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Murad Skin CareBad customer service


I'm really upset with this companies advertising and more over there customer service. I called, ordered cause yes, I have some blemishes.
Any way so I get the product and get charged an advertised $30, I decide the product is not worthy and call to cancel. I get another charge for $60 after I do so. I called back and listened to their annoying hold music which interrupts every 30 seconds when you're on the cancel line. They said, oh we shipped you out another box. I said fine, I'll keep it & let my wife try it for her little blemishes but I don't want any more and no more surprise charges! "I apologize Sir, we work for a company that works for Murad, we're not directly employeed by Murad". Today a month later I get another $32 charge! So I call again to listen to that stupid annoying operator sound again! They do that on purpose so that people will want to hang up and delay the cancelation of the "product". This annoying mono tone jerk pics up after 10 minutes of hold and says, "Sir, I cannot help you with a billing problem, if you have cancelled already I can not pull up your info. You called the wrong dept." O.K. Please transfer me, "Sir, I cannot transfer you, we don't have that capability". F&$# Murad, U S*$K! This is rediculous! Cheap companies outsourcing! Clinton and his gr8t ideas!
Murad took away the blemishes some what, Gr8t! But this is high way robbery that no one is monitoring businesses like these who do every thing to scam $$ out of there customers! I will be calling these jerks again when I calmer. I'm in the customer phone support field myself and this is just pathetic service they have going on!


  • Al
    Albee Ebrahim Jul 08, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    s there any solution to Ps !!!

    I have read all the comments on this site and came to conclusions that person whose psoriasis is chronic, takes time. One needs to keep patience and follow the prescribe Diet instructions.
    Only Ayurveda has solutions to your psoriasis but for this you should be strict on your daily diet. Avoid all fast food stuffs, spicy foods, sugary items, fried and salty items, non-veg, container pack foods with full of preservatives which are highly toxic in nature and bakery products.
    Maida use in bakery product is poison for you. It sticks inside guts lining and decreases nutrition absorption capacity.
    There are lot of ayurvedic medicines available in around which may help you. Psoriasis will not get cured over night it takes time provided u should take your medicine religiously and should follow control diet.
    I was having chronic plaque psoriasis from last 15 years and friends I too spend more than 4 -5 lakhs rs on Allopathy and Homeopathy treatment but it all went in vain. With my bad experience you can save your time and money by taking right decision.And amazing fact that I got cured in 4 months and from more than 3 years I am helping Psoriasis people around.
    More than 50 men/women got cured by the antioxidant medicines which I recommended them which are at very reasonable cost.
    I have really burnt my fingers and learnt this all. If my knowledge helps Psoriasis sufferer through rich antioxidant medicines, which starts working from the first day and give me blessings then I would be the happiest person in the world.
    I assured you any complicated chronic Psoriasis disease can be cured with the remedies we discovered and that too at the cheapest cost with 100% results. Individual self commitment, control diet, awareness and ready to fight with Chronic Psoriasis will help any one to cure this disease permanently. We will guide you from time to time, provide you control diet plan, and tell you the secrets, so that in one or two months you get fast results.
    The cause why body can't fight off the infection in the skin is because of the thick blood and overloaded body with the toxins which disrupt the communication between the cells (liver cells, skin cells, immune cells, etc.) N today's world hurry, curry and worry are the major factors for major diseases. People are earning more and spending less on their health. Food habits have been changed, level of stress has been increased, Polution, farm pesticides, insecticides and container pack preservatives has its own impact which toxifies your body and increase level of oxidative stress within body, No of courses served in the banquet has reached to 10. All these can be the cause of the disease.
    Keep this in your mind Ayurveda has all solutions from hair to nail of your body and only Ayurveda Natural Herbs can Heal your Psoriasis!!!
    thank you..!!!
    If you are really serious and want to get rid of this chronic disease, please go through our website.

