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Plus / Access USA Shipping Complaints & Reviews / Access USA Shipping / my account was cancelled with no reason after they received my package

Oct 05, 2019

This is my first time of using their service. A friend sent me a package to my suite and the package was received by them two days ago and I wanted to login to check if they've logded the package in my suit all I got was account can't be found. I went on to chat with their customer service... / Access USA Shipping / shipping seeds of strongylodon macrobotrys

Sep 14, 2019

I wanted to import some seeds of the plant strongylodon macrobotrys. I asked my country's food and wares authority beforehand whether import was allowed. They say that seeds don't need a certificate. However, now that I ordered the seeds and they have arrived at myus, they won't ship them... / Access USA Shipping / shipping preferences

Sep 06, 2019

Did blunder using their so called cheap mail forwarding services, yes they are cheap but in performance not in cost unfortunately, for shopping of 176$ from amazon, then paying them approximately 200$ for shipping for same package twice and then paying 420$ for custom clearance in...

[Resolved] / Access USA Shipping / lost package, never received compensation

Aug 30, 2019 / Access USA ShippingIm posting this here because Im tired of waiting for the compensation of them losing my package. I made my shipment request 4/11/19, several days later they still had not sent my package, and I get notified that a package that was on my suite was missing, 4/17/19 the remainder packages were sent... / Access USA Shipping / account hold

Aug 02, 2019

I use Myus service for months and I have more than 500 package weekly, all thing was good until one day when I wan to ship my package see my package put on hold and say "Your account is on hold. We apologize for this delay. Please check back later, as this hold may be released soon. Please... / Access USA Shipping / myus closed my account and they don't tell me why

Jul 19, 2019

i have had Myus account for 4 months and in prime day i bought a lot of things yesterday when i wanted to check my account i couldn't sign in and i am living in Dubai .when i sent a message to support they told me your account was cancel "I already received an update from our Compliance Team... / Access USA Shipping / refund of charges as part of credit cards verification process not received

Jul 01, 2019

Hi, I added 2 credit cards as my payment details in myUS' website. MyUS deducted USD3.10 from my Mastercard and USD2.59 from my Visa card on 12 June 2019. They told me that the refunds will be made within 48 hours. Till today, there is not a single refund. The customer care officer called... / Access USA Shipping / close account

Jun 16, 2019

Hi, I want to close my account and there is no place on the web site to do so. I have been trying to buy and when I confirm my order it says that I have to introduce my address in english!!! I have been charged for a service that I cannot use. Please send a link to close my account, I do...

[Resolved] / Access USA Shipping / mail fraud & theft

Apr 30, 2019

item that was supposedly shipped in a sealed bag in a sealed box didn't arrive and they are trying to convince me to lodge a missing item claim and make a claim against FEDEX. I have provided photos of the packaging, they are refusing to explain how the item has magically escaped from a...

[Resolved] / Access USA Shipping / my us shipping company

Apr 29, 2019

My US is the worst shipping company I have had to deal with so far. They have been unable to realize the simplest task to send me my package from US to Turkey on time. A friend of mine wanted to send me baby clothes as a present and we thought this company would do it properly. It wa...

[Resolved] / Access USA Shipping / fraud

Apr 28, 2019

I am in the process of contacting consumer fraud attorneys in Florida to mount a class action law suit. If anyone is interested in the details to join in please contact me at [protected] I have the documentation trail for my shipment from the shipping dock of my supplier to the...

[Resolved] / Access USA Shipping / shipment from us to uae

Apr 15, 2019

Made the worst mistake of trying this service. I have been using another similar service since the past 6 years and because these guys have an option to combine the packages I thought of trying this out. I signed up for a trial and got my first order shipped to them. The order was from...

[Resolved] / Access USA Shipping / freight forwarding thieves

Apr 11, 2019 / Access USA ShippingI was looking into purchasing a gently used bag from a popular US website (Tradesy) that does not ship to Canada. Their website recommends MYUS so I thought it was a trustworthy website, created an account, linked my payment information in anticipation for my order. My order was reported...

