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NCSOFTStealing money

This company i have never heard of. Yet they went in my bank accout and took $110 from my bank account. They are fraudulent because i have never signed subscribed to and agreed with anything with this company. I will be calling them tomorrow so they could redfund the $110. 00 they have no right to take. And how they got my account info i dont know but somebody is hearing my mouth. . . !!!


  • Ka
    karleebarlee Sep 30, 2009

    you obviously signed up for something online or bought something online that lead to this. please shut your caps lock off.

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  • So
    somecallemwaffles Oct 01, 2009

    NC Soft is a company that produces video games. They are best known for City of Heroes and City of Villains. I would wager that the charges stem from trying such a game, giving them your credit card information for the trial period then never canceling the subscription.

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  • Ja
    jackmany Oct 25, 2009

    I have never subscribed to any game from this or any other company. They charged my account two times today, 10/25/2009. I am going to try to contact them tomorrow.

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  • Sc Oct 27, 2009

    Same story I have over 8 charges in my account- 2 from this NCSOFT that were paid for over $100.00. I just got off the phone with the Fraudulent Activity Department of my Bank which conducts an investigation and in the meantime refund my money. I have no idea what this company is about- from their website they are some of sort of video games crap that I have O interest for. SCAMMMMM big time- i havent given my card numbers to anyone- this is a sick freaking scam. My other charges are from some acai product, some colon cleansing crap, and from - none which I have requested. Website is useless and phone numbers without customer representatives to present a claim. A pure SCAM>

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  • Cc
    CC Price Oct 30, 2009

    I checked my Bank account on10/29/09 and found it had a 49.99 debit to this company of which I had never heard of. I tried calling them to no avail, so I contacted my Bank. They said I would have to waite until the process went through and then I could go to near by Branch, fill out some papers and get my money back. The strange thing about it was I was asleep at the time this transation took place. I sent them an E Mail and advised legal action would be forth coming if this was not corrected.

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  • Pa
    parmico65 Nov 02, 2009

    I have the same problems with this company NCSOFT.COM. I have never heard about them before, but now, I have been charged for "two video games" on the same date. I have already talked to my bank, and filled out the paperwork. So, now, I have to wait for ten days to see whether or not I am going to be charged for these purchases. The only one concern I have now is, is there any connection between these problems and my Itunes account????. I have a new Iphone, and I use to purchase some apps. most of the time, I only get free apps.
    I don't understand what is going on???
    I feel that many people are having the same problems at this time.

    could there be any connection ???:

    Iphone = Itunes Account = Free Apps= NCSOFT.COM = Unauthorized charges ?????????

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  • Ma
    maloneskc1 Nov 05, 2009

    I also yesterday looked at my bank account and this company has taken money from my account. i have never heard of this company and never seen them on line.
    i nor my husband and we have no children at home play games on the internet nor order games.
    this is a fraudalant company that gets bank info and charges it to you.
    i do not sign up for trial thing on the internet for this very reason.
    i am going to my bank this morning and also have tried to call this company and will try today after they open at 12 noon.

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  • Ap
    APL*ITUNES Nov 05, 2009

    If you see authorizations like this in your online statements...

    APL*ITUNES $1.00

    Then call your bank and cancel your card immediately.

    This is a very common test prob procedure (used by culprits) Itunes is such high volume that it is very commonly used and could be that they random generated YOUR card number and found your pin (not necessarily STOLE it from anywhere)

    Bottom line is THEY have your card if you see things like this on your authorizations you did not do yourself.

    Cancell the effected card with your bank IMMEDIATELY (next run will be for much more money they try to use your card with - GUARANTEED!)

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  • Ta
    Takelia Stephens Nov 20, 2009

    I'm not sure who's been doing this fraudulent activity but the same thing has happen to me. Someone was able to debit my account without my permission or pin. Something has to be done about this. It's very unfair and uncomfortable it makes me very leery about even keeping my money in the bank. I do not understand why I'm being charged by this company as well as to others. I never subscribed nor have I ever placed my account number on the internet.