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  • Sa
    Salamatu Nurudeen Feb 08, 2016
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    Verified customer

    Murad had the worst customer service ever, I have tried almost all their customer service care numbers but they do not answer, now how do I cancel my automatic shipping

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  • Be
    Beth Gray Jan 26, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is the worst, most unorganized company I have ever dealt with. I signed up with Murad a couple of years ago, received products and liked them. However, the cost and the method of payments became problems for me. I spoke with representatives on 4 different occasions to cancel my membership. The first time I called, I decided to remain a member after the rep explained other options. But I decided about 6 months after to go ahead and cancel. I called to express this and was told that my account was cancelled and no payments were pending. My account was debited again, and when I called, I was told that the payment was for a previous order. I was also told that I had two accounts - which I wasn't aware of. I expressed my wish to cancel that one as well. Again, I was told no payments were pending. I received another package, called again and was told again that my account(s) was closed. Today, my account was debited again! Just got off the phone, same conversation that I've had on three different occasions - this was the last payment for a package previously received. How do I get away from this crooked company???!!!

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  • Ms
    msfit Jan 19, 2016

    Worst customer service I have ever received from any online shop.
    I was charged for an item that I ordered but did not receive. A week later, after having several conversations with customer service, I am still waiting for approval to get a refund. They call it "protocol". I call it poor customer service and a good way to lose customers. The company can and should launch an investigation to find out why this item is missing but in the meantime, they should care for their customer who did not receive an item they paid for. Regardless of who is to blame for the item not getting to me, the item did not get to me and my claim should be processed. I will never shop on Murad / Bally Direct ever again nor will I recommend them to anyone. I'm not even sure I will purchase Murad products through Sephora again because customer service was THAT BAD and the thought of Murad being affiliated with Balley Direct leaves such a bad taste in my mouth.
    If Balley Direct's "protocol" is to make customers unhappy and make them wait as long as possible for any kind of service, they are doing a great job of it and will lose many customers while they figure out how to run a business. They should look at how Sephora treats their customers, they could learn a thing or two.

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  • Do
    DocAnna Jan 08, 2016

    Do not order from Murad‼️ They will continue to charge your card on a monthly basis once they get your information. Even if you cancel your "subscription". It' a scam, comparable to identity theft, because they will rob you and say that they can only refund a portion of what was paid, even when the product was not received. I hate the fact that they are preying on people so that they can be wealthier! STAY AWAY FROM MURAD‼️‼️‼️

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  • Li
    Lisa n Nj Dec 24, 2015

    I'm so glad I came to this site and read the complaints before ordering. I believe the reviews listed because I tried to order a kit on their website and as soon as you hit "add to cart" a box pops up stating that you are being enrolled in a membership. I wanted the "rapid dark spot corrector kit" and after doing some research, found out that it is also called the" environmental shield kit" (minus a bottle of some sort of peel/mask). Ulta, QVC and Sephora also carry their "starter kits" . My suggestion, pay a little extra and order from one of these places and save your self the headache.

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  • Jo
    Joan Toohey Oct 31, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered Murad Resurgence Starter kit off a TV commercial as a 30 day trial product for $30 over six months ago. I did not order anything else and I told them right during the order call sales pitch that I did not want to be a member in any "'club" to receive future discounts, that I did not want to receive any further products from them at all unless I called in again to place an order (which I never did), and that they were authorized to charge my credit card for ONLY this one time 30 day trial offer. I don't like the produce!!! I have received a box with a "free gift' enclosed 3 times now. I call every time to tell them I didn't order it, credit my credit card, do not send me any more, I don't want it! I have been given a run around every call. I am always given the same story. We're so sorry, ma'am, the last person didn't cancel your account correctly. But you can TRUST ME. Your account is now closed (after waiting 30 minutes on the phone with lots of hold periods), your credit card has been credited, you will not receive any more bills or product. I get the persons name and ID (each time, that person doesn't work there anymore!) This has gone on 3 separat times. I now receive yet another box of product!!! They charged my credit card $58.68 and then note that they will be charging me the balance once a month until the balance if paid $168!!! THIS IS CRAZY.
    Every phone call I get a person's name and ID number and every one of them give me the same excust...the last person didn't cancel your order correctly but YOU CAN TRUST ME, because i am cancelling it correcly now. Then I ask for a return authorization numer which they promise I'll have in 7 days. Can you guess? I never receive one!!! So i call again because they send, yes, you guessed it...MORE PRODUCT for which they charge all over again. I just got another one with another bill. Murad also reported me to a collection agency!!! for not paying their bogus bill once i cancelled the credit card they were using!!! UNBELIEVABLE! If anyone out there knows how and to whom this abuse can be reported, please let me know ... [email protected]

