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Morgan & Morgan Complaints & Reviews

Morgan And Morgan / problem gaining my pension from 14years service,5 of which were full time.

Pension assistance on Aug 8, 2017
This is the second time that I contacted your office and have been pushed away after questioning exactly how much money I expect to gain .the person today Asked how much I expected-I have no idea what other people get or have gotten ( I hypthically figured if full time RN after10 year...

Morgan & Morgan / workmans comp case

Morgan and vultures on Jul 22, 2017
I thought the female attorney was on my side that worked with morgan and morgan. She actually sat at the mediation and said I want the same amount the other party is getting for being here. Ummm..Hello..that's MY money. I did all the paper work, I called the drs. I got the proof. Out of...

Morgan & Morgan / Not for all people. If you have a big case he may help you

Ric Gonsalves on Feb 17, 2017
Humana health care had me in hospital waiting until they approved me to return to cancer hospital. I got blood clots in both legs. The rest of my life i will be able to walk long distances. Morgan an morgan said it would be to much work to go after humana. Bayfront hospital kept me in bed...

Morgan And Morgan / Attorneys

ScrewedBy Chase on Dec 4, 2016
My daughter "tapped" another driver. Literally scratched their bumper. The hit was so light that my daughter's airbags didn't even deploy. We just received a letter from our insurance saying that this firm is representing the other party and asking for $21K in injuries. The physical damage...

Morgan & Morgan / Workman comp. case

Doug Boggs on Nov 2, 2016
These low lives handled a workman comp. case for me by law they get 20% they did plus another $731 DOLLARS for what they, called long distant calls?? Didn't know calling in ky was long distance ?? An chaged, me $600 extra dollars for a so called medical review don't bother...

Morgan & Morgan / Social Security

AngryNavyVet on Aug 1, 2016
I am a 100% disabled Navy Veteran filing for Social Security due to extensive injuries. I am filing a formal complaint and Vote of no confidence against Attorney Michael T Reese from Morgan & Morgan. He needs to be put on unpaid administrative leave immediately and disbarred preventing him...

Morgan " Morgan / Telemarketing calls to cell phone representation

Peaceasariver on Aug 1, 2016
contacted Morgan and Morgan about receiving numerous calls to my cell phone because they advertised they would represent anyone for this. was told I could not get them to help because I do not know the name of the company calling. the same numbers are on the Internet for the same reason so...

Morgan & Morgan / Personal injury

Manboyjew on Jul 24, 2016
tl:dr James 'Ty' Lynch was my lawyer. He lost my trial which had clear and gross liability (>50%) on the part of the defendant resulting in massive (>$300, 000) reparation loss for myself and (>$20, 000) costs for his law-firm. I'm not just an unfortunate client, I also presented my case...

Morgan And Morgan / Poor legal representation, and took large amounts of with bogus charges

Diane J Barnes on Jun 9, 2016
I hired the Morgan and Morgan law firm, 2014, for a rearended truck accident.i had 5 doctors involved in my treatment, (4 were specialist) I had agreat case.i did all the work copied and kept all medical records anything involving my case, I was on top of it.The assigned att.Peter Gee wa...

Morgan And Morgan / Snow slip and Fall case

Shohana Tawrin on Nov 14, 2014
Morgan & Morgan is most irresponsible law firm I have ever heard about. My claim number was 17-422H371. They took my Snow slip and fall case. They told me to go to only one physician and one chiropractor. I followed same. I have bad backbone. I have a lot of pain and could not work for...

Morgan & Morgan / Please read and BEWARE

JRC1969 on Oct 8, 2014
I wish that I would have took the time to look int morgan and morgan before just hiring them from seeing there ads on TV... I had attorney Henry Mowry (morgan and morgan) in Jacksonville Florida on a workers comp case.. His Secretary Alison Franciscus was the ONLY one that I ever heard...

Morgan & Morgan / Taken more of your money

Words can not say on Sep 9, 2014
Wow they take their money from the top. They walked away with more money then I got and I was the one who got hurt!!! For the people bs they are not I wish I had known this case took damn near 4 years to settle and I walked away with 1/4 of the settlement. I hope you can sleep at night

Morgan & Morgan / Dr. William Lu

Michelle Carmody on Mar 18, 2014
I believe that if you need to solicit individuals via social media and commercials to help validate a letter sent to patients of Dr. Lu by Florida Hospital then you are nothing but ambulance chasers & money hungry. Dr. Lu is a highly regarded Doctor and attempting to ruin his reputation i...

Morgan & Morgan / Two cases they didn't want to take

Photo2c on Feb 6, 2014
In August of 2013 I slipped on some wet tree roots into a three foot deep hole. After I had taken some photos of an on going road project on Riverside Ave in Jacksonville Florida. I called Morgan & Morgan and talked with them telling them my story a couple of months after it happen. For I...

Morgan And Morgan / I was screwed over by morgan and morgan and my life ruined they new the statue of limitations was going to expire in 6 months they didn't care

Pissedoff20112012 on Jan 27, 2014
My life has been ruined because of Morgan and Morgan. They agree to help sue the hospital for which their employee assaulted me and they screwed me over. They had my case for 6 months my attorney ronny pits said it was because the police report didn't say that is was assaulted from...

Morgan And Morgan / bad attorney

Lori222 on Dec 28, 2013
I had a slip and fall at Taco Bell on July 26th 2013. I am going to be totally upfront with you. I am now doing much better. However, I had have a few problems still going on with my back. However, I did hire an attorney, the day after my incident. This attorney never once contacted me...

Morgan And Morgan / Liars

Mynameisanonymous on Dec 13, 2013
As it turns out this company is full of crooks and liars. You will not receive or see most of your settlement. They add on fees and services that are necessary and never really discussed during your free consultation. Free as long as you don't mind selling your soul. Bare in mind thi...

Morgan And Morgan / Work comp case

Ccoup on Jul 23, 2013
Lawyers didn't know laws or particulars about my case! I was injured at work. Comp carrier denied my case for bogus reason even though doctors that ex sent me to said they were responsible! I hired Morgan and Morgan! For the people right? Wrong!!! I had to do all the foot work collecting...

Morgan And Morgan / Dissbility

REGRET for service on Jul 1, 2013
I was filing for disability and came to Morgan and Morgan for help. All I received was bad attitude and every time I requested something I had to do the leg work for them. Phone calls and get my own records to fax to them they did nothing. I won my case and the lawyer did absolutely...

Morgan And Morgan / Rude

smayer on Jun 26, 2013
called to discuss workers compensation was told that a investigator would come to my home had to sign papers before I could talke to an attorney told girl on phone I did not want that all I wanted was to talk to an attorney. She put me on hold then to talk to her supervisor then she came...

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