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  • Mr
    M. Rogers Nov 21, 2009

    Chargencsoft has mad $100 worth of unauthorized charges to my credit card

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  • Mi
    Michiko Roberts Nov 28, 2009

    Thank you I checked my account and had charges for
    APL*ITUNES $1.00
    APL*ITUNES $1.00
    I have contacted my card company and started action. Also printed this information off. It is sad because I was actually standing in line on blackfriday and had to put back gifts. I am beyond mad. Have never heard of this place and am not one to freely give out my charge codes. I was never able to get ahold of anyone at this place and the lady I spoke to at the APL number was to take off the charge not charge me again.

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  • Ge
    getarealjob Nov 29, 2009

    Bah Humbug to the scammers, and get a real paying job instead of stealing from innocent consumers who work to earn a honest living. Fortunately, my bank is on the ball and stopped the scammers in their tracks. Same type of charges to and apple itunes. Unfortunately, I am now without a bank card for 5-7 days until a new one is issued. Hope they catch you whoever you are!

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  • Vy
    vytaurass Dec 04, 2009

    There is connection between apple..I tunes...whatever...I have apple...ME account and I I ve got charged 49.99 and 1.99 ME friend got new iphone, she was getting all kinds free apps for it...this morning, i got email from her that she got a good deal on i phone and everyone should check it out...she sad she never send that was send to everyone who was in her emails book address...the quastion is how did theese peops got my card number ??? My iphone was also automatickly set up to charge the account is connection between that ...

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  • Se
    SeekTheTruth Dec 10, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This same exact thing happened to me today in San Antonio Texas... 3 charges on my debit card as follows:

    APL*ITUNES $1.00

    The fraud dept at my bank caught it and we cancelled the card. No idea how this happened execpt it seems to be an organized scam. I reported it all to the bank... but they are not going to do anything. We all need to take care of ourselves, keep an eye on your cards. Maybe setup a low-balance credit or debit card and use that for making purchases... keep your money in another account that has no card on it... because you have to go through the process of waiting to get your money back when this type of thing happens.

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  • An
    anonymus1 Dec 14, 2009

    Same thing happened to me, never heard about them, I called the bank but i have to wait because all transactions are pending, they gave me a number for NCSOFT.COM and I tried to call but they said office hours are 12pm to 5pm, so I have to wait 3 more hours to call again...
    Hope I get my money back, but I am wondering how this company keep doing the same?

    Expand to view more details about this transaction. Pending CHARGE.NCSOFT.COM Temporary Authorization $49.99
    Expand to view more details about this transaction. Pending CHARGE.NCSOFT.COM Temporary Authorization $49.99
    Expand to view more details about this transaction. Pending APL MOBILEME Temporary Authorization $1.13

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  • Ba
    Bailey86 Dec 14, 2009

    Both iTunes under the product description of MobileMe and NCSOFT.COM have taken money from my account in the past two days to the tune of just under $60. I'm calling my bank in the morning.

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  • Tu
    tupperwaretina83 Dec 15, 2009

    Im starting to wonder if i should cancel my itunes account im also having the same problem myself

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  • Ra
    RArmy Dec 15, 2009

    I never heard of this company, have never had i-tunes or Apple and hate what they
    have done. They stole $49.99 from my checking account, now I the victim have to
    cancel my debit card, call all my auto debit accounts, fill out forms, be without a debit
    card for several days, what a pain. I reported them to the Iowa Attorney General and
    the BBB.

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  • Tw
    TWW Dec 17, 2009

    I got one of those charges on my credit card and Mastercard people told me to contact the company. After reading these complaints I thought the company was a bunch of crooks but that was not fair. I called the company using the number on the charge card statement and they are a legitimate company that is much a victim as I was. The guy at the company told me my card had been compromised and I should cancel it. He also said they would send me an e-mail and reverse the charges. Both of these things happened. The only gripe I had was waiting over 30 minutes to get through to them but once I did get through everything was professional and turned out OK. Mastercard also caught the fraudelent activity and had bogus transactions flagged so they are on the ball also.

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  • Da
    Damyion Dec 18, 2009

    4 days ago I got a call from BofA to tell me that there were two flagged charges. APL MOBILEME $1.13 and CHARGE.NCSOFT.COM $49.99. I disputed the charges immediately. This is the only charge card I use, but I have more cards. Since the card was immediately canceled I had to pull out another card (my bank visa/debit card), which never gets used. I then used it to get gas at Chevron, I purchased some clothes at Marshalls, then I used it to get water from a water vending machine. The same water vending machine I used with my BofA credit card before the fraud charges. 2 days later I got a call from my bank stating that there were the same two charges APL MOBILEME $1.13 and CHARGE.NCSOFT.COM $49.99. Maybe some hackers stold my credit card info from this water vending machine company called AquaFill. Who knows, but I will never use any credit cards there again.

