National Football League [NFL]game pass

C Oct 06, 2019

Hi, I am writing to complain about the game pass subscription. I live in the UK, I am not a sky customer but I can access sky sports main event via my supplier. I purchase the game pass subscription to be able to watch the 49ers games every week.
On Sunday 22nd Sept I switched on the app only to find that the game against the Steelers was blacked out because it was being shown on the Sky sports action channel over here.
A channel I do not receive. When I pay you the large amount you demand to use the game pass service I expect to be able to watch all the games I want, not the ones you / sky decide I can, this I think is outrageous.
On top of that, I started a complaint via the game pass webpage which was terribly handled, I received a total of three replies, all of which were clearly automated and did not deal with my issue whatsoever, I pointed this out in my last reply and have not heard anything back since. Just send a few emails to him and he'll give up and go away ? I don't think so.

I really did expect more from your organisation, no value for money, poor customer service, held to ransom because I love the sport, it's not right or fair.

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