[Resolved] / Access USA Shipping / return products to the sender

Apr 09, 2019

If you are using this company to ship your products to other countries, be really careful. I have a big trouble with them. First I tried to contact them to do not receive a product which I've bought while I already had the authorization from the supplier. However they said that they...

[Resolved] / Access USA Shipping / credit card fraudulent transaction

Apr 07, 2019

Hello Everyone...Just want to Alert you guys that there is no such Company as They are Scamsters who are always on alert to see when you are going through their websites and they hack your Credit Card Details without even letting you know that they have Cheated you by hacking your...

[Resolved] / Access USA Shipping / packages arrived totally broken!

Mar 22, 2019

I have a subscription with myus since many many years. I received a packaged totally broken (projector good only for waste). I paid clearly for extra shipping padding and full insurance. The pack was opened by Custom but inside the package I found a US tshirt and sanitary towel fro pi...

[Resolved] / shipping fees, membership terms, refunding procedure

Mar 13, 2019

Hi Signed up a month ago, ship 3 orders total of $25, 1st shipping estimation was $25, then they added $18.5 extra cost for (perfume) saying it needs special handling cause its dangerous goods, so the total of $44. I issued the shipping request based on the $44 final estimation (which it...

[Resolved] / Access USA Shipping / shipping

Mar 12, 2019

Myus Suite 4960-058 They just ripped me off from the beginning. They write on your documents a wrong and higher parcel value so at the end you'll pay almost the same price of the parcel as custom taxes. I bought a $99 product. Then Myus entered $210 as the parcel's value and I ended up paying... / Access USA Shipping / fedex refuse to release the package

Feb 11, 2019

I shipped 3 items worth 212.86$ (including warranty replacement item 112.37$) from MyUS thru FedEx to DRC. it cost me 86.97$. As the items arrived to the customs FedEx is demanding an invoice of 391.38$ (including duties and taxes) to deliver the items. knowing duties and taxes are 212$...

[Resolved] / Access USA Shipping / my account is on hold for more than 5 days now

Feb 03, 2019

i send two packages from amazon to myus and when i try to check out it said my account is on hold for review and sorry for delay and bla bla so i speak to agent from them and he told me that will take 1-3 days to finish it and i wait until now its more than 5 days and still no update and when i...

[Resolved] / statement to shipper of city non deliverable

Jan 16, 2019

Rosalyn, This has been going on for several days. Here it is the 16th and the order was packed on the 8th and supposed to be delivered on/about 11-12 January. I've received and sent messages for the past several days. I know FedEx delivers to DaNang, Vietnam, yet the office there at FedEx...

[Resolved] / Access USA Shipping / password process

Jan 16, 2019

So I just entered my credit card details and received an email that I now have an account. So I log-in to my account and it won't accept the same password I used to create my account! I even had a screenshot of my username info. I tried multiple combinations of my email, suite #, but it'...

[Resolved] / Access USA Shipping / complete joke. if I could give less than 1/5, I would.

Jan 07, 2019

I signed up with MyUS in December last year, and I am now on my second batch of shipments. First shipment I was told one package couldnt ship because it contained seeds. Removed the seeds & scheduled for transport. No harm, no foul. Probably a day later, I'm notified that another item cant...

[Resolved] / Access USA Shipping / not releasing shipment from warehouse

Dec 16, 2018

My shipment arrived in July and MyUS quoted me over $3000.00 to ship it to Australia. I didn't realise how large the shipment was so I tried to organise removing it and sending it back to the OEM. Every time it went to be picked up MyUS claimed that they knew nothing about it and I must...

[Resolved] / Access USA Shipping / sh-186194

Nov 30, 2018

After purchasing items using, I later receive an email stating non of the items are available. so basically I've been charged for items and now refunded. do you not realize that when credit cards are charged there is a currency exchange on the money transaction out and the way back. this has cost...

[Resolved] / Access USA Shipping / malaysian excise & duty nearly 100% of cost of goods - caused by myus omission

Nov 22, 2018 / Access USA ShippingI purchased a total of seven (7) lots of items, ranging from used music books to crockery and plastic Pyrex lids from a range of vendors in the US. My thinking was that MyUS would be a good service to consolidate these shipments and send them over in one lot to Malaysia, thus saving on postage...

