Musicaservice of shift manager

Good day,

I bought FIFA20 at Musica. Unfortunately the service from the shift manager Richard in Canal Walk was horrendous. He asked for my Drivers or ID. I gave it and normally with an RCS account I don't have to wait 15mins for someone to phone to check if it's my account. He phoned in to even check if it was me never experienced that with my rcs account. It's horrible service and on top of it caused a delay in the queue. In the beginning I understand, but I have an account for a while and normally a copy is good enough. I was told after the phone by Richard the auditor wants a copy of my identification and account. It was a dark copy and it felt like he was being funny with me because any auditor won't be able to clearly see the drivers clearly. I'd never recommend anyone to that store ever and won't purchase there ever again. I should have returned the game and left.

Kindly advise on policies of certain accounts to customers as they arrive. It took away the experience of purchasing the game and excitement. Never had an experience like this ever!

Regards Ghakeem

Oct 07, 2019

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