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no support for physical cd purchases anymore

For many years, CDBaby was one of the best places to get independent music (on CD... hence the name). Though I even remember them selling original copies of Elliott Smith's "Roman Candle". I frequently ordered CDs there.

Times have changed for the music industry and apparently the business model of CDBaby also got a severe overhaul. Through the homepage, you can't even really find their CD store again. Their focus now seems to lie with steaming.

Nevertheless, I recently ordered a few CDs from their store. The order confirmation included the typical message of how they caressed the discs with gloves and hung my picture on the wall as "customer of the month".

Then reality sinked in as my parcel got lost in international transit. The usual support email that led to prompt replies in the past, now returns an automatic message referring you to a tedious form, and the "average response time" was said to be 4 to 6 business days. I have yet to hear back from them nearly a month later.

In short, it seems the "old" CDBaby has gone down the drain. They have brought me joy over many years so I would be delighted if they manage to reinvent themselves and help distribute independent music. But I can recommend you to avoid the CD store from now on; it's not what it used to be and CDBaby doesn't seem to care about it anymore (heck, even the FAQ section and support form are not designed for inquiries on CD shipments). To me, the whole experience makes me suspicious about relying on their support for streaming.

Goodbye, CDBaby.

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