoir and turned the machine on and water started to leak out of the bottom of the machine, first slowly and then quite quickly.

    Another phone call ensued and after been put through to another department to speak to ‘technical’ they agreed to send me a new one. They want me to wait in all day for them to pick it up though!

    I am now wondering whether I have done the right thing or if I should have asked for a refund. Looking at the company so far I think I’m in for a rough ride.

    The staff were always polite but you just feel what a terribly poor company.

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  • Tj
    Tjbk Oct 30, 2011

    Nespresso has good coffee and good machines backed up by the worst customer service on the planet!! I bought my Le Cube machine two years ago with the Aeroncino Frother on the side and have probably spent about $2500 since on capsules. My frother stopped working suddenly and i called their 800 number thinking that they would replace it immediately, as any good American company would do. But they are European, and some French snob explained to me why i need to pay $120 for a new frother. I explained tgat their machine is made badly and that even if it was my fault, the fact that i spend so much money with them should make them want to send me a replacement right away, he just kept arguing with me. I told him he is risking loosing a good customer and he said OK. Tgat was it. So now my frotherxdoes'nt work and i'm not paying full price for a new one! I will swith to an Illie cafe machine and Nespresso will have 20 negative online reviews from me and loose way more than the price of the little frother that couldn't!

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  • Un
    UNHACU Jan 18, 2013

    Bought my machine a week ago. Registered and ordered online. Got an e-mail with subject line "CA orders are delayed" and in the body it begins: "We are writing to inform you that due to circumstances beyond our control your most recent order will be delayed." This e-mail arrived on January 15th. On Jan 17th, received the following e-mail : "Thank you for your recent order at

    We regret to inform you that we have been unable to process this order, and it remains on hold in our system.

    Please contact the Nespresso Club directly at [protected], so that we might resolve this for you as soon
    as possible.Our phone lines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    This order will remain on hold for 2 days while we await your response; after 2 days the order will be
    removed from our system.

    We apologize for any inconvenience

    Yours sincerely,
    Nespresso US

    I have called the number provided and was transferred to a number in Montreal. Waited for 20 minutes, but never got to speak to a live person. Tried 4 times after that, always getting a message that they are experiencing above normal wait times. Yesterday was on hold for 72 minutes which led me to believe that there is no one at the other end. Tried again this morning, same story. I have made a humongous mistake in buying this machine. If this is what I have to look forward to, I think I'm going to write this off as an expensive lesson and return to using my Keurig, at least it is reliable and I can buy the pods at the grocery store.

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  • Ja
    janven Jan 23, 2013

    I would avoid doing business with this company at any opportunity - they have no customer care! Will not budge from their T & C's when it suits them but when its their error they do!! Not helpful in any form or manner!

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  • Ea
    eausten Jan 28, 2013

    I can't get thru to customer service either. I have tried in the morning, middle of the day, and evening and get the same message: We are experiencing above normal wait times. I do not think there is anyone answering calls. I am also waiting for the $100 rebate, which was supposed to take 2 to 4 weeks. Four weeks have passed. There's no one to ask, complain to, or ask questions of.

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  • Ea
    eausten Jan 28, 2013

    Nespresso — awful company

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  • Co
    coffeeenthusiast Feb 08, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Nespresso - worst product and consumer experience of my life...

    I had received a Nespresso Pixie machine as a housewarming gift and for the past 4 months have experienced nothing but hassles in trying to get the machine repaired so it will function properly. Right out of the box from day one it was malfunctioning.

    Although the machine has already been sent to the repair centre TWICE it continues to malfunction. Due to their strict timeframes, they will not provide me with a brand new replacement. Dealing with Nespresso customer service is an absolute nightmare - you will often be on hold for ridiculous amount of time or you will be told they will get back to you and you will receive call backs with no information other than to call them back at the call centre. Even if you escalate your case it is virtually impossible to call and speak with anyone directly.

    If you have the misfortune of owning one of their products I wish you good luck because once something goes wrong (this is a safe bet that this will happen) you will experience nothing short of agony in trying to get it fixed or in trying to get any resolution from Nespresso.

    I regret the day I ever heard of Nespresso and would strongly encourage you to think twice about purchasing one. My experience with Nespresso can only be described as the worst consumer and product experience of my entire adult life.