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  • Sb
    Sbousleiman Dec 29, 2009

    On 11/18/09, my Mastercard was charged $49.99 twice in a row for I'm glad I read the other comments here, which confirms my suspicions: must be fraudulent activity. I'm contacting my credit card now!

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  • Be
    Betty Davis Jan 21, 2010

    This same action has been placed against my BOA account for two charges for $49.99 from NCSoft. When you try to contact they have you on hold for over 1 hour and then hang up the phone on you when you become 1st in line in the que. They state to email them at [email protected] which is no such email. There needs to be a class action law suit placed against this company for the fraud that they are a part of. There are too many of the same stories about this company. This is not by accident or by credit card mis-use.

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  • It
    itsascam2 Feb 12, 2010

    he following post refers to the game Aion which is owend and operated by NCSOFT They are scamming us Americans. My brothers account was banned and we went through the process of trying to get the ban undone since they never gave us a reason why right away. in the long run the account is perma ban and they said cuz he bought large amounts of kinah and items which resluted in other peoples accounts being hacked and said he would have to buy another copy of the game to continue playing. we even opffered to strip his toons since he he had a 42 chanter and didnt want to start over. i can truthfully say that he did not buy any kinah cuz he would have def have given me some. I have also had two friends accounts that have been hacked and lost everything and they didnt buy kinah they worked the broker by farming items and selling them. the point i'm trying to say is NCSOFT is scamming us buy banning our accounts and hacking us to get us to buy another copy of the game. they dont care about us they are koreans. Plus the customer service stinks since they are only open noon to 5 m-fri (central time) Now my account was not affected but i have since stopped payment and will never play an NCSOFT game again. so please i ask of u is to quit aion and playing something else, anything else just not Aion or any other NCSOFT game cuz all they want to do is take your monthly payments and ban your account and make u buy another copy to play. I will not reply to this post since the email address i enetered i never use anymore. I am just trying to warn my fellow americans about what is going on and to hopefully keep this from happening in the future. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! AND WE SHOULD HAVE COMPLETELY TAKEN KOREA OVER BACK IN THE DAY AND THIS MIGHT NOT HAVE HAPPENED!!! P.S. I HAVE SO MANY OTHER COMMENTS TO SAY BUT INSTEAD JUST WATCH GRAN TORINO THE MOVIE WITH CLINT EASTWOOD AND HE'LL SAY IT ALL FOR ME!!! ROFL I LOVE THAT GUY!!!

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  • Cg
    CGASTON Oct 09, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I looked at my bank account online today and there were FIVE charges of $59.99 and FIVE charges of $79.99 to this company, AND, they had used an OLD ATM card that had been cut up and destroyed. I reported it to my bank, fraud division, and they are taking care of it. My bank had just sent out new ATM cards about a week ago because they were trying to avert this, so they must have know they had been hacked.

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  • La
    lanaL. Mar 11, 2014

    i have 6 charges in amount of 107.00 on 3/11/2014. i never buy games before. fraud

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  • Ca
    Cassandrafalcon Nov 25, 2014

    This is the work of gold-sellers. They have hacked your credit card details and are then buying in-game gold in NCSoft games like Guild Wars 2 and sell it to players to make money.

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  • To
    Tomas zuvis Jun 10, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I "Buy" Ncoins to get items in Lineage2 faster and be stronger. But what i have? wasted time, Wtah i buy? dont know becouse all gone. In bank and paypal have all proves they get money and dont fix them own problem some bugs. When i ask bring back me money, becouse thay dont do nothing always get same message (Thanks for contacting NCSOFT Customer Service. Based on the information that you have provided in your ticket, it is not clear what issue you may be experiencing. Please respond with a bit more detail if possible, and we can continue our investigation from there.) In them forum i cant post, answer or do somthing becouse dont have privilegies. Thay just take me money for nothing and makes me fell stupid.

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