[Resolved] / Access USA Shipping / shipping

Aug 28, 2018

MyUs has taken my packages hostage and wont tell me when they will be shipped. I received 2 parcels of just over 1lb each in my suite valued under $30. I chose Least Expensive Option for shipping. I was given DHL and FedEx economy as shipping options to choose from costing over $40. I...

[Resolved] / Access USA Shipping / items missing from my package

Aug 24, 2018

I bought earrings, a skirt and a top from ASOS and used MyUS to forward the package but ALAS only the top and skirt arrived in the combined package I got from MyUS. So I wasted $33 on earrings that I know I'll never see again or get compensated for. I had to pay exorbitant shipping and... / Access USA Shipping / first alert sa320cn dual-sensor smoke and fire alarm - alkaline battery

Jul 06, 2018

8/6/2018 - Bought from Amazon and use address 8/6/2018 - Asked whether alkaline battery can ship, they said can. (never mentioned about ion contain radiation which they said dangerous goods cannot export out) 17/6/2018 - told me ion contain radiation wouldn't... / Access USA Shipping / fraudulent charges/scam

Jun 09, 2018

MyUS is a complete fraud. They charge a whopping $18.50 "dangerous goods" fee in addition to their already expensive shipping cost to ship a birthday gift of perfume from Florida to Texas. Meanwhile FedEx did not impose any such dangerous goods fee to deliver the perfume to their facility but... / Access USA Shipping / the help chat is useless

Jan 02, 2018 / Access USA ShippingFirst, it took FOREVER to connect to them. They started off offering a REAL hotline to help users, but then now it's all voicemail. Obviously, it's to cut cost. Then, the so-called 24/7 hotline, I had waited 30 mins to speak to the agent. This agent Darwin, his help is less than... / shipping service

Dec 27, 2017

These people failed to deliver an item shipped to Thailand, then claimed it never arrived in my suite when I complained. I got UPS to provide a POD. Then they changed story and said it did arrive and was shipped. Took me weeks to sort out - they wouldn't compensate me, caused me exce... / think twice

Dec 25, 2017

MyUS is a service you can not trust. I used them several times and each time there was something wrong. Don't ask me why I was so naive that used them again and again. I would answer if I knew... Moreover, each time I contacted customer service I heard the same thing: we're sorry, but it... / shipping - scam - stole my product

Dec 02, 2017

MyUS.comMYUS.COM - SCAM Company No.1, Liar No. 1 Let me be clear - Do not Use the service of this company. Period! Company representatives are crooks. All they do is provide false information and tell you that your case has been escalated. Please take time to read this to save your $100's of... / customer service department

Nov 28, 2017

It was your worst decision when you decided not to recruit more employees to work in your customer service department. There's no one to do their job. Not to mention that one day your company was nice because you had enough people to handle everything. But now you're big and you're understaffed. I don't... / shipment left at dubai customs - no paperwork

Nov 19, 2017

This company is a big time crook. They have taken the money for the shipment but the package is stuck in Dubai customs since 10 days. The customer service says they are sending the paper work soon but now that I am trying to contact them, they dont even respond via email nor chat. BIG... / unreliable company

Nov 16, 2017

To me it's like a game: you whether get your package or not. 50/50. No one can guarantee anything. And it would be very funny if it wasn't so sad. Out of 6 packages, they delivered only 2. So I think no need to say a lot to understand what I am trying to say. They are absolutely unreliable... / useless

Oct 24, 2017

The more employees they hire the worse their customer service department works. Now they have lots of option for communications, but the preferable one is chatting. And it's very uncomfortable. They are not too quick to reply and you have to wait for several hours before someone notice... / too slow

Sep 13, 2017

They never reply. Absolutely impossible to talk to them. Their website has a live chat, but not everyone would prefer to communicate that way. And I can assure you that even the pigeon post would be faster, than this service. It takes them at least two weeks for a simple delivery. I think it... / where are my items???

Jun 30, 2017

Why the information in my account is not accurate? Why the service is that poor??? I'm very worried about my items! I got some of the items but the majority didn't. Items was shipped to the correct suite and I did not get them. However, some items which I purchased was shipped to a wrong...