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  • Su
    SuperAlex Apr 16, 2013

    I could not agree more. Nespresso service took a 180 degree turn. Once pleasant and helpful, now rude and useless. I had several issues with Nespresso lately and got even more aggravated after calling them. I'm going to give other companies a try. They don't deserve my business.

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  • Cr
    crissirc Jun 23, 2014

    I'm having such a hard time with Nespresso Customer Service that I'm so fed up with the lack luster service... I've created a Nespresso page, join me at

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  • De
    Dee Valderrama Jul 30, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I buy everything at Costco...I bought the espresso machine Clitz...ran out of coffee pods I thought I can get the coffee at Costco and NO I have to order it????? what ? who does that??? or go to the only boutique in my area which is 20 miles away one I pay for the coffee which is expensive and my gas????? Are these people living in the same planet we are??? so I order on line and I have to pay for shipping on top of this coffee is so expensive ... I guess I'm taking the machine back to Costco...

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  • Bn
    BNTessler Oct 07, 2014

    I purchased three Nespresso coffee machines - one for my home - and my office - and my Whistler home. all three are not working properly. The coffee comes out in drips and it takes over 5 to 10 minutes to get a full cup. All three have the same problem. After reading the complaints in this site, I can conclude that there is no point in contacting Nespresso. I will just throw all three out and use a paper filter with Tim Hortons's coffee. Less than half the price and the taste of the coffee is twice as good.

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  • Lo
    LOUIE PALENA Dec 16, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Nespresso the company with Smoke and Mirror marketing

    Buy a machine and get 75 dollar credit big bold avertising ... beware and read the fine print

    They don't mention it does not apply to a discounted machine which is misleading all promotions should apply ... again read the fine print ... I find this very misleading ... I am very disappointed a

    I will be getting rid of my machine soon and going back to an old school machine

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  • Su
    Summersue12345 Jan 11, 2015

    The £75 promotion credit applied to your account to buy a machine in Dec 2014 seems invalid. Nespresso promotions do not accept my serial number from a machine bought from John Lewis, I've had several communtioncs with them to no avail. I had no choice but to go into the Nespresso Boutique to buy first coffee order and submitted my receipt to promotions so they can give me first £25 credit, still waiting to hear.

    I, m totally frustrated with this whole service and would inform people thinking about buying a nespressor machine to buy one where you can simply pop I too supermarket to purchase, as online sales mean you have to buy packs of 10 pods in bulk of 50 before they send out to you! Unless you live close to a store the. You can buy packs in 2, 3 or 5 whatever you want, but not from the online ordering store!

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  • Rh
    RHYSHDAVIES Feb 02, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi everyone.
    I was not pleased with my Nespresso products, especially the coffee.
    I came across this great company called CRU Kafe. They're a start up based in London, and offer speciality coffee, organic and ethically sourced. Here's their website:
    Use NEWCRU for 20% off your first order

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  • Be
    benjamyn999 May 04, 2015
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    Verified customer

    I have been a happy customer for many years. Ordered a new machine and have heard absolutely nothing. I don't mind the delay - I very much mind the silence.

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  • Ti
    tickerme Jul 11, 2015

    This is a first for me (imagine the frustration)...Do NOT BUY a NESPRESSO machine. Two years after purchasing a $600 machine, it's gone to repair and still does not work!!! Their customer service is horrible when you actually have a real problem...2 solutions offered is pay $125 to send it for fixing (no guarantee it'll work after) or $40 off the next machine. Really?!?!? After $600 machine breaks down 2 yrs from purchase date, you will give me a $40 discount to buy new machine? How is this customer service!!!?!?!?! Best of all CS Manager said you can vent and be frustrated but these are your only two options.


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  • Pl
    PLaker Sep 15, 2015

    We got the CitiZ machine, with frother, from Krups. We rarely use the milk frother, we just glub in the milk straight from fridge into the coffee, then plonk it in the microwave for 30 secs, to warm back up! Very fast and hassle free coffee fix :)

    The Kruups machines seem well made. Ours is FINALLY starting to leak, after FOUR years of constant use. Customer service has always been good to me.

    Coffee is awesome. Special editions keep it interesting. delivery is always fast. I even pulled out an old "macadamia nut" sleeve of pods from 3-4 years ago, and the coffee STILL tastes awesome!!

    Please bring back macadamia nut edition!!!

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  • Co
    Coffeelover2015 Dec 19, 2015

    I have just had a terrible experience with this company. I would not recommend buying anything from nespresso at all. I have sat in for 2 days after being promised the coffee would be delivered and it still hasn't.
    Gob smacked.

