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Myself and Martini too, were victims of Cheryl and Carrie Boettger. I must note, I did not buy the puppy from sellers' website listed above. I found her listing when doing a search for a black and white pom, which led me to the classified site on 7/7/08. Cheryl called me on the phone same evening after I sent her an email inquiring about the puppy that came up on the large pic on the site. There was no price listed for this one. She said the price was $1000.00 but initially she was asking $1200. My understanding after speaking with Cheryl was that it was up to me if I wanted to register her with akc after asking what apri was opposed to akc. Cheryl explained it was a cheaper and less entailed registry but never said the parents were not akc. I would not pay $1000.00 not knowing if she were purebred. I asked about the shipping and why some other breeders won't ship. She assured me the way she ships is perfectly safe. I asked for more photos of this puppy which Cheryl sent. I asked specifically if the color of the dog was showing true to color in the pics and she said it was. I also asked if the puppy would be ok while I worked as no one would be home with her for about 8 hrs beginning 4 days after I received her. She said she would be fine. I didn't want to use a crate so Cheryl said just get a puppy playpen. I paid by credit card for the puppy. Cheryl explained a personal crisis going on but thought she would ship the following week but no date was set. I had spoke with Cheryl on at least 2 other occassions via phone. I was told twice the week before the puppy was shipped that she was 12 wks old. One of which was when I spoke with Cheryl and she asked for the credit card info again so she could charge the shipping fee (7/20/08 posted to my credit card). I received an email on 7/11/08 from her or Carrie stating she would be arriving the following Wed. I sent an email stating that was not good and I could not get her until the following Sunday, 7/20/08 and that she should have checked with me before booking. On 7/15/08 I sent an email asking if a new date was set. The response I received said the date was booked and I was told it would be Monday, 7/21/08. I received a phone call Sunday, 7/20/08 from Cheryl telling me she weighed in @ 15oz. and she was a little leary of shipping her but she said she decided before she called me that she would be fine. When my daughter and I went to pick her up at the airport, we found a very scared and sickly looking puppy My daughter and I both expressed to the attendant in the Continental baggage office that she didn't look at all like the puppy I purchased. We figured it was due to the flight. We noticed her food and water didn't look touched as she would not have been able to reach it (it was attached to the front of the crate half way up. I tried to reach Cheryl or Carrie by phone as Cheryl asked when we got home to let them know how the puppy was but received the message that this caller was not accepting calls. I left a voice mail and Carrie called be back about 12:40am 7/22. I had many concerns, one of which, they sent me the wrong dog and that the puppy wouldn't eat. She told me to give her cottage cheese and she liked boiled hamburger. I also expressed my concerns that she had loose stools and dragged her but on the floor. She said her behind was probably irritated and to use vaseline. There was a container of puppy food in the crate that Cheryl said she ate but the puppy would not eat it. I was also told she ate Science diet hard food but as of Oct 2008, she still could not eat any hard food as they were all too large. I have also tried Eukenuba and Iams puppy hard food with no luck. Another phone call which Carrie returned, I explained the same concerns and told her the puppy can not sustain on these choices of food but I know she had to have food. Again, told the same thing with the comment she is a very picky eater. I was not told that previously to purchasing. When I found out the date the puppy would arrive, I made an appointment with my vet for the next day the puppy was to arrive. My vet found at least a grade II heart murmur and luxating patellas within minutes of examining the puppy. My vet said we will have to see how she is but should not have been sold without disclosing this info. In fact, she should not have been transported via plane. I emailed Cheryl and told her of the health issues and I requested their vet's info and spoke with Carrie on the phone but she couldn't talk as she was on the highway. I believe on 7/23 or 7/24 I called her back because she didn't return my call like she said she would. I gave her my vet's info. Cheryl's vet, Susan, and my vet, Jennifer Gilbert, Derby Small Clinic spoke. My vet said she believed Susan was sincere and that she stated 'we try to check all of them' and if she saw this puppy, she didn't hear a murmur or see any