National Football League [NFL]rule changes not being upheld

M Nov 17, 2019 Review updated:

The NFL made a rule change this year for the coaches to be able to pass interference on the field. (calls and non-calls) With the low number of reversals on these challenges I can only believe that this was just a token to appease the New Orleans players and fans and that they had no intention of ever upholding these rules. In the Houston vs Baltimore game today there was a non call in the end zone. Houston challenged the call on the field. The network officiating analyst stated that he could have been called for interference on 3 issues. 1): The defender grabbed the jersey and impaired his progress while the ball was in flight and before it got to the receiver, 2): the defender hit his pads while the ball was in flight and before the ball got to the receiver and 3): the defensive man turned the receiver prior to the ball getting to the receiver. The officials ruled it to stand as called. If these are not enough to overturn a non call on the field what is?


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    Barry Copeland Nov 18, 2019

    NFL Pass Interference rule is stiffing the paying fan and filling the owners pockets. Why can't the NFL just be honest with us? Clearly DeAndre Hopkins was twisted and grabbed before the pass arrived.

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