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  • Jo
    JO 74 Dec 23, 2015

    I purchased a nespresso latissimo espresso machine and have regretted the purchase ever since. We have had numerous issues with the device and I have spent countless hours on the phone with the service department trying to figure out the issues. We have also had to send the machine back twice with no resolve. The machine itself was also one of the higher priced machine and one would expect it to worked more efficiently. I am utterly disgusted by the product performance and the lack of the company to stand by their machine. It's a shame. I advise looking further into other products before purchasing from Nespresso.

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  • Ro
    Robin Handelman Jan 11, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First off, I have many espresso and coffee machines and feel fairly qualified to assist in answering some of the negative comments with some positive results.

    I have used many Nespresso machines in hotels and finer establishments. I find the coffee good (not great) but overpriced. I do not buy pods from Nespresso, (though I have had the opportunity to drink over 100 pods).

    I purchased my machine for about $100 (U.S. -- Red Inissia), and use 3rd party pods and seal pods with FANTASTIC results. I have had the machine since December of last year (2015) and run 6 pods through it per day making 5gm of coffee with 40ml ristrettos, (over 200 so far). I have no issues with the machine as I run clean cycles before my first ristretto and after making my 6 pods per day. I have also set the machine to 40ml ristrettos and 110ml loungos as recommended by Nespresso. I prefer to use my own espresso blends as well as Cafe Bustello/Illy/Pilon.

    The technology is good but is a little finicky and I understand jamming and failure of the aluminum pods from Nespresso. The simpler the machine the better in my estimation. Cleaning is not a suggestion but is MANDATORY. It should be cleaned after EACH session (daily).

    My 2 cents.


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  • Bl
    Blsk Mar 02, 2016

    I had a terrible experience with their customer services. I recently bought a Nespresso machine and entitled for a credit I called them but no one told me that there is deadline for the credit. I found it out when I was planning to purchase online, and it is just one day late. The lady I spoke to told me that I can still try to send an email to their customer service dept. So I sent an email right away, and got a response 13 days later and they said NO to me. They are not offering me that credit because I passed their deadline even thought it is due to their staff. I spoke to their customer supervisor and got nothing better. I guess this is their culture, no care to their consumers. Once you bought a machine from them, you are on the hook as they know you need to buy capsules from them and therefore they do not care about your rights and they do not care about their your satisfactions at all. However one thing they missed is their reputation. And guess what you will screw up yourself by playing an unfair game with your consumers! This is the worst customer service experience in my whole life.

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  • An
    Andrew Driver Oct 14, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Worst experience i have ever had with a company. I bought the machine as a present and was offered 60euros worth of free coffee. I was told all i had to do was send my details to nespresso club and they would send the the capsules.

    The capsules were sent a day later. Great. Wife was delighted. Only for a week later to get a bill for 30euros in the post. I went through all my emails and there was no evidence i had to pay anymore money. To put a long story short after weeks of back and forth with the company i am now being hounded by a collection agency for over double what i owed. I feel cheated.

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  • An
    AniaB Oct 19, 2017

    The worst experience with Nespresso customer service!!!
    I am in the UK and it seems the company is terrible all around the world! We bought the coffee machine which broke down after only two months - they had to replace the heater and the pump. They took it back, fixed it and sent it back. When we opened the box it turned out that the plug was completely bent so we were unable to plug it in. We called them again, lots of time on the phone again, had to send them photos and after days of chasing them for the solution, they finally agreed to replace the machine. Again waiting for one delivery to pick up the broken machine, and another delivery to drop off the new one! When we go the new one, it turned out that we could not get the water tank out, we had to use a lot of force to pull it out. Again lots of time on the phone, waiting for another deliveries to pick it up - which never happened so wasted two days at home waiting for nothing! they won't return the money as we bought it through Currys PC world. As we don't want to be stuck between two companies, we are awaiting for a third coffee machine! Customer Service never knows what to say and they promise to call back, which never happens, and you have to chase them again and again! Wasted lots of time for all this, and this coffee machine is not worth it! I think I need to start writing down the serial numbers of the coffee machines, just to make sure they are actually replacing them for a different one, and not fixing it and sending it back to us.
    Hopefully I will be able to sell it to someone so I won't have to deal with this company and its customer service ever again!

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