problems with the patellas. I was told by Cheryl their vet and my vet didn't think it was a big deal. Cheryl said that if need be, I was to return this puppy and they would send me another after they resold her as per her 2 yr health guarantee. I did not even see a health guarantee. Cheryl said in the first phone call that she works with the customer to find a solution. She did not tell me to go to her actual website to see the guarantee. Also, there was not well check up vet papers included. Just the airline required proof of no communicable diseases. This doesn't include genetic defects or anything else. I have called Continental and the only requirements they have to have is this paper, the dog has to be at least 8 wks and a size of crate requirement. In this email, I said I wanted my money back because they didn't send me the puppy in the picture and on top of that she is sick, but they would have to come and get her as she should not be shipped due to her health issues, and that I would not accept another puppy from them. They said they would not give me my money back as it is stated in the contract as such. I did not get the contract/guarantee until I got the puppy. It was attached to her crate. I tried to break this contract less than 48 hrs after receiving the puppy. This is when I decided I was going to try to report her to anyone that would listen as I didn't want this to happen again but I would rest on it for a while as I was not in the right frame of mind as I was angry that anyone could do this. I really do believe the wrong dog was sent, for whatever reason, intentionally or not. I don't believe their vet examined this dog. I understand that the coloring will change but in 2 wks she went from all grey to all cream and red/blonde. I spoke with other breeders and they said it could not happen so drastically in such a short amount of time As a matter of fact, she has not changed at all in coloring since I received her. The next problem was on 7/30/08. The puppy was listless when I came home from work at lunch time. She stood up then laid right back down and didn't look right. I took her to the emergency vet, Orchard Park, NY. I will condense, she was there for 2 1/2 days. Because the vet, Franca Difilippo, thought she had at least a grade IV heart murmur and in ill condition, she felt at least a 2 1/2 day stay was necessary as well as an echo. They put in iv's. Her blood sugar was low and on 7/31 and echo was done. I need to express the fact that I was diligent in making sure she ate. At no time did Cheryl or Carrie tell me I had to hand feed her, although I did. By the time I went back to work, Martini was eating fine. She had coccidia, which Cheryl said she was treated for. The findings are pulmonary stenosis moderate to severe. She is a candidate for a balloon angioplasty. I will not do this to her. She is too small and it is most probable a second angioplasty will be needed. If she doesn't have this procedure, symptoms (right heart failure, syncope) or sudden death are most probable within the first few yrs of life. I reported this information to Cheryl and the bottom line solution she offered per her emails is a replacement puppy AND she will let me keep the dog I already have. I offered the following: Refund for vet bills thus far and I will keep her; or 1/2 refund for dog and 1/2 of vet bills incurred as of that date and I will keep her; or Refund for vet & cost of dog and she can come and get her as she can not be shipped. I have since offered to eat the shipping, as I would have paid that anyway but I wanted vet bills, thus far and I would keep her. There is no way she can resell her. I do not trust to get another dog from this person, who now says she never told me she was the breeder. I have found proof she has been listed as a breeder and sometimes breeds with others to sell puppies. I keep telling her that I did not buy this dog from her website as she refers to in emails. I bought her from a classified site she posted so I really thought she was the breeder. Broker? Paperwork received attached to the crate also shows her age to be 12 weeks and weight of 3 lbs. Her other paperwork shows birthdate 5/18/08 and another date of 5/17/08 on the registry application (apri). So she was actually 8 wks the week before she shipped when Cheryl told me she was 12wks. Making her 9 wks when I received her. Also the phone number seller filled out is not even close. The area code is 728 and hers is 308. Continental says she was shipped from Denver CO. Cost for shipping is $195.45 and I was charged $225.00. I really think they shipped the wrong dog to me and someone else got the dog I was supposed to get. Also when Cheryl indicated the night before shipping that the puppy weighed 15 oz, 2 days later, after shipping and not eating and drinking very well, my vet weighed her in at 1 1/4 lbs. She would not have gained weight but rather lost or stayed the same.

