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Service (Robert Rousseau. manager)

Went the other day to pay - credit line 3 cashier booth 2 for business clientele (no signs indicating) 1 for private banking 2 persons and manager walking around with...

National Bank of Canadahorrible customer service & totally non transparent & biased complaint protocol

My simple complaint from FOUR MONTHS AGO involving several of this bank's employees being incompetent to answer one straight-forward bank fee question & worse, treating me with much attitude & hang up on me when I asked to speak to their manager.

My 2 complaint files dated May 2/19 being filed with 2 different National Bank employees with separate departments as a result of my series of negative experiences from NBC employees just because I asked a simple regarding their bank fees. I tried to get a reference/complaint file number or a copy of what they wrote but was denied in addition to denial for me to speak with a Supervisor/manager. I was only able to obtain the 2 names of NBC employees who were supposedly helped me to file these complaints.

And one of their employees about 10 years ago deceived me to move
funds into this bank. What a National Bank of Canada. Shame! Shame! AND MORE SHAMES ON THIS BANK

If I am not incorrect, this bank is a publicly listed business, however, this bank's president & board of directors keep ignoring open letters & emails from a badly treated long term customer under their leadership & governance.

And why these top executive & directors are being so very much protected & secretive that over a dozen of bank employees said they do not know their names or contact information in addition denying my repeated requests to communicate with their managers??


  • Jo
    Joseph58 Dec 30, 2019

    I have started removing all monies and investments out of this bank that I was a member for more then 35 years. I am mortgage free. The customer service has been terrible and at times an unethical behaviour in the past year, very rude people. I guess they do not know about the saying " take care of your customers or someone else will" Tangerine and Quest trade now have my business.

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Complaint and investigation ignored / deceived

Unbelievable but true story

1. Is there anybody else out there, who had any attempt to get their mortgage put in default for writ of seizure and sale (Credit card debts). Oh, yeah legal terminology is wonderful when you can use it from the term of mortgage. Lawyer's are knowledgeable right...

2. Was your mortgage ever sent to the collection department without you being advised. (Mortgage without assignment) they say they do not have to contact you...You go to your local bank and ask why that is my mortgage payments not taken but money is sitting in bank account, no answers from the local bank is provided, no explanations, no letters...

3. Is there anybody out there, that was called by a nbc law firm representing and was told to get out of their house before the sheriff shows up because you had a capital one writ and if you owe capital one money and if you do not pay the debt, you will have to get out of your house immediately.

But when this action is investigated, the law firm rep says that this action did not happen. Then the loan officer has a conference telephone call with the client and this law representative, and the loan officer also denies that this discussion happened and that she told the client to get out of their house.

4. Upon investigation and a family member having a verbal discussion with the nbc ombudsman, robert calgagni, he says that these two people who did this action both confirmed that it did not happen and they did not say to client to get out of their house.

Do you think that this a fair investigation on the part of ombudsman of national bank of canada. Especially when the rep says, "you should be grateful nbc has covered your lawyer's fees of $ 4, 500.00. Would you be grateful for their generosity but forget the damage that they have done to these client's. ... The stress that they caused them. The potential of losing their home...

Folks, this story is not made up because it did happen to a member of my family this year 2016. Unbelievable but true

How can a person with no money... Fight the system when nobody out there is listening !!, , , ,

  • La
    LadyScot Oct 27, 2016

    It is called a lien against your property and yes, any creditor can sue you and once they have a judgment they can attach a lien against your property.

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  • Su
    Suzanne Trudel Oct 27, 2016

    Thank you for your comment.

    Yes I know what a lien is and i know what the bank can do. And i do understand the NBC term of mortgage, and their power to do an action against the owner. SHOULD THE BANK HAVE DONE THEIR PROCESS THE RIGHT WAY, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN RIGHT, BUT IT WAS NOT DONE SO.

    But this is a case of a homeowner being told verbally WITH A TELEPHONE CALL to get out of their home without any legal document filed from the bank.

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National Bank of Canada — Unethical behaviour

342013 I am POA for my Mother Rozella Chapman, I have been trying to get some answers and action from the National Bank and their Master Card. My sister was the POA of my mother and she...

National Bank of Canada — Ignoring consumer & Democratic & Freedom of Information Rights; Falsification & Misrepresentation of Facts

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