T Dec 09, 2018

I have ordered a Givenchy medium and I sent an email after 5 days of purchase as I have not received any tracking ID since the day of purchase.
However I received an email which they need my 6 digits bank security code for their payment verification as I have used a credit card to purchase on their website which I am never use it on their website before.

After provide the 6 digits security code ( which will invalid during the purchase so I think it's ok to reveal for them as they told me if I do not provide for verification and it won't goes to shipment. ), but then I call to my bank to clarify whether it is secured to provide a ‘invalid' code which the code only valid during the payment which will received like an OTP through message.

Later then I sent an email in regards of my question to Mytheresa hope that they could help on the doubts which it is secured under data protection ( which is simple question and not sarcastic kind)

However then in the late evening on the same day after the second email that I replied to them, I have received an email which said that my order has been cancelled by them but due to verification has failed.

I called up the customer care and brought up my doubt which how does the verification could failed which the code is provided by the bank ?
So she replied I can always call up the bank and ask because they have already cancelled my order and she can see I have sent email to ask about the code.

It is kind disappointed which I have patiently waited for at least the 6 day from the purchase.

In conclusion, I asked whether is it my fault to reveal the code and is my bank's fault to provide a valid code but caused their verification failed so that I could not purchase.

Anyway, although it is a bad experience which my order had been cancelled but it is not due to out of stock. It is because they could not answer the question and they don't want it too.

I have not encountered which I am always purchase everything through online. If I could have purchase from online I would not wanted to go for shopping trip.

But sad to say so, in a logic sense, I am disappointed with the reason from there. I am also regret which i did recommended my surrounding people may go through mytheresa to purchase their goods.

Hence, Thanks for having me to have this experience with mytheresa. I would not purchase since they are having worldwide customers which love to buy from them and I can understand they do not need a buyer like me which could brought question to them.

I just want to laugh at whatever had happened, which it is my first time experience to encounter this.

Thanks guys for letting me have a review here. Just share with my experience.

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