I asked about the age discrepancy on a couple emails but Cheryl did not comment on that until one of the last email I sent specifically asking only about the age. She said it may have been a mistake she would have to ask her vet what age she had. I understand if it was an error but I really think they should have reimbursed me and just admit it instead of trying to cover it up as I feel happened. Since reading many negative reports and knowing she changed the name of her business, I believe she knowingly sells sick puppies. If you have info or want to pursue this matter, please do a search for the yorkie talk message board. You can get in touch with me through that site as I can not give you my email through this site. Thanks and I hope this helps anyone deciding on buying for Cheryl or not. She sells these pups from one of her hotels.


  • Dr
    Dr. Terri B Oct 29, 2018

    I have two Poms from Parker’s Precious Poms and dealt with Tiffany both times. My babies are perfectly healthy and happy dogs and Tiffany continues to be the first person I go to with questions or concerns. She is very reputable and I wouldn’t deal with anyone else! Your expectations seem to be beyond what is reasonable. I love my dogs, and I love my association with Parker’s Precious Poms and Tiffany!!! Dr. Terri B.

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  • Po
    PomMom1 Jul 14, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My complaint is with Parker's Precious Poms of Roy WA. Stole my dog and my $$$. Horrible don't bother doing business with these ladies. Unprofessional and liars. They count on you bringing back your sick dog so they can sell it or breed it again and never give you a refund. Your better off going to the pound. It will save you a lot of headache and $$$ like $1800. For those prices I expect a trained dog with NO absolutely NO health issues. Horrible to work with!!

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  • Pa
    Parker20 Aug 12, 2018
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    Verified customer

    @PomMom1 You expect a trained dog at 9 weeks old? You SURRENDERED your dog because you couldn't house train her. Sick dog??? Seriously??? You kept your other puppy who you are thrilled with. You didn't ask for a refund when you gave up on your puppy and were not entitled to one per our was not our fault you couldn't house train her. And have now received a 75% refund. We've learned our lesson, do not work with first time dog owners who have unreasonable expectations.

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  • Ma
    may87 Dec 17, 2010

    I also bought my Teddy from Carrie & Cheryl 2+years ago. When I went to pick him up at the airport(7-2-08) he was scared as can be expected from any small animal traveling on a loud, noisy airplane. Luckily he was not the only dog being shipped that day and I got to witness that the rest of the animals, including a cat, were scared for their lives. When I reached in to get him out of the kennel he was way at the back and being so tiny I couldn't reach him. Any who, the first night home he did not eat. The next day (7-3-08) we took him to the vet who checked him out and said he was in very good condition. He got some shots and we were to watch for any alergic reaction to the shots and to have him drink pleanty of water and pedialite, at this poin he still had still not eaten. At this point the vet suggested to try wet food and/or gerber. No later than 3pm he had at the food that cheryl sent in the kennel. However that next day, seeing as he was still tiny and not potty trained, he had a little accident in the house and I noticed blood in his stool. We called the vet who told us to take him in. They tested him for parvo!!! Thankfully it was not parvo. The Vet said sometimes smaller dogs get disstress from the flight and the change of climate. Long story short Teddy my BABY has been a helthy chocolate colored Pom. He weighs a little more than we had hoped for but we love him just as much he weighs anything from 4-6lbs depending on the time of year. We cut his hair way shorter in the summer so he loses some pounds.

    I really do feel bad that Trasee had a bad experince. My sister had a similar situation with the person who she bought her yorkie from. She was supposed to get a female yorkie but instead got a neutered male. The owner offered the difference in price from the male and female and that was that. I hope that Trasee finds a dog that can make her as happy as Teddy has made us. We too are looking to purchase another dog a possible mate for teddy. He is ready to mate. I emailed either Carrie or Cheryl not that long ago and sent them a picture of Teddy and let them know that they could use us as a reference.

    Best of luck to you Trasee

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  • Lo
    LoveMyZoey Jul 24, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I bought my Zoey from Carrie and Cheryl two years ago. I am thinking about buying another one from them real soon. I had absolutely no issues with anything. Zoey is healthy and the most outgoing dog that I've ever had.