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  • Ha
    Haleymarie423 Jul 15, 2015

    The same thing happened to me. I ordered a 30 day product and no where on my order did it say I was signing up for a membership. Murad took it upon themselves to send me a 90 day supply of product I didn't order and charged my card without my authorization. I loved the product but will never do business with them again as this is shady and illegal. I'm putting a complaint in with my credit card company now.

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  • Ro
    Robertone May 22, 2015

    Which is untrue, because customer service is available to order MEMBER pricing, Monday through Saturday.

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  • Jo
    jomama81 Apr 10, 2015

    I like the products ok, and I am ok with the automatic shipping, what makes me frustrated is that once you purchase the kit you automatically become a member! As a MEMBER, the catalog lists membership prices, but when you order other products online you cannot get those prices, but the full price! I spoke twice to their live chat persons, both of whom gave me an address of as the spot to order with membership prices. The site is bogus!! I opened a new window and went to the site, then copied and pasted the response immediately back into the live chat so the person could see that the site did NOT work! They said "Oh, I'm sorry... the site is temporarily not functioning"! Sure... I didn't tell them I had already tried it two weeks before. Bottom line, apparently if you want the product, you pay full price regardless.

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  • Ma
    Maria Lum Oct 15, 2014

    This product did nothing for me! I used it for six months, called to cancel back in April and here it is October and they are still charging my credit card! Their customer service is horrible and they don't care if the product works or not but they take money out of your account every month. When I called to cancel they said " we will stop the product for three months and see what happens???!!! We'll after three months I noticed another charge on my credit card so I called and they said that we shipped the product again but I never received anything and still they did not care. They told me sent the product back so we can give you a refund! Don't have anything to send back! This company does not know the meaning of customer service. You leave messages and no one calls you back. Why would you want to buy something again that does not work? Now this past Saturday I received a box again???!!! Stop sending me your product that does not work and refund the money that you have taken from me. I want them to to take me off their mailing list and do not ship your garbage to my address anymore!

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  • Jo
    Joey13 Jan 26, 2014

    The customer service sucked. I returned my order and had to pay shipping and never received refund. Made several phone calls and emails and no satisfaction. Balley direct is the problem. They hire incompetent customer service agents. They lost me as a customer. My sister, knowing what I went through, didn't try their product. Not worth the hassle !

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  • Bl
    blackhead beth Dec 01, 2013

    I recently placed an order just for a x-mas gift for someone and maybe myself I wanted to try something for my blackheads and well they better not do this to me, I'm not up for any games from people scamming for money and business. SO CRAZY, this sounds ridiculous. I hope that they don't try to charge my credit card every month that would be total bull ###.

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  • Ca
    Carmensita Riggs May 01, 2013

    I also told the person on the phone I only want to get the one time trial and then I will decide if I want to get more because I did not want to keep getting product and getting charged for it. I should have know better because guess what today I received a package . I did not open it jet . I am just trying to figure out how to send it back and not get anymore charges.

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  • Be
    Belyn Mar 13, 2013

    I chose to purchase Murad Resurgence on special "TV Offer". I was quite upset after speaking to a representative that my Visa was going to be billed for over 200 and some odd dollars. I said "wait as minute, why so much"? I only wanted the package as advertised on TV for 39.95 which came with the three added bonuses no additional charge. I am awaiting my products and charges in which case it will not be the last that they have heard from me. I plan to get to the bottom of this and to make other people aware through media. And on this final note when they say that this call will be monitored for quality purposes, it is also wise to record your conversation with them also for customer assurance purposes.

