N26 Bank / Number26holding onto my money and not allowing me any way to access it.

I can't login to verify my details it says my password is incorrect. It isn't but i thought to resolve it i would just reset it. It advised I would receive an email to reset it, but haven't received this and it won't let me request it again. My debit card no longer works so I can't access the account funds of £267 or get access on the app to transfer it out.

I received an email saying you N26 will be closing the account on the 16.9.19 but since this date you have sent a few emails telling me to verify my identity which I have no way of doing as I can't get on the app. Which is it???

I had a deposit of 265.44 go in on the 27.9.19 which should have been rejected and returned if the account is closed, then it could be reissued to me but it hasn't N26 are keeping hold of this without justification or explanation.

You have my money and I can't access it. I would appreciate it if this could be resolved, as I have no alternative but to go to the banking ombudsmen with my complaint tomorrow if you fail to do so.

Sep 29, 2019

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