    I do feel for the person with the complaint, but I'm sure it was a mistake.


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  • Tr
    trasee May 31, 2009
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    Verified customer

    Your references are from happy customers. The ones that didn't get your sick dogs. You also have bad reviews that are not posted. Of course there are changes in the coats but you advertised her as a wolf sable and she is not. Either you sent the wrong dog or you lied. You are being untruthful. You first told the Att. General that you didn't remember me asking about the pics being true to color, now you go on that you expained that to Me. Why didn't you send me recent pics of the puppy when I asked. You assumed I wanted old ones?? I thought that is what she looked like. My vet's assistant said the markings are different. She raises poms. You better get the story straight before you're sworn to tell the truth. You did NOT call me after the vets spoke. I sent you emails. The only phone calls you made were ones after I left messages for you as you were not available. I DID call Carrie the night we received her. I did tell her I thought I got the wrong dog and that she wouldn't eat that's when I was told cottage cheese, then another phone call I made, I was told boiled hamburger and rice. Get it right or don't say at all. Stop your lies. I suppose your stories will get better as time goes by. My postings have not changed. You did send the wrong dog and a sick one at that. Funny how you never post birth dates. Buyers, please be aware. You may get a healthy dog but you may get one that is genetically sick. Also, would you spend atleast $1, 000 fplus for a dog without AKC?

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  • Gt
    gtsgirl2005 Apr 25, 2009

    Please take time to read myside of the story!!
    Yes on the evening of 7/708 I did sell Trasee a little sable female. To this day I wish I hadn't picked up the phone it has been a nightmare ever since. I was just getting ready to go see my friend in Arkansas that had terminal lung cancer. She told me she had found me on Terrific Pets and wondered if the puppy was still available. I told her yes. I even decided to sell her for $1000 instead of the $1200 I was asking. Since I was heading out of town I wanted to leave my daughter with as little as possible for her to take care of. I explained what was going on and we agreed to ship the puppy the following week when I would be back!! My ad on Terrific Pets tells people to go to my website to view my contract!! We even went over what I did and didn't cover. She is saying she didn't see it that I don't agree with. She did pay me with her credit card for the puppy but I won't take the shipping since I wasn't shipping the puppy yet. Everything was a go.

    When I got back I booked the shipping. No I didin't call and asked her a date. I maybe should have but did book the flight for that Wedneday. I emailed and called her. She told me that day didn't work for her. She never once acted like I had done anything to upset her. I told her I would rebook the flight and asked what day. She had wanted Sunday but the flights for Monday where shorter. There was no reason for her to be upset with me on that.