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  • Ho
    hootowl Feb 17, 2013

    I have to agree with the customer service or better yet, the LACK of customer service. When I found this product and really wanted to try it there was NO WAY I was getting sucked back in to their "monthly program". I called and ordered and the person I talked to sounded like she was sitting in her apt. eating potato chips and could give a sh!t less. I kept asking her questions and it would take her at least 2-3 minutes to answer a very simple, if she had all the info right in front of her, that should have took 15 seconds tops. Every question I ask her just dumb founded her and at one point she ask me if I was talking about the product that "Joan Lunden" advertises for. WTH? UUUMMM, you don't even know the first thing about the product you work for? I was trying to keep my cool, all I was trying to order was the Intoductory Kit, which is the very first thing you see when you go to their Home page, she could not find what I was talking about for the life of her SO I had to tell her to go to their own Home page. Holy Sh!t, there it was!!! BBBUUTTT, she tried to tell me since I was only getting a ONE time deal, (THE VERY REASON I CALLED BECAUSE I HAD TO MAKE SURE THIS TWIT UNDERSTOOD I WAS NOT GETTING SUCKED IN TO THE MONTHLY CRAP BECAUSE IT IS THE ULTIMATE RIP-OFF, AND TAKES LITERALLY MONTHS AND CANCELLING YOUR CREDIT CARD SO THEY WILL QUIT CHARGING/RIPPING YOU OFF) Anyway, she told me since I wasn't joining the club that I would have to pay about $15 dollars more AND pay for S&H. At this point what the [email protected]#$ ever. The ONLY reason I didn't tell her she was an idiot and hang up is because I really did want to try this product. A couple of days later I called back because even though I made her repeat to me around 5 times that THIS IS A ONE TIME DEAL, I still did not have any confidence in this chic, I actually got a TOTALLY different experience with a lovely lady that knew exactly what she was talking about. I told her my train-wreck of a phone call with the other girl and she apologized and actually said "they read from a script", after apologizing some more she told me because I had a "problem" she was going to send me the FULL size Renewing eye cream (worth $75) free of charge. The ONLY thing she did say, because I only wanted a one time order, that if I did join the club it was very simple to get out of it and knowing that was a HUGE bunch of bullsh!t politely told her no thanks. These places don't want your business if your not willing to "join there club" aka keep an open line with your debit card so they can suck it dry. But you can just call and insist that you ONLY want a months worth. It also so, so, so, matters who is on the other end of the phone. In customer service there are people that are really good at it and can get things done and then there are the people that are probably sitting on their couch eating potato chips with their laptop waiting for a call so they can read from their script!!!

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  • Is
    IsisNicole1022 Feb 06, 2011

    I really like the Murad products but their customer service is horrible over the phone. Besides dealing with rude associates, the hold times are unreasonable. I canceled my service too and they kept charging me. By the time the charges stopped and I was due a refund, They owed me over a hundred dollars. They made me settled for about 85 because they charged me fore shipping and handling after they said they would not. It took almost 4 months for me to get my refund. They kept saying it was because they system was upgrading which was the same excuse they gave me for over charging me. I still love the Murad product but refuse to deal with the company directly. I end up paying more for the products since I am no longer a club member but I have piece of mind knowing that they can not just charge whatever and whenever they want to.

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  • 24
    245missy Jun 21, 2010

    I ordered the trial product and then canceled. It was very little product for $30. Then I get a package after I cancelled, and my credit card was billed one of 3 charges for the product. They want to charge me $90 for a few bottles of product. I wrote "rejected" on the box and sent it back by US mail. They continue to say they did not get the product back, and continue to charge my credit card. Their customer service said I should have sent it via registered mail. I was not going to pay to get rid of a package I did not order or want.

    This is a trap marketing scheme, there are plenty of worthwhile products at Walgreens. No need for "membership" schemes.

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