National Parks ReservationScam


National parks reservation is a deceptive company designed to lure unsuspecting travelers.
It is designed in such a way to resemble a Governmental Parks Agency and it is anything but. The website is set up with the least amount of information  forcing the visitors to fill up the the multi page forms hoping that at the end they will get information regarding availabilty and  pricing, what they don.t realize is that they are being charged at the highest level possible based on their criteria selected.
Visitors will be charged 10% of their total possible rental. I say possible because if the criteria you are selecting with hi and low options NPR will charge you the highest possible rental. you might be thinking you are just inquiring but you are actually signing a contract and liable to pay the 10% non refundable fee. For example if you clicked on queen size room and clicked on three rooms your total rental would be for three queen size cabins not a three room single cabin and you could be charged the maximum rental available for you criteria, this could be $3500 and if you canceled even three months prior you would still owe 10% that is $350.00 for absolutely nothing.
These people have no shame and do this highway robbery with such ease that your head will spin once you find out what has just happened.

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