    With the shipping I forgot to charge her for the shipping. My friend had died that week of cancer and I guess I had alot more on my mind then the shipping. We had gone to the races in Lexington NE and I was just setting in our enclosed trailer when I remember I hadn't collected the shipping. I had her number saved in my cell phone. I remember barely hearing her. I did get the card # and we got off the phone. I didn't call her to tell her I was worried about shipping her or for any reason but collecting the shipping. I didn't tell her a weight I didn't have the puppy's wellness check with me. I told her to please call me when she got the puppy. I have people call me to let me know they got the puppy and that the puppy arrived ok. She says she called and left a message I didn't get it. I remember being upset she hadn't called. I knew the flight arrived late so Carrie called. She did not say she wouldn't eat we told her to make sure she did eat. We told her as we tell everyone to make sure the new puppy eats. If she don't low blood sugar can set in and a puppy can die from that. I told her I had enclosed a container of the wet puppy food she was use to eating. I told her if she gave her trouble eating that I had other things for her to try toget her to eat. She did call us back several occasions asking about what foods to try saying she wasn't eating the best. During this time her vet she normally takes her puppy to supposely found a heart murmer. To be honest I was extremely suprised. The little girl had been to my vet prior to placing her for sale and was 100 percent. She was taken back in the Saturday prior to her being shipped Monday. That visit I have a complete wellness check which has the heart and knees marked as normal. No I didn't ship that with the puppy. The wellness check is something I pay for and I keep in the file for my records. My vet's also keep a copy. My vet and her's talked on the phone. They both came to the agreement that Tracee should just sit back and relax. My vet faxed a copy of the wellness check at that time to her vet. So she has a copy of the wellness check. Both vets knew she had 2 years to see what happened. She was to take the puppy back in at 6 months to see how she was doing. They said we could talk again at that time. I called her and we talked again. I am extremely suprised that Susan (my vet) would miss a heart murmer. She has been a vet in our area for years. She was also voted best vet in North Platte in 2008. So I have all the confidence in her findings. I guess all I can say is she is human and mistakes can happen. I to this day have never seen a vet bill or seen anything from a vet with these findings. I did not leave her hanging I told her we would keep in touch. I was never told about the low blood sugar or the other vet's finding on the little girl for a few weeks. I then got a rude email wanting to know what I was going to do. She wanted a horrible amount of money for vet bills I hadn't okayed. The last time we talked our vets had agreed to wait. Wanting to get this taken care of I told her I would take the puppy back and send her a replacement. I told her I would take this puppy to a different vet if that made her feel better. No tha wasn't an option. The puppy couldn't be shipped back. I then agreed to let her keep the first puppy and sent her a replacement. That wouldn't works. She didn't have money for vet bills. I have relation that live in New York that come back and forth. I told her I would have them come get her and then fly her in a new puppy. She didn't want that. My family agreed to even bring her new puppy to her so it wouldn't have to be shipped. Nothing I said was ok. It was her way or no way. Her way was not possible. I was going way above and beyond what my contract states.

    Of course with her there where other issues. The coccidiosis which she said the 2nd vet found over 1 week later. I had told her that we give preventative medication 10 days prior to shipping to insure the stress of shipping doesn't trigger anything. That is something I do that my vet recommends. My contract states she was given it also. She then claims she got the wrong puppy. As I explained to her even when we talked on the phone sables are hard toget accurate pictures of. I have found that sables can look different colors with different color backgrounds. So I take pictures on the white bathroom floor, then with blue backgrounds and even purple. I do alot of different settings with differents colors. Some of them look like they have blue eyes. So pictures are so hard toget right. She did ask me about the coloring and I explained it to her just as I have you. When she was so upset about the puppies colors I also called breeders that have breed Poms for years. They said they have had similar issues. Also the 2 weeks though not alot of time their color changes some. Anyone that knows about Poms realize that Poms loss the baby hair and there is no guarantee what the adult hair color will be. I have been really suprised. I also believe that this is just something else for her toget upset about. But again I agreed to a replacement puppy that should take care of this issue also.

    Of course all the other issues!! Never once did I lead her to believe this puppy or th parents where AKC reg. She was told the puppy was APRI reg. I did tell her the paperwork was easier and I got the paperwork back alot faster with APRI reg. It is also cheaper to reg. the puppies with them. I though have both AKC and APRI reg. puppies here. I don't believe that a puppy being AKC makes them a better puppy then one that is reg. APRI. So that puppy being APRI does not make her one bit less purebred. If she looks at the paperwork she can send in for a pedigree that goes back several generations. This is just something else for her to complain about. Then the puppy not being able to reach the food and water bowls in her crate. All a person has to do is go to Walmart to see that isn't the truth. I ship in the small kennels. I attached tupperware bowls with food and frozen water with ziplock to the door. I have shipped puppies for around 6 possibly 7 years. This is the first I have had someone say their puppy could not reach the bowls. That is simply not possible.

    I hope after reading both of our sides you can come to your own conclusion. There was simply no way to make her happy. I still would be more then happy togive her a replacement puppy. I have said this for months. If anyone wants to talk to my vets or have any concerns about buying puppies from me please call. I have references. You can talk to other breeders that know me personally. I hope that this little puppy gets well and lives a long happy life.

    Thanks for taking the time to ready my response


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