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This is a deal with NAPA auto parts . I own a semi and drive all over MT, ID and WY . There are times I buy parts where ever I am at if I need them at the time. I did this not long ago. Bought some parts at a NAPA store out on the road. Changed the parts and fixed my truck the next day. 3-4 days later got back home. There was a core charge on the parts I bought so when I got home I took the core and receipt to the NAPA store in my home town. Asked to return the used parts for the core charge. Was told I had to return the parts to the store I bought them from otherwise I would have to pay a return fee to mail the core back. Yet when I got the parts I was told I could return them anywhere at a NAPA store for no charge. So in short. Now I have to pack used parts around in my semi in high hopes to make it back to the NAPA store I got them from to get my core charge back.


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    rachael Jan 07, 2009

    hard working employee gets harrassed by boss and all that napa auto did was stick a letter in the